9 reasons why golf is the sport of the rich

The game of golf is very popular, and especially rich people play it all over the world, from London to Dubai. Its popularity has grown exponentially in recent months since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. According to a study published by the British “Gulf Mantley” website, the total number of people playing golf has increased by about 61%, which is equivalent to about 2.1 million people around the world.

Many people find golf a challenge that exercises their mind and body, and an opportunity to relax and have a good time.

Golf is very popular, especially among the wealthy, and there are 9 main reasons why it is a favorite sport for this particular category.

1. Cost of equipment and membership

Golf equipment or at least high quality equipment is not cheap. There is a lot of equipment you need to play golf such as shoes, clothing and balls, and according to the Golf Mantley website, a set of high-quality putters can easily cost up to $2,000, add the golf club membership fee, which ranges from $300 and $600 per month at the public clubs, and up to $3,000 per month per member in private clubs, which explains why pursuing the hobby of golf is so expensive for the average, unaffordable person.

Not only that, but to become good at golf, you will need to take some lessons, which can also be expensive, especially if you want a good teacher. Golf lessons range from $200 to $2,000 per month, according to the same source.

2. Golf is synonymous with social status

Due to the high cost of playing golf compared to other sports, golf has become associated with money and prestige. So, even people who won’t necessarily play golf sign up for a golf club and start playing it. It is not so much a tradition among the rich as a status symbol. If you play golf, many people automatically assume you are rich.

Not only that, but being a member of an exclusive golf club, or an expensive golf club, brings a higher social status. Being a member of a luxury golf club with higher membership fees, which only the rich can afford, shows you are part of the “1%”. Additionally, some golf clubs are by invitation only, so being a member of such a club means you have a lot of high-level contacts, close to the elite.

3. The game of golf is an opportunity for networking among the wealthy

Golf clubs usually have very wealthy members. This includes business people, people working in finance, investors, CEOs and even politicians. Many wealthy people who play golf do not do so for the sake of actually playing the sport, but as an opportunity to connect with other wealthy people, and give them an opportunity to partner with people for business deals.

4. Fun sports

So far we’ve discussed some of the non-gaming reasons why rich people play golf. However, there is no denying that the game of golf is fun for many people. Not everyone enjoys golf, but it’s fun to play that makes people play it, and it’s very exciting for them.

5. Golf does not require much physical effort

One of the things that can prevent wealthy people from exercising is that some sports require a lot of physical effort. The problem is that some rich people often sit in offices, hold business meetings and make business calls from their limousines all day. All this physical inactivity can make some physical sports challenging.

Golf, on the other hand, does not require the same amount of physical exertion. It is also a sport that does not require players to be in their best physical condition. Considering that many rich people are elderly. It takes time to make a fortune and prove yourself as an entrepreneur. For most people, it takes several decades of hard work, determination, dedication and commitment to accumulate enough wealth through successful business ventures.

According to an American study, the average age of wealthy Americans is 62 years, and for a person of this age, golf makes more sense than playing a sport like football, basketball or running. Also, although golf courses are often quite large, golf carts are easy to navigate.

6. Rich people have time

Many rich people play golf simply because they have the time to do so. People who work 5-9 hours a day may not be able to hit the golf course during the day. On the other hand, rich people have more flexible schedules.

7. It gives them a chance to relax

Golf is not just a real sport for the rich. It’s a way to spend a day in a nice environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Golf courses often offer a refreshing oasis of greenery and calm, which many wealthy people enjoy.

8. They can discuss business deals

Sometimes rich people agree to meet on a golf course to discuss projects and deals. Which provides an informal environment where they can talk without any distractions. It also gives two people a chance to connect and strengthen the relationship. When two people can spend time enjoying golf together, it’s easier to come to an agreement, smooth over disagreements, and make a plan for success.

9. Golf is a safe sport

Wealthy businessmen may not be able to afford to risk getting injured and missing important meetings and flights. If they are boxing or martial arts to relax, there is a very real risk of injury. Other sports also carry risks Golf is a relatively safe sport, with a low risk of injury.

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