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“Bedroom” is not a simple label as it is believed, but rather a complex label that requires a set of information to understand it, some of which is related to the language, and some of which is independent of it. Understanding this phrase and using it in our daily language requires a special treatment, the first of which is to have a concept that refers to this compound name, and secondly, a culture that understands this concept. ​in the way it should be understood. The third is a gnostic framework that serves as the cultural background that has this meaning to facilitate its understanding and circulation.
The bedroom is part of the modern daily practices in Arab culture. It requires the so-called mystical framework, which is the environment that requires our understanding of a phrase by linking it to its cultural and deliberative context, in which it is used. The bedroom needs to understand it a complete framework of information, including that related to the architecture of the contemporary house, which consists of rooms that have different functions and known roles, as residents use them for their home activities . room, or for the shower house, for example. The first framework is therefore the architecture of the modern house, and the second gnostic framework is the framework of functional human activity in the home, in addition a third subconscious framework is the institution of the family or marriage, as it is often seen from the bedroom understand that it is a room shared by a man, hence this room acquired His intimacy in some fringe connotations.
The basic idea of ​​the framework is that one cannot understand the meaning of a single word without having access to all the basic knowledge related to that word, for example you would not be able to understand the word sell without including all the information about the state of the business transaction, which also includes Seller and buyer, goods, money and the relationship between money and goods, relations between seller and goods, the relationship between buyer and goods, money and other relationships.
Therefore, my grandfather, may God have mercy on him, did not understand the expression “bedroom” in the simplicity of its connotation. My grandfather had a single house with his brothers in the house of each married brother, in which there was a room for himself, his wife and children; There was a communal kitchen called “Al-Nawala” which is a common place to cook over a common wood fire, brought by women from the nearby forest. My grandfather did not understand the bedroom, not in that it is a compound of (room) and (sleep), it can be understood, but the mental framework to which my grandfather referred does not include this distribution of ‘ a house with a lot in it. rooms on the king of a single narrow family, and each room has its role and function. The cultural background of my grandfather, that the only room was for sleeping, sitting, talking, arguing and everything, and sleep was not something useful or limited to that house. The bed in that room was a bench built of stones and furnished with the available carpets. My grandfather sat on the sofa smoking or drinking tea before sleeping, and the furnished carpets below housed the rest of the family. I don’t remember where my grandmother slept because on the few occasions I slept in that house, grandmother slept after I slept, and woke up to make tortillas before I woke up, in our ancient culture there is no place for morning not laxatives.

On the sofa in the bedroom she could talk, read, sleep or watch TV, but it always remained a piece of furniture that migrated from its place of origin, because it did not respect the organization of places and the basic functionality of the furniture .

The mental framework in which we understand the phrase ‘bedroom’ is necessary not only to understand this composition, but also to evaluate and explain it in whatever contexts of use the phrase is. This framework plays an important role in guiding our understanding, and directing our attention to any meaning to be understood, but we must show that the nature of this framework is metaphorical. We sleep, the sleep is in it automatic; Of course, this is a real meaning, but without a mystical framework derived from our culture, it would be a funny concept if we actually understood it. The mystical framework modifies for us this mechanical understanding that sleep is understood here as the dominant activity we have in this room, otherwise there is no objection to our having other activities in this room such as reading before bedtime, or sitting up a sofa in the bedroom to watch TV and relax Before moving to the bedroom bed.
The original location of the sofa is the living room, or the salon, but it is possible to put a sofa in the bedroom, but it is not possible, according to good taste, to put a mattress in the living room, we can use the living room to sleep in some emergencies, but that hall remains a hall Sit, and we can sit on the sofa for a long time and sleep on it while we are in the bedroom, but it is still a bedroom. The priority of the work is what allows us to use the furniture of a place in a human function that is not his, but culture or moderation is what allows a sofa to enter a bedroom, and does not allow that a mattress does not enter a living room. .
The bedroom is also an expression in which there is another mystical process, that is the saying, which is the classification of this place in relation to three levels, the highest level, which is the house, the level in which the room is, the bedroom in relation to the functions of the rest of the other rooms, and the sub-level, which is the level of the components of the bedroom consisting of the mattress wardrobe, dressing table and side table. In this sub-level of the classification there is no sofa, it is an unnecessary piece of furniture, or not typical of a bedroom combination. But no one can deny our claim, that the bedding in the bedroom is a style piece for which the rest of the furniture elements are determined, and the bedding in this context is more style than the wardrobe and to a lesser extent the dressing table. In the bedroom there is a total of typical furniture, which necessitates the availability of certain pieces of furniture to be so. For example, in a bedroom without a dressing table it can be understood as a room for a single man, but the availability of a dressing table in another bedroom cannot indicate that it is a room for a single woman is not. The double bed may be a model in the bedrooms, but it does not necessarily indicate that the room can be for married couples. The single who is ready for marriage, or the divorced one can keep his double bed, and the married couple can choose two single beds, and it might have been a fad.
The problem here is perceptual and linguistic at the same time, because if I wanted to restore the bedroom sofa, I would use a long composition for it, indicating that I would distinguish it from other sofas in the reception or drawing room, and I would not need to adding the couch to her room when you talk about one of the couches in the living room. For example, I would say the small or the big bank, and so the classification is in fact a necessity that results from a fully empirical background, which takes into account the cultural background in which the discourse is discussed.
On the sofa in the bedroom she could talk, read, sleep or watch TV, but it always remained a piece of furniture that migrated from its place of origin, because it did not respect the organization of places and the basic functionality of the furniture . Furniture migrates from their typical place to a place that is originally foreign to them, and wants to multiply work in the smaller frame of the house, as if a person who wants to assign each room a function of his activities in the house, some want collect some of them in a place of nostalgia for an old habit that looks like the habit of my grandfather to stab him If you see a couch in a bedroom, sit down and think not like linguists do.

Professor of Linguistics at the Tunisian University

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