Al Huzaifa Furniture shows a new world of decor by opening its showroom in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Al Hudhaifa Furniture, the Emirati luxury furniture designer, has announced the reopening of its showroom in Abu Dhabi in October, following extensive renovations aimed at preparing a space worthy of launching its latest creations.. And reflects the hall, which spans an area 34,650 Square feet located in the Corniche area opposite Hamdan Street, the brand’s high skill levels in the field of furniture and interior design, as well as the brand’s vision for innovation and its constant passion for exploration and creativity..

About Al Huzaifa Showroom in Abu Dhabi

The lounge offers harmonious collections of luxury furniture over two floors, within designs that support the brand’s vision to develop a new concept of furniture in a bold style.. It is also a place to showcase Al Huzaifa’s unique furniture services, from custom decor panels, woodwork and metalwork, to carefully curated pieces of fabric, murals and wallpaper, all carefully coordinated to give clients excellent interior design options..

The reopening of the store is a perfect and timely opportunity to showcase new trends in the sector in a way that reflects the unique touch of the brand. The new collections highlight the latest Al Huzaifa discoveries in the world of furniture in terms of form and material. This is emphasized by the modern sofas, the lining of which folds smoothly over the structure of natural materials.. The counters are characterized by innovative ways of using marble, such as sapphire, to give a special touch to the spaces designed in the form of frozen water pools in blue color.. As for the sofas with wide dimensions, they combine a modern touch and a large size, where the graceful curved seats combine with asymmetrical backrests in distinctive and striking designs.. The collection includes furniture for living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms and work offices, created according to the customers’ request from the most prominent global sources..

Design studio services in Al Huzaifa showroom Abu Dhabi

Al Huzaifa Furniture Hall Abu Dhabi

Design studio services are also available on-site, reflecting the brand’s commitment to providing bespoke, flexible and fluid solutions that meet client expectations, whether looking to revamp space by adding and adding furniture and decor. replace or want to completely change the style of interior design.. After the initial discussions are completed, visualizations and ideas are developed and all design details are agreed upon, the work team makes efforts to fully, smoothly and easily implement them to ensure customer satisfaction..

Al Huzaifa Furniture, through its five showrooms in the UAE, continues to offer its customers the best offers and services in the world of furniture and interior design, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious home environment at the same time. The brand also adopts a strategic expansion policy that is not limited to adding new locations to its investment portfolio, but is also related to the expansion of the range of offers and services provided, all with the aim of providing customers with luxury furniture and provide integrated design services.. The Al Hudhaifa showroom in Abu Dhabi is the brand’s latest stop on the road to creativity, confirming that reinvention and innovation is a continuous and endless journey..

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About Al Huzaifa Furniture

Al Huzaifa Furniture was established in the year 1976 As an Emirati brand specializing in interior decoration and furniture design, it currently has five showrooms across the country. The family brand, with over a century of experience, combines originality, craftsmanship and innovative designs to provide its customers with premium quality furniture and refined designs that ensure any home is transformed into a luxurious retreat.. The brand is also known for its diverse designs, including classic, modern and contemporary.

And launched a furniture brand Al Huzaifa in December 2021 A new showroom with a unique concept in the Al Wasl area of ​​Dubai, providing pioneering and specialized services that meet the needs of community members from custom pieces of furniture to suit their respective tastes, as well as providing unique design solutions for interior spaces that meet the high taste of the brand’s customers..

All Huzaifa Furniture showroom locations

Al Huzaifa Furniture


  • Location: Al WaslAl Ferdous Building 1, Al Safa 1 Area, Al Wasl Road
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  • Location: Al Wahda Street
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  • Location: Zabeel StreetZabeel Street, Zomoroda Building
  • phone: +971 4336 66462

Abu Dhabi

  • Location: Corniche area, Hamdan Street
  • phone: +9710 2644 4674

design studios website

  • Location: studio Al Huzaifa Design, Al Wasl Street, Al Safa 1, Dubai
  • phone: +00971 4224 5002

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