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The Jordan Golf Association and Ayla Oasis Development Company have completed all preparations for the 31st edition of the Jordan Open Golf Championship 2022, hosted by Ayla Stadiums, during the period between the twentieth of this October and the twenty-second of the same month , with the participation of players from 14 countries. The Jordan Open Golf Championship is part of the annual plan of the Jordan Golf Association, in collaboration with the Ayla Oasis Company, as part of the “calendar of annual events” implemented by the Ayla Oasis Development Company in partnership with the Aqaba Special Economic Zone. Authority.

In addition to Jordan, the “host country”, the following are participating in the tournament’s activities: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, Lebanon, Sudan, Morocco, Bulgaria, Serbia, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Bahrain and Slovenia.

In preparation for the launch of the important tourism sports event, the cadres of the Jordan Golf Association and the Ayla Oasis Development Company, under the supervision of the Jordan Olympic Committee, put the final touches on the preparatory preparations, especially aspects related to the readiness in connection with. of the stadiums, the academy and facilities for the participating teams and players, under the supervision of specialists and experts in golf, in addition to a schedule Competitions and the provision of high-level services to ensure high-level professional competitions and championships.

This tournament comes as one of the fruits of the ongoing strategic partnership between the Jordan Golf Association and Ayla Oasis Development Company, which aims to increase the spread and development of the game at the national level, and to enhance the capabilities of the Ayla Golf Club. utilized. to serve the Jordanian teams.

Through this tournament, the Jordan Golf Association and Ayla Oasis Development Company promote plans for continuous and systematic development of all golf parties, whether teams, referees or coaches, in addition to refining the abilities of national talents.

The CEO of Ayla Oasis Development Company, Eng. Sahel Dodin, said: “The organization of an event of this level, with the presence and interest of Arab and international teams, confirms that we have turned the page from the consequences of the Corona COVID-19 pandemic and moved to broader horizons of tourism and sports activities, and for the benefit of Jordanian players, since they do not save, Ayla makes an effort to provide support and assistance to the national golf sport.”

English Doudin considered the organization of the tournament as a global testimony to the success of Ayla’s tireless efforts to adopt the best international practices, professionalism and quality performance that characterize her work, making her the focus of the trust of Jordanian and international made sports institutions, and all this contributes to the support of the tourism and sports promotion of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, and proceeds benefit Jordanian sports.

The President of the Jordan Golf Association, Dr. Nidal Al-Majali, said: “The Jordan Open Golf Championship, in its 31st edition, is the result of joint efforts and cooperation between the Jordan Golf Association, Ayla Oasis Development Company, and many partners such as the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, the Tourism Promotion Authority and the Aqaba Development Company, which aims to improve the diversity of sports participation and the opportunity for sports enthusiasts to follow different championships, especially in the vibrant Ayla project, which consolidates Aqaba’s position as a global tourist destination sports destination with the presence of the Ayla golf course, internationally regarded as one of the best and characterized by the observance of environmental control in an open atmosphere.”

During the course of the tournament, the participants will participate in the “Caddies Program” developed by Ayla for the local community as part of its social responsibility strategy, as they will take over the tasks of accompanying the golfers participating in the tournament, and providing the various facilities and services required by players during the competitions.

This qualitative participation comes after Ayla completed the professional training programs for the category of assistant golfers, enabling them to improve their knowledge of the rules and basics of the game during their interaction with its most prominent professionals.

Jordan will be represented in the tournament by 10 players from the youth and junior categories, where strong competitions are expected to rage with the presence of international professionals, which will benefit all participating players, especially the Jordanian team.

For the success of the championship events, Ayla offers an integrated system of world-class facilities for golf, including an 18 hole course and 72 holes – designed by the renowned international designer Greg Norman – which harmonizes with the other components of Ayla from the natural terrain of the Aqaba coast and the landscapes formed by the mixture of sand and bodies of water.

In addition to the golf course, Ayla offers a golf club specialized in this sport, which includes a golf academy, which provides training and education needs for this sport with a 9-hole course dedicated to training.

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