Alpago Real Estate raises the bar for luxury real estate in Dubai with the launch of its second luxury villa, Serene Versanti, in Billionaire’s Row on Palm Jumeirah

The luxury villa has a breathtaking view of the Arabian Gulf waters and is part of a series of six villas scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The Ayildiz brothers of a leading property developer aim to redefine the luxury lifestyle in Dubai

Dubai United Arab Emirates : Albago Real Estate Group has announced the completion of its second luxury villa, Serene Versanti, in the billionaire’s row on Frond G of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, following the remarkable success of its first villa, which paved the way for the consolidation of the company’s position in the field of luxury property development in Dubai. With this move, Albago Real Estate consolidates its presence at the forefront of the luxury real estate sector, in line with Dubai’s ambitions to be the regional hub for billionaires, and allows potential buyers to view the new villa within a range of six villas . to see its unparalleled features.

Led by Murad and Radwan Ayildis, Albago Real Estate contributes to elevating the luxury real estate scene in Dubai as this range of villas embodies the true meaning of the ultra-luxury villa category and is in harmony with the splendor of Palm Jumeirah.

Following the launch of the first villa, Riva del Luso, and today’s announcement of its second luxury villa, Serene Versanti, the group has achieved great success as it is keen to provide the highest standards of elegance, sophistication and luxury.

Serene Versanti is an architectural masterpiece that came from the expertise of the award-winning LW Design Group and CK Interior Design. LW Design brings together an elite of architects and interior design experts in its offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo and Aarhus in Denmark and offers its expertise in the field of luxury properties worldwide, while CK Interior Design is a Dubai-based global company which specializes in the luxury real estate sector.

On this issue, Murat Ayyldiz, founder of the Alpago Real Estate Group, and Ridwan Ayyldiz, vice chairman of the board of directors, said: “We are pleased to announce the completion of our second luxury villa, Serene Versanti, as part of our ongoing efforts to provide buyers with the highest standards of luxury reflect our commitment to support the UAE’s efforts to become the destination of choice. For owners with a high net worth, this step is also part of our efforts to be the first choice in the luxury real estate sector

In Dubai and globally, Serene Versanti offers the highest levels of excellence thanks to its world-class amenities specifically designed to meet the needs of Dubai’s elite community.”

The villa covers an area of ​​16,000 square feet, with an interior space equal to 17,000 square feet, spread over four floors, including the basement, the ground floor, the first and second floors. As well as a luxury underground garage for eight cars, which is an exclusive feature in the Albago Villas on Billionaires Row on Palm Jumeirah.

Serene Versanti combines modernity, comfort and tranquility in the middle of one of the most famous artificial islands in the world, and the open living spaces in the villa allow wonderful views of the clear waters of the Arabian Gulf, creating a super luxurious experience in all its care ensure. selected details to blend the best features of sophistication and practical services.

The company is expected to deliver the six signature villas by the end of the year, in line with the luxury requirements of its high-profile clients in Dubai and in line with its ambition to redefine the luxury lifestyle in the emirate.

It is worth noting that Albago Real Estate launched its first luxury villa, Riva del Luso, in June, which received positive responses from buyers thanks to its waterfront location and 14,000 square feet of interior space on Frond G on the famous Palm Jumeirah .

To view the new property available to potential buyers today, contact B1 Property, the exclusive estate agent for Alpago Properties on 043938155. For more information on the Alpago Real Estate Group, please visit the website


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About the Alpago Property Group:

The Alpago Property Company is fully owned by the Alpago Group. The company began its career in Istanbul and London developing a number of residential, commercial and luxury hospitality facilities. The company’s vision is to continue to raise global standards for the ultra-luxury real estate segment by collaborating with the world’s leading architects, interior design experts, builders, artists and craftsmen. Currently headquartered in Dubai, the Albago Group of Real Estate devotes most of its focus to designing unique architectural masterpieces and developing distinctive lifestyles and experiences across all its projects.

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