The fashion of bedroom decorations in winter 2022

The difficult conditions of the epidemic dominated the world, during the last two years, and still, for houses to become shelters for their inhabitants, which showed an increasing interest in interior design, and how to transform houses into comfortable oases to to escape from the stressful reality. In this context, bedrooms appear to be home spaces filled with comfort, safety and warmth. About how to design it according to the fashion of winter 2022, the interior designer, Ghina Wissam Farhat, talks to “My Lady” as follows.
The bedroom usually takes a medium space, in the residential apartment, to be designed in a way that achieves relaxation for the occupant, enabling him to sleep peacefully, read and be alone…

Simplicity and ease of use

The bedroom usually takes a medium area, in a residential apartment, to be designed in a way that achieves relaxation for its occupant (Photo: Nattuzzi)

  • The 2022 fashion focuses on simplicity and ease of use, according to engineer Ghina Wissam Farhat; In the bedroom, every designer looks for the best way to make the space naturally lit, to reach it through high windows, and how to successfully divide the space into small areas, provided it includes a sleeping area, a second for sitting , and a third for dressing up… The designer doesn’t let up either. Find a suitable area for storage, the function of which is mirror facades, in the built-in wardrobes. In addition, it is widely used as a floor covering.
  • There are many pieces of bedroom furniture; Including the bed, which is inspired by Asian design, as it is a wooden “box” that rises a few centimeters from the surface of the ground, holding the mattress, and is equipped with built-in drawers, open shelves and lighting … The headboard of the bed looks like an artistic painting prepared in a way that draws attention to it, so it’s not just its cover The ordinary cloth, but there is about 2022 to surround it with mosaic or making tiles covered. In this context, the engineer explains: “When the stone used to cover the headboard looks large, the latter expresses its aesthetic,” pointing out the importance of the bedboard resting on a wall with a neutral color paint has been painted.
  • wardrobe lace; After the latter played a purely functional role, it seems here, according to the current fashion, in a way that shares several materials in its preparation, it may seem designed with glass, and equipped with polished frames (or without frames), which facilitates cleaning and maintenance, and makes the room look larger and modern. In addition, the wardrobe has a number of different compartments to accommodate shirts, trousers, jackets and dresses, as well as thick coats, and bed blankets. The cabinet also includes a set of drawers.
  • The dresser in turn follows the other furniture in the room. If the furniture is made of organic materials, especially natural wood or rattan, the dresser looks like this, with simple, clear and practical lines that distinguish it. The chest of drawers carries a set of drawers. An indication that the mirror departs from the dressing table, with the mirror framed by a bronze frame, which uses the LED lighting behind it.
  • Bespoke furniture introduces her aforementioned modern designs, with a Scandinavian (or Art Deco) inspired piece.

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velvet fabric

It is worth noting that modern bedroom furniture has curved edges, away from straight lines and sharp angles, and that velvet will remain popular in 2022, especially since many prefer the texture of this soft and wavy fabric in terms of color.


In short, velvet will shine in the contemporary bedroom, accompanied by metal in the finishes and accessories, wood (or rattan or bamboo) in the floors and various combinations on the walls and some furniture. Round designs, colored in natural colors, will carry these materials, regardless of the school of decoration used, although the “minimalist” style, which keeps the scene of the room organized and comfortable, is desirable.

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Lighting and accessories

Fashion 2022 focuses on simplicity and ease of use (Image via Gautier Dubai)

• Houseplants add freshness to the bedroom, and match any style followed in the design. Therefore, engineer Ghani recommends spreading a group of them (for example, snake plants or artificial seedlings) in space.
• To complement the stylish interior of the bedroom in 2022, high-tech lighting shades will help to enhance the attractiveness of the decor.
• Chrome materials produce furniture handles, mirror frames, lamps and candlesticks.
• It is desirable to distinguish a wall in the room by painting it with an attractive color or covering it with decorative cloth.
• Top accessories made of ceramic or painted pottery in 2022.

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