Hyde Park Compound Fifth Settlement

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Do you want to live a luxurious life and at the same time have all your basic and additional requirements, if this is what you want and are looking for, then you will definitely find it in the best connections in the Fifth Settlement, namely Hyde Park, which according to international designs are built to impress you and suit your taste and your need.

Hyde Park Compound Fifth Settlement is unique in that it offers an enjoyable and quiet life away from noise and crowds and everything that can disturb your mood, as it is located in the best places in New Cairo, overlooking the Teseen Street, which is one . of the most important streets in that area and is mediated between the best residential complexes.

Hyde Park compound location

Hyde Park is located in a special and unique location on 90th Street, which is one of the most important streets in the Fifth Settlement, which surrounds you with many axes and main roads in New Cairo, and the most important of those roads are: the Middle Ring Road, Suez Road and Ain Sukhna Road.

Places near Hyde Park New Cairo Compound:

  • A few minutes from the American University in Cairo.
  • distance 20 Minutes to reach Cairo International Airport.
  • 45 A minute between Hyde Park and the administrative capital.
  • And far away You can 15th minute From the regional ring road.
  • The distance between Hyde Park and Madinaty is estimated 12 km.
  • As for El Shorouk City, it is a little further 15 km.
  • less than 5 km To reach Ain Sokhna Road.
  • Hyde Park is located on 90th Street, which is one of the most important places in the Fifth Settlement.
  • As for the Suez road, it is far 15 km Only.
  • You can reach from Hyde Park, New Cairo to Greater Cairo in less than an hour.

Hyde Park Compound Fifth Settlement has more than one entrance in various directions, and therefore the customer can choose the one closest to him to reach his residential unit easily.

Hyde Park, Fifth Settlement

The total area on which this large project, Hyde Park, Fifth Settlement was built, is estimated to be about 1,500 hectares, or 6,000,000 square meters, which allowed the maximum possibility to create a comfortable and complete residential life by all provide commercial and administrative services. and the great diversity of housing units to meet all the requirements of customers and everyone The housing unit also has several different spaces in order to provide diversity according to the desires of each person independently.

One of the most prominent benefits I have been interested in Hyde Park Connection The fifth settlement New Cairo will allocate an area of ​​only 20% for residential units, and the remaining area is 80%. It was used in an ideal way by including various services and facilities that you may have to turn to the outside, and not only that they paid full attention to the environment around you from beautiful views and lakes Industrial and see you for jogging and walking to practice your life more smoothly and flexibly, everything you might think of, you will find it within the boundaries of Hyde Park Compound, Fifth Settlement.

Types of residential units in Hyde Park Compound

Thanks to the large space on which the Hyde Park complex was built, it allowed the ability and possibility to diversify the types of housing units to suit the number of individuals per family.

  • Apartments
  • Penthouse: This is a residential apartment located on one of the upper floors of the building, and is usually characterized by luxury.
  • Duplex: This is a building consisting of two living spaces with separate entrances.
  • Independent villas: They are separated from the rest of the units and are characterized by their high privacy, including a roof and their own garden.
  • Semi-detached house: It consists of only two adjacent houses with the same area.
  • Townhouse: This is a group of adjoining houses, but on two different sides, each with its own entrance and garden.

The space of the residential units in Hyde Park Compound, Fifth Settlement

  • Apartment spaces: starting from 83 square meters to 233 square meters, with different number of rooms, starting from one room to 4 rooms, and some apartments have a private garden and others not, depending on your desire.
  • Regarding the areas of duplex apartments: It starts from 162 square meters and reaches 301 square meters, and it also varies in the number of bedrooms, including two, three or four rooms.
  • As for the rooftop living spaces: they start from 145 square meters to 291 square meters.
  • As for the spaces of the twin houses: they are 286 square meters and contain 3 bedrooms.
  • As for the spaces of the independent villas: they start from 328 square meters and reach 1287 square meters, which include 4 to 6 bedrooms.

Services in Hyde Park Compound Fifth Settlement

Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company’s approach is to build a better world by fully committing to all clients and giving them what they deserve by paying attention to every detail, big and small. Some of the basic and recreational services it provided within the complex:

  • Security and guarding at the highest level to ensure complete protection for you and your family throughout the day inside your residence and at the gates of the complex, supported by surveillance cameras in every place to guard you over 24 hours.
  • Maintenance services for gardens and green spaces to maintain the general appearance of each garden, especially for the residential units.
  • An integrated medical center that includes a selection of doctors and medical staff with all the advanced equipment to ensure your high quality healthcare, in addition to pharmacies that have all the products you may need.
  • A car park for up to 4000 cars for the residents of Hyde Park, Fifth Settlement.
  • International schools for all ages to ensure a bright future for your children.
  • Business district: This is an administrative area designed on an area of ​​117 thousand square meters, offering units from 54 square meters for all those who want to invest.
  • A large gym fully equipped to exercise the residents of Hyde Park Compound.
  • Hyde Out: Opened in 2021, it is a recreational area for the residents of Hyde Park.
  • Hyde Park Compound in the Fifth Settlement offers large green spaces to ensure wonderful views across all units, in addition to spaces designated for barbecues and parties.
  • There is a large commercial area that includes a large number of commercial centers and international brands that prevent you from fleeing abroad as everything you need is available at Hyde Park Compound.
  • These include swimming pools designed at the highest levels to suit everyone, and large artificial lakes for a more attractive view
  • As for the entertainment avenues for your child, Hyde Park Compound has not neglected it as it has allocated an entertainment area just for children to play and run safely and comfortably.
  • The Hyde Park complex in the Fifth Settlement includes approximately 4 sports and social clubs to guarantee you an exceptional life.
  • Also available in Hyde Park is a 5-star hotel equipped to the highest standards for guests to experience a unique experience full of relaxation.
  • In Hyde Park there is an Arsenal Academy, which is dedicated to teaching football to children and teenagers.

Payment and payment systems in Hyde Park Compound Fifth Settlement

To complement the many features unique to the Hyde Park Compound, Hyde Park Real Estate Development has provided an easy payment system, putting your convenience as one of its top priorities, by providing three payment systems to provide the most suitable system for to find you

  • The first system: 32% down payment of the unit value, and the remaining installments over 6 years.
  • The second system: 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 6 years.
  • The third system: 5% down payment, then a second payment after months of 5%, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 8 years.

Hyde Park composite prices

Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company has provided competitive pricing more suited to the many features and services included in Hyde Park Compound. Prices start at 3,200,000 EGP and vary according to the chosen unit and its space.

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About the company that developed the project

Behind the value and luxury of Hyde Park Compound, Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company will naturally be mentioned, which has strong and pioneering experience in the field of real estate development, extending up to fifteen years. The company is also characterized by its track record of successful achievements and projects, in its zeal to add value and quality in the standard of living it creates for you, by contracting with the most valued architects, designers, consultants and local and international contractors to offers the best value for you, fits your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company has succeeded in designing and developing integrated communities and offering ideal living experiences in less than ten years. Over the years, her footprint has expanded from building communities to developing inspiring places for anyone looking for a flawless fresh start.

Hyde Park has faced all social and economic challenges to offer you a better and more perfect future with an unconventional and idealistic lifestyle, as it has provided an ideal balance between living, working and playing, to separately meet all the needs of each individual. The best connections in the Fifth Settlement.

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