architecture programs; The 11 most important programs for architects

What are the main programs for architectural design? Do you know what architecture programs are for beginners? What are the main home architecture programs? Have you ever learned about Revit?


In order for an architect to carry out his responsibilities carefully and skillfully, he must use the necessary tools and architectural software, and be aware of the tools and options available to him. He must choose the most suitable for him from the programs of architecture for beginners and 3D architecture, as well as programs for architectural design of houses.
He must also be able to compare software and tools that are best for his task. In this article, we will learn about the most important basic and necessary programs that every architect should be able to handle.

Architecture programs for beginners

There are many programs that an architect must learn and know everything related to them, and we will learn about four of the basic programs that are absolutely indispensable, and we will see how difficult each program is:

  • Revit program
Revit is an architectural program for beginners
Revit is an architectural program for beginners

The most important basic architectural design programs for students as well as for architects. It is also one of the most demanded programs in the job market. It is therefore necessary for any architect to develop his abilities and skills on this program.

On the other hand, it is very efficient in terms of productivity as it adopts modern comprehensive modeling (BIM), unlike AutoCAD and others. The main thing that speeds up the work in this program is that the architect relies on objects and not on lines.

In AutoCAD we depend on the drawing, but in Revit we depend on adding a door, window or wall. You will find that this software is compatible with AutoCAD as a DWG file can be added to Revit. One of the disadvantages of this program is that its commands are intertwined with AutoCAD instructions and commands, so you will have problems working on them together.

Photoshop deals with images and their modification, it is not used to design graphics, but its advantage for the architect lies in its ability to change the images resulting from the extraction, it is possible to add trees, people or otherwise to add. As an architect, you are not interested in being an expert in Photoshop, but rather in knowing the basics that you will need to use.

It is one of the most powerful programs for architectural design, processing, drawings, diagrams and work that requires high precision. This program has an easy-to-use and flexible interface, the files it outputs are of small size, accuracy and high quality. Illustrator can also design 3D models, and this is important for designing logos, fashion, graphics and animation.

  • Autocad software
AutoCAD is an architectural design software
AutoCAD is an architectural design software

AutoCAD is not only used in the field of architecture but also in civil engineering and others. A must learn and master in addition to Revit as a beginner architecture software. AutoCAD is an old software, but is nevertheless in high demand in the modern job market. It is necessary to know its commands and instructions and it is not difficult to learn as it is much easier than Revit.

Its tools are comprehensive and integrated, and it contains many useful shortcuts, and pre-designed objects (windows, doors, walls) have been added that can be loaded into the program. You can start with 2D design in AutoCAD and you can transfer the file to Revit to complete the 3D design.

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3D architecture software

Every architect should learn at least one of the 3D architecture or 3D design programs. We will learn about the most popular 3D design programs that are in demand in the modern job market:

3D Architecture Software 3D MAX
3D Architecture Software 3D MAX

It is the first program designed to help the architect with 3D design, and it is the most popular, sought after and widely distributed program. It is used in the fields of marketing and promotion through animated 3D graphics. It has many additions and features that make it easy to work with. On the other hand, it supports AutoCAD files, but it requires a computer with high capabilities, where the processor should be core i5 and above, and the graphics card should be separate and good, the RAM should be large and the computer space should also be sufficient.

One of the most important architectural programs, it is used for complex designs that contain many curved lines and overlapping surfaces, and it displays images with high accuracy and professionalism. This feature makes it better than AutoCAD, which is difficult to draw curves or complex shapes geometrically.

Design products in their various forms with a three-dimensional design, and the design can be modified more than once. Big companies use it in their projects to save engineers time and effort. This program also has several additions, such as the modular design. One of the disadvantages of this software is the lack of comprehensive modeling technology, but it can be easily added to it.

SketchUp is the simplest 3D architecture software, easier than Reno. It is limited in capabilities, but it has many additions that might make it similar to the Renault program. Beginners can initially work on it for training, as the number of users is a bit large as it is free and for personal use.

This program can import and use many objects. SketchUp works on devices with limited specifications due to its small size and availability in Arabic. One of the downsides of this program is that it may not help you design an entire building, but it does the prototyping.

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home architecture programs

Home architecture programs bring images or models to life, and this is what makes them stand out from previous programs. Different effects, people or buildings can be added, and the most important of these programs are:

  • Afrer effects program

A program for editing and animation. It is also used in the field of film tricks, motion graphics and special effects in presentations. In the field of architecture, After Effects helps to improve visualization skills, as you can combine several shots to form a video of the design and make some changes that may take place in the building, such as adding windows or doors to open and close. After Effects helps you save money, time and effort and stay up to date with all developments in the design world.

Home Architecture Programs V-RAY
Home Architecture Programs V-RAY

It is the best architecture software for architectural animation. At first, its features were limited, but with the advancement of versions, it became an incredible realism of designs. It includes hybrid display options and the intelligence of the special scene to make designs more attractive and distinctive. Its main advantages are realism and high quality, in addition to speed and flexibility, and its ability to adjust lighting from all sides.

  • Lumion Program

It is a relatively new program, but it has proven its worth in the world of animation. You need to build the model using an application other than an architect, and then export the files to Lumion. The program will add lights and textures quickly and simply. Lumion is based on the graphics card, which of course requires a device with high specifications. The quality of the rendering or rendering is lower than that of other programs such as 3DS Max.

This is a plugin for Revit, this program depends on textures and lighting, if the material is processed well, the output will be excellent. There are several sources that can be used to obtain ready-made, technically processed and repeatable materials. The edits are easy in this program, and there are many great tools that allow you to see the project clearly and clearly from all sides.

What is the difference between Photoshop and Illustrator?

Illustrator is an advanced vector-based editing program used to create logos, graphics, animations and fonts. Unlike Photoshop, which uses pixel-based formats.

So we learned about the most important architectural engineering programs that are required for every architect to do his work to the fullest, with complete precision, mastery and creativity. The most suitable software, tools and options can be selected depending on the type of work and design. These programs can also be used in the areas of graphic design for marketing, promotion or good presentation of the output. All you need to do is understand and learn the tools available to you and practice them to gain experience.

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