A “European-American” clash of women’s golf in the Tour of Spain

The organizing committee of the Saudi Aramco Team Championship Series has announced the list of final names participating in the Solheim Cup 2023, where a large group of European stars and their American counterparts, led by sisters Nelly and Jessica Korda, have confirmed their participation in the tournament has. which will be organized next month in the south coast, Spain.

In the European list, Saudi-Swedish golf ambassador Anna Nordqvist is the winner of the three big golf stars announced for the Million Dollar Championship, along with England’s Bronte Low, the 2019 Solheim Cup champion, in Gleneagles.

They will also be joined by Scottish icon Catriona Mathew, captain of the European team, as well as fellow English legend Laura Davies. Also playing with them are Danish newcomer Nana Curtis Madsen and Finnish Matilda Castrin, who are both juniors who previously won the “Solheim Cup 2021”, in addition to the Dutch Anne Van Dam.

Solheim Cup 2019 English Bronte Legal Champion (Middle East)

At the La Reserva Club Stadium, located just 20 kilometers from the Finca Corcin Golf Resort, which is the host venue for the “Solheim Cup”, next year European stars will meet their American counterparts led by the Korda sisters, with the former world number one, Nelly Korda, participating. And her sister Jessica, a 6-time LPGA champion, and Alison Lee, the singles title holder in last year’s edition of the “Soto Grande” tournament, within the “Saudi Aramco Team Series”, the Saudi golf ambassador, Lindsey Weaver-Wright, and star Kelly Wally, who scored. She set a record for eight consecutive Byrdie hits on this year’s European Women’s Tour and set a new benchmark for the tour.

The events continue non-stop as the “Saudi Aramco Team Championship Series” returns to Spain, with its diverse and distinguished team, and the individual form for the second year in a row, during the period from 18 to 20 August.

“The week of the tournament should be quiet, the events (the Saudi Aramco Team Championship Series) are different from the game of golf we usually play,” said Bronte Low, the English singles winner in the “Saudi Aramco Team Championship”. London, last month. There’s something about the competition, when we play as a team, as well as as individuals, where I’m excited to bring out the best in us, so I can’t wait to get out of pole position to get from another place not to start, next month.”

“Then the[Saudi Aramco-spannereeks]events were added to the Women’s European Tour calendar for the first time last year, said Catriona Matthew, who has been selected as her leader in at least three previous Saudi Aramco Team Series tournaments. This comes in an effort to raise the level of women in the game of golf, and to deliver their best. I don’t think anyone would argue that they really did.”

Talal Al-Marri (Middle East)

Other big names announced include Australia’s Steve Kiriakou, Slovenia’s Pia Babnik, Sweden’s Len Grant, who is currently number two in the Women’s European Tour rankings, and the Costa del Sol title, and in June she became the first woman to win a championship with men. ; She won the Volvo Nordic Mixed Golf Championship. A group of Spanish stars will also join this elite group, including Solheim Cup champion Carlotta Seganda, and rising talent Ana Blaise Trevino, Nuria Iturioz and Carmen Alonso.

For his part, General Manager of Public Affairs at Saudi Aramco, Talal Al-Marri, said: “We are pleased that many of the biggest names in the (Women’s Golf Championship), through the (Saudi Aramco Team Series), and this time it is organized at La Reserva Stadium and Club in Saudi Arabia. Soto Grande, these superstars inspire millions of women and girls around the world to pursue their dreams, both on and off the golf course.”

Al-Marri added: “Saudi Aramco’s joint ambition with the European Women’s Tournament to develop women’s golf is one of the founding principles of its support for this world series. The participation of the elite Solheim Cup winners and top competitors in the Saudi Aramco Team Series Championship in its unique form at Soto Grande ensures a different sporting experience to watch next August, where the best in women’s golf is on offer.”

It is worth noting that the “Saudi Aramco Team Series” falls under the umbrella of the European Tour of Ladies Golf, and returns for the second year in a row, after the previous edition achieved great success at the world level.

The prize for each tournament, amounting to one million dollars, is the third largest prize in the European Tour tournaments for women’s golf, after the “Amondi Evian Championship” and the “AIG Open”, reflecting the important role that Saudi Aramco in supporting the sport of female golf. The Soto Grande Championship will be the third stop of the Saudi Aramco Team Championship series, followed by the New York Championship from October 13 to 15, before the series ends in the Kingdom, specifically the Royal Greens Stadium and Club in Jeddah. November 9-11.

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