Entrepreneur Ayman Abul-Samen: Knowledge is the basis of the economy in a competitive market

He took the UAE as a place to develop his talents in interior design about 10 years ago, and started working in a company specialized in the field for 6 years, to achieve economic independence and then became the owner of his to become its own company, whose sales exceeded 2 million dirhams in 2021.

The UAE market, its economic strength and its ability to develop the abilities of young people and improve their knowledge in all fields is the capital that the entrepreneur, owner and director of Al Shaheen Interior Design and Decoration Company, Ayman Abu Al Samman (33) years old), considered the focus of self-development, and the economic independence of those who aspire to establish their own businesses, who will face challenges to achieve inevitable success, especially for those who seek excellence in a stimulating market that enables young people to develop themselves and shape their future in a way that matches their aspirations.

In his interview with Al-Rou’a, he said that his success story is not in his specialty, which is considered a well-known business in the market, and anyone can work in his field, but rather in a permanent pursuit in a flexible economic market that is able to develop business and knowledge in the most difficult circumstances, so that effort and striving come Continuously take advantage of the opportunity to be within a stimulating business environment to ultimately achieve success.

He pointed out that about 10 years ago he started working in one of the companies that specialized in interior design, as he entered this direction on the basis of his university studies in this specialty, and within 6 years with the nature of the market knowledge made, and its requirements for interior design work, which constitutes a global mix of people’s cultures in the identity of the builder.

He added that this field is closely related to the cultures of people around the world, as the social diversity in the UAE has greatly contributed to the introduction of many international designs related to the cultures of diverse people in the work of interior design, which he did not find in other places, nor was it offered In the study courses with this momentum and diversity in the UAE market, which he found and improved his knowledge of during his work in the field.

He emphasized that “diversity” in its literal sense is found nowhere like in the UAE market, and in all areas, such as food, beverages, clothing and even sports, as well as diversity in interior design work, which makes it an attractive market environment for investments in all fields. , which is in accordance with the social diversity and its requirements which are the focus of the multiplicity of business.

He pointed out that his start as a worker in one of the companies enabled him to know the nature of the market, and how to enter it as an investor and owner of a company specializing in the field in which he is creative, until he moved. to think about the establishment of his own company, which came with the support and motivation of his close friends who gave him confidence in the necessity of economic independence And to activate his six years of experience in the UAE market, until he acquired an existing company whose owner part-time for his business, in exchange for an amount of money within his means, so that the start came suddenly and without prior planning based on economic feasibility that assesses the nature of risks and profits.

He added that the start of work in his own company, located in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, was surrounded by the fear of early loss, given the size of the obligations and the limited number of his staff, which consisted of only 4 workers existed. in addition to him, and the company’s poor marketing knowledge in the UAE market. The formation of a network of relationships and acquaintances that boosted the growth of the company’s business within two years, increasing the number of employees to approximately 40 workers, and a growth in sales of up to 30% every 3 months, until its size reached about 2 million dirhams in 2021.

He said that knowledge in the field of interior design cannot be obtained as it is in the Emirates School, which nurtures business in all fields, as exhibitions and conferences held by various parties in the country in the field of interior design, furniture and others activities are organized. related to this field strengthened his Knowledge of the smallest details that go into his works and also gave him knowledge of people’s cultures and the nature of designs that enter their living identity to include it within his field.

He emphasized that he did not miss an exhibition specialized in the field of interior design, painting, home furnishings, metal and wood exhibitions, and even food exhibitions due to the nature of the designs of various restaurants worldwide, and all other fields, given that interior design is an essential part of the identity of the place.

Entrepreneur Abu Al-Samin indicated that his business has reached all the emirates of the country, as the expansion of the company’s name is due to the reputation in the quality of business and its price competitiveness, in addition to the decisive role of social media, which contributed to introducing customers to the nature of the company’s business.

He was of the opinion that the UAE market is one of the low-risk markets in business development due to the leading purchasing power in the region, but the high competitiveness puts entrepreneurs in front of a big confrontation that requires constant striving and diligence, and the promotion of knowledge in the first place, so the risk in this market has a unique pleasure when success is achieved. Pointing out that the market’s flexibility and acceptance of challenges puts investors and company owners ahead of the possibility of continuity and performance. essential for every person living in the UAE or seeking economic independence and business development to think of the UAE market as one that maintains its ability in development, development and sustainable prosperity.

Abu Al-Samen concluded his dialogue by saying that the expansion of the customer base at the level of the UAE requires the expansion of the company’s business by establishing new branches in other cities in the emirates of the country, as he is considering to establish a branch. in the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi during the next two years, with the aim of increasing the sales volume by 50% within the business development plan.

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