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In the past few years, we’ve seen signature geometric walls, ’80s-inspired colors and curvy furniture go viral, but they disappear almost as quickly as they came. While these trends have faded, others have established themselves in the world of interiors, such as vintage decor, funky colors and, of course, cane furniture. The woven cane style is quite classic, so it should come as no surprise that cane furniture has remained very popular. This style, in particular, was the best, perhaps because of its ability to blend in with many different decor styles and design eras.

Types of canes in home furniture

Hermès living room sofa and table, designed by Charlotte Macaux Perelman and Alexis Fabry

The term “reed” refers to a specific part of the natural fiber, which is removed from the outer, spiny layer of the plant. It is light in color, unlike the darker and warmer wood colors, it is woven in a specific pattern to create a strong cane coat. It is also used to wrap pieces of furniture together, such as on the traditional French bistro chair. In this regard, decorator George Mansour, owner of furniture house Decale Concept Store, says: “The cane trend first appeared in Europe, where they started using it in baskets, and then moved to furniture to give it a practical flair . The cane is not only a classic, but it is considered a detail in harmony with the various modern trends that are in fashion today.”
The two most common types of reed belts are the hexagonal weave and the radial weave. Both weaves are extremely strong and water resistant, making cane a desirable material for a number of furniture pieces, including chairs, cabinets, tables, headboards, room dividers and more. Anything in cane can be neutral if it matches. the vast majority from home. Interior designer Mansour agrees: “I think the popularity of cane gives way to the fact that it’s a natural, neutral-colored material that’s easy to use and budget-friendly,” he says. The demand for reeds is nostalgia for the past, but the volatility of the material has now put it in the spotlight. Personally, I like the use of cane in furniture because it is eclectic. It has the potential to look bohemian depending on how you use it.” Then he adds: “The beauty of the cane allows it to go into simple, minimalist, luxurious and over-detailed decorations.”

George Mansour

The main reason why furniture trends are back in cane is because it can take us back to nature for a moment

Reeds are not only neutral, they bring a little warmth to wherever they are placed. “The main reason why furniture trends are returning to cane is simply that it takes us a moment in nature, which is so important in today’s digital age, that it takes us into man-made worlds,” says George. In the tropics, we see a lot of cane furniture in the house, and we always feel attracted to its touch, and it has the ability to save spaces, while light gives it a special charm. It is a very flexible material and at the same time it is remarkably easy to use, and these are just some of the reasons why it has lasted for decades.”

Like many other cyclical trends, reeds have maintained their appeal by adapting to the times. It can be dyed to match a decorative piece, or left natural to match a mid-century piece. Lebanese architect George Mansour points out: “I think that like most trends of the bygone era, the cane has been revamped by the younger generations, but in more modern ways in the world of interior and exterior design. It harmonizes with the current means of living, is comfortable and comfortable, and combines the spirit of outdoor and indoor furniture, which prompts us to master the mixing and coordination of classic furniture, and pieces that include canes in their manufacture.” “The reeds now enable us to recreate vintage pieces in a contemporary way,” he adds.

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Tips for adopting reeds in decoration

As for Mansour’s five essential tips on how to embrace the cane trend in home decor, they are:

  • By showing the love for this trend through a very characteristic basic piece of cane, it can be a chair, or part of a sofa, we feel proud to make it the foundation of the house and place it in a place place that the focus of attention.
  • Cane lighting is a good choice to create a distinctive atmosphere in home decor.
  • We can create a Balinese-inspired bedroom by choosing a cane bed with characteristic seedlings.
  • This material is a perfect contrast to black as it gives home decor a modern flair with a spirit of freshness and luxury at the same time.
  • We can soften the kitchen with reeds of an organic nature, with benches with detailed reeds.

Nowadays, almost every luxury interior design house has furniture that incorporates cane in their design. For interior designer Mansour, cane furniture is like walking down the streets of memory, with a modern, modern touch, which creates a strong balance in the homes. Many signs have modernized this trend, but just like any other design trend, the success of wicker furniture lies in how the pieces are chosen. Textures such as leather and velvet in light colors can pair well with airy wicker furniture, while adding some foliage plants to the mix will brighten up your space.

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