This has several advantages. Everything you need to know about Mountain View Sheikh Zayed

Mountain View Sheikh Zayed enjoys various benefits of tranquility, comprehensive services and recreational facilities, as well as a healthy life free from environmental pollution resulting from overpopulation and congestion, which makes owning a residential unit a great opportunity for a decent life or ‘ an insured investment.

Location of Mountain View Compound – Mountain View Sheikh Zayed

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company, which implemented the connection, realizes that choosing a strategic location helps in the success of residential projects, so it has chosen the best places in 6th of October City, and the importance of the location is evident in the following:
It is located near some main axes and roads that facilitate access and exit and move to anywhere, such as the Ring Road and the 26th of July Corridor.
Mountain View Sheikh Zayed Compound is located behind the Shooting Club.
The time it takes for the customer to move from the complex to the back gate of Mall of Arabia on October 6 does not exceed 10 minutes.
The distance that separates it from the famous Juhayna Square is estimated at about five minutes, no more.
It is ten minutes from Dar Al Fouad Hospital.
The distance that the client travels by car from the project to Nile University is also about 10 minutes.
It is separated from the famous Mall of Egypt a short distance of only a third of an hour.
Mountain View Sheikh Zayed is located near the University of Egypt and Cairo University in Giza Governorate.

Mountain view Sheikh Zayed area

The owner company was eager to choose a sufficient space to implement the project and to produce it in an ideal way that attracts Egyptian and foreign clients and investors to it, since the total area is estimated at 54 hectares.
The space is divided into green spaces and service facilities, in addition to various residential buildings and facilities.
The company paid great attention to the designs of Mountain View 6th of October Compound, as it has a high-end design that matches international standards, as well as luxurious decorations inside and out.

The area of ​​the units of the Mountain View project
Within the project, there are various units in terms of styles, including residential, commercial and administrative, and they vary in spaces to offer various options that meet the desires of all clients.
Apartments are available for sale in Mountain View Sheikh Zayed on the ground floor attached to a private garden. Within the compound there is a luxury semi-detached house, a distinctive townhouse, in addition to the regular apartments on the repeated upper floors.
There are apartments for sale in Mountain View Sheikh Zayed, consisting of three rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a reception, with varying areas from 100 square meters to a maximum of 250 square meters.
There are also detached villas of various sizes, from a minimum of 220 square meters to 565 square meters for large villas, note that the villas consist of three floors and contain a group of innovatively designed bedrooms.

mountain view project services
Among the most important benefits that the developer wanted to provide in Mountain View Compound are also the comprehensive services that provide stability and well-being to the residents, the most prominent of which are the following:
Large areas of landscape, gardens and parks.
Providing a number of sports fields that enable customers to practice various sports activities within the compound of Mountain View Sheikh Zayed.
A large social club is available allowing for family gatherings and leisure time with friends.
Distribution of a number of artificial fountains, which give the compound more charm and beauty.
A group of fast food restaurants.
A number of artificial lakes with crystal water add to the splendor of the place.
Availability of a number of cafes offering a variety of drinks, and residents can sit in them to take a break and relax.
The health services are represented by the presence of a number of medical clinics in various specialties to provide health and treatment care to patients within the compound, which includes a selection of the most qualified doctors and equipped with all modern equipment, in addition to a large pharmacy that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without holidays.
Commercial services are available in a large area containing a number of centers and shops selling all goods and products.
Educational services are represented in the availability of a number of universities and international and private schools that include all educational levels.
Providing an advanced security system that relies on the distribution of surveillance cameras that work with modern technology and provide a clear view at night, to monitor events 24 hours a day and prevent crimes from occurring in order to ensure the safety of residents ensure.
Trained security teams are also deployed throughout the day at the gates and throughout the complex with the system of rotating shifts.
A number of swimming pools of different sizes, suitable for adults and children.
A large commercial mall that provides residents with an enjoyable shopping opportunity due to the availability of all goods and products with international brands.
There is a clubhouse which is fitted out to a high standard.
Dedicated places to hold parties at various events in addition to BBQ parties.
Own company and previous business
Mountain View Real Estate Development and Investment Company, which owns the project, is one of the leading companies in the real estate development market in the Arab Republic of Egypt, as it has implemented a large number of large projects that have won and achieved the admiration of clients. major gains, the most prominent of which are the following:
Heart Work Mountain View Fifth Settlement.
Mountain View 3 Compound New Cairo.
Mountain View New Cairo.
Mountain View 1 New Cairo.
Mountain View 2 New Cairo.
Mountain View iCity New Cairo.
Mountain View Executive Fifth Settlement.
Mountain View Hyde Park.
Mountain View Giza Plateau.
Mountain View Ras El Hekma.
Mountain View Ain Sokhna 1.
Mountain View Ain Sokhna 2.
Mountain View Chill Out Park.
Mountain View October Park.
Mountain Park October 6.
Mountain View iCity October.
Rhodes Mountain View Resort
Scala Mountain View Resort
Paros Mountain View Resort
Crete Island Mountain View Resort
Mountain View Park The Lake October 6
Mountain View Park Island fifth settlement.
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