The biggest disruption on the Saudi tour is words, not golf

The theme of the Saudi-funded LIV Golf Series is “Golf, but stronger”.

Money talks, strong enough for Dustin Johnson to get an offer he can’t ignore, Brooks Kobaca to make a face in a week, and referee Perez smiling after a shootout in the 80s.

Inflated signing fees from the Saudi sovereign wealth fund have long drawn criticism. Now another layer of hype is starting to appear, mainly because some of these players have decided to take the money and put it where their mouths are.

Taylor Gogh paid more attention to his notes than anything he did on the golf course. For those unfamiliar with Goethe, he won his first PGA Tour title this weekend in the 2021 Finals against a stadium with none of the world’s top 10. He played seven majors in his eight years as a professional.

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