Stories, concerns and characters that come out of the “frame”.

Characters came out of the frame of the paintings to discover in the end that they are a group of characters in one person, embodied by the performance “The Frame”, presented on the stage of the Culture and Science Symposium, on the second day of the 13th edition of the Dubai Youth Theater Festival.

Produced by the Sharjah Society for Folklore and Theatre, written by Saud Al Zarouni, and directed by Muhammad Juma, the show led the audience to immerse themselves in the depth of the characters who raise their concerns and issues, in ‘ a symbolic form, and in a coherent theatrical form, so that every person in the audience sees the same in these characters.

The show, in which Khalifa Nasser, Sarah Al-Saadi, Muhammad Ishaq, Issa Murad, Basil Al-Tamimi participated, began with the scene of the three thieves entering a studio with the intention of stealing, and they find ‘ a calm, indifferent figure, who owns no jewels or valuables except paintings. The show unleashes the imagination with the high symbolism in which the characters present their obsessions, pains and remnants of their past, and opens up all possibilities for the audience with the intelligent script that works the elements of mystery and surprise until the end preserved.

New roles

Among the thieves who have no purpose but to steal what is valuable, we delve into the depth of the characters on stage, when the painter decides to give them new roles, so the girl is hired as a lawyer and she must begin her plea to prosecute the two thieves with whom she came. Through these woven events, the author handles a template that combines light comedy and drama, poverty, justice and equality, but most influential was his treatment of the miseries of self-alienation and internal scattering, and the search for a name in a loss which may accompany us from childhood.

The work mixed between the dramatic treatment and some monologue, which added the flavor of comedy to the aesthetics of symbolism, and it also carried aspects with the theatrical story-telling, when the characters were transformed into the narrator, to express their insides, sediments and pains. But what distinguishes it is the harmony between the text and the direction. The image presented on the stage, with high symbolism, created the best direction solutions for the written text, while the actors worked in a team spirit and ‘ presented an enjoyable performance based on the victory. of the team’s harmony on stage.


The theater scenography was very beautiful, calm enough to harmonize with the script and the stage performance. Especially at the beginning of the work, the director invented directional solutions in terms of lighting with the lamps that the thieves used for lighting, and this was supplemented with the use of tools on the stage, including the drawing base transformed into bars. in the courtroom and a crutch in the hospital. This vision was complemented by the music that accompanied the actors during the performance, as it was interspersed with musical breaks, which were important to give the events the necessary temporal context.

The work, which lasted for about an hour, maintained its coherent rhythm, and the attention and surprise of the audience until the end, which witnessed the collapse of the characters, revealing to us that they are nothing but paintings are what are drawn and framed. , and the painter lives these stories with them on an almost daily basis. This collapse takes us to a world that is being built within us, a world that may not be fully reflected in front of people, but it is a world that includes many worlds.

high symbolism

Writer Saud Al-Zarouni told “Emirates Today”: “This is my second theater script, after my participation in the festival last year, and my winning of more than one award in more than one category.” He pointed out that when he started writing the text, he deliberately raised these important issues with high symbolism, because the theater tolerates this statement, whether in a comic or serious style, explaining that the most difficult task for the author is to present ideas in a way that does not bore the audience for the presentation, that is, to put issues in an Entertaining template for the viewer, so that he can then receive all his vocabulary smoothly, and note that the symbolism in theatrical work many add flavor to it and increase its strength.

Scientific foundations

As for the director, Mohamed Jumaa, he spoke about the difference in his directing work and said: “I started studying at the Sharjah Performing Arts Academy, and my entry into the academy made me aware of theater work. , Whereas in the past I worked spontaneously, without any scientific basis, but by following the desire, and it made a big difference in my vision.” Gomaa pointed out that through this stage performance he worked a lot on the reality of the actor and the character, away from artificiality, and tried to provide academic knowledge to the actors as well, with the aim of integrating the work. He pointed out that he designed and implemented the decoration himself, and for this he deliberately made the accessories of the work of the theme of the one place, which is the studio, which suggests that he is primarily concerned with the actor. He emphasized that sometimes technical matters cannot serve the director, especially if the theater is not fully equipped, with the lack of sufficient technicians, as it is reflected in one way or another on the final form of the show.

audience response

The performance of the second day of the Dubai Festival for Youth Theater attracted the audience and engaged with them throughout the show, either in the comedy clips with which the audience interacted, or even in addressing issues that affect people and narrating their pain , including the issue of justice and equality, where the audience stopped the show with warm applause, Or mentioned the names of the actors during the performance as a salute for presenting the characters in a distinctive way.

Mohamed Gomaa:

“I worked on the reality of the actor and the character away from fakeness and tried to provide academic knowledge to the actors.”

Saud Al Zarooni:

“The most difficult task for a writer is to present ideas in a way that does not bore the audience.”

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