Golf News | New details and information about the Iranian drone attack on the Dabba oil port in Hadramout

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(Khaleeji News – Sultan Al Bawab)

Details..An attack by Iranian drones on the coast of the Dabba oil port, east of the city of Mukalla in Hadramout..

The attack coincided with the proximity of a ship to unload a shipment of crude oil from the port, and it is possible that that plane belongs to the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, following the recent threats to stop the export of oil from the port.

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The sound of the explosion was heard in the cities of Ash-Shehr and Shuhair. The roads leading to the port of Al-Dabbah were closed.

This comes after a threat launched by Houthi leaders to target infrastructure and industries.

The following are the statements of the governor of Hadhramaut governorate, Mabkhout bin Madi:

Al-Dabba oil port was hit by two aircraft trapped in an area between an oil tanker and the port’s “buoy”, without causing any damage.

Threats earlier sent by the Houthis to the Greek Ministry of Transport, which in turn sent it to the oil tanker, which was due to enter the port a week ago, accused the Houthis of being behind the attack.

The authorities removed the ship 12 miles outside the port, stopping the pumping of oil from Petromasila to the port, in addition to removing many of the port’s workers and we are making security arrangements to re-enter the ship and resume the oil shipping process . .

Dr. says about this. Kamal Al-Baadani: The government issued a statement regarding the targeting of the port of Al-Dhaba in the Hadhramaut governorate. From my point of view, it was supposed that the UAE was the one that issued the statement, not the government, because it is the one that controls the port of Al-Dhaba, manages it and controls the inside and outside of it, but the eggs belong to the Emirates and Al-Baqqa For the government #Kamal_Badani

While activist Ali Al-Nassi said: Honestly and without being upset…

The simple Yemeni citizen has not seen a change in his existence with or without the export of oil!!!

On the contrary, there may be popular satisfaction in the country, north or south, with Yemeni oil staying in the ground, rather than selling it and its price going to a special account in the National Bank of Saudi Arabia.


While tweets about the Houthis have been relayed by their leaders, prominent activists and media affiliated with them, we publish them as received:

1- So that you know why the ship that looted oil was targeted at the Dabba port in Hadramout.

The volume of robbed crude oil during the period from 2018 to the end of July 2022 amounted to about 130 million and 41 thousand and 500 barrels, while the value of its income amounted to nine billion and 490 million and 639 thousand dollars, as these amounts are many banks of the World Alliance provide.Customs..and these amounts are sufficient to pay the salaries of government employees in the various Yemeni governorates for a period of five years.

Information source: Ministry of Oil, Sana’a

2- Look at the terrifying military innovation Saree said: The ship was handled with precautionary measures, whereby we were keen to preserve the safety of its crew and the security of Yemen’s infrastructure.

I mean, we chose to target a location between the ship and the port and a distance that ensures the safety of the ship’s crew and the port, and also ensures that the ship’s crew and the port hear the strike and look,

It’s a terrifying military parade that the strike was very, very, very, very skillful at a target a thousand kilometers away from #Sana’a.

As if it was a message to bin Salman saying: We can target your house, even your bedroom, and even your bed on which you sleep without harming the guard of your room.

It’s all thanks to God

3- You have marches and quality missiles, and there is a ship that enters the territorial waters and approaches a port under the control of your enemy to steal your people’s oil. Will the ship or the port or both be hit?

Distances are close, time is crucial

I ask these questions so that everyone realizes that we are facing a complex process that requires professional planning and implementation.

In addition, the Presidency of the House of Representatives has condemned the terrorist attack carried out today by the Houthi terrorist militia on the port of Al-Dabba in the Hadhramaut governorate and its proximity to the ship that was anchored at the port to load oil shipped by two drones condemned. , and before that the attack on the Al-Nashima port in Shabwa.

In a statement issued in this regard, the commission considered that the Houthis’ targeting of an economic facility, international navigation, land, sea and civilian facilities was an act of terrorism par excellence, and it was not the first .What was left of it was scarce after it refused to extend the armistice and the exchange of prisoners, and put it all behind it, insisting on living the war and the crises it left behind. prolong, increase the suffering of citizens, weaken services and collapse the infrastructure system. , regardless of the destruction it has caused and the destruction, material and human losses, suffering and misery it has caused. Poverty, ignorance and disease at a rate that Yemenis have not seen in their lifetimes.

The statement held the Houthi militia and its supporters at the heart of the Iranian regime responsible for the sustained and malicious effort to bring Yemen into a cycle of conflict, chaos and war in order to serve its survival by rise to power and the expansionist interests of the Iranian regime in the Arabian Peninsula.

The statement explained that the cowardly terrorist act carried out today by the Houthi militia by drone on the Al-Dabbah and Al-Nashima civilian facility and before it other terrorist acts on Aden International Airport, Mocha Port, Abha Civil Airport within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi airport, economic facilities in the Kingdom, civilian objects and many other crimes of local terrorism And the cross border, all of which indicate that the threat of the Houthi militia is growing in a way that obliges the international community to a firm stance away from international investment in the suffering of our people.

The presidency of the House of Representatives said: “The lack of seriousness on the part of the international community by letting Al-Houthi go, have fun and tinker with as he wants, has made him terrorism, murder, destruction, looting of humanitarian relief, ignores the injustice of citizens and tampers with them, and closes all outlets for freedom, rights and political practice, which is a matter that calls for suspicion in the actions of international powers and what they do. The international ambassador that throws dust on the eyes, and the calls without substance for peace and political settlement that are heard here and there, while previous agreements such as the Stockholm agreement and the opening of Taiz roads are only ink on paper and international resolutions to prisoners release, yet he compromises the Yemeni issue in the nuclear conflict file without the slightest appreciation for the conditions Yemenis suffer under and the injustice, tyranny and equal suffering that they have achieved.”

She added, “Today’s attack is a conclusive indication that a ceasefire and peace with Al-Houthi is out of reach, and that whoever raises the slogan of death cannot accept or deal with peace options, and that the permanent members, led by the United States of America, bear full responsibility for what the situation in our country has led to practices.” The Houthi movement, which did not restrain the conscience of the world and did not move to save the Yemeni people from it.”

The statement called on the Yemeni people to stand in the face of this arrogance, and for all forces to unite in purpose and position, of which the presidential command council and the military forces led by its members are the most important, because the peace options have been dropped more than once with Al-Houthi There is room for relaxation or talk about the departure or return of the international envoy or the presence or absence of the American envoy… an appeal to the brothers in the coalition to support legitimacy to their brotherly duty and to save Yemen and the Gulf region from this evil and Iran’s destructive intentions for the entire region.

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