Engineer Marine Busters: Eastern culture is rich and can be combined with modern design

The work of the Lebanese interior designer and furniture designer, Marine Bustros, spans several Arab and European countries, and offers an approach to design that does not escape roots, despite the enthusiasm for contemporary. animate diodes work busters; The mix between East and West, and between the ancient and the contemporary, which imprints the style in a stimulating nature to pull back the past to reveal glimpses of it, reformulates.
In the following dialogue, “Mrs” asks Eng Busters about her education, upbringing and style, and delves into her design world.

Engineer Marine Busters

Briefly introduce yourself to “Ma’am” readers.
Marine Busters, young interior architect and furniture designer from Lebanon; My culture is Eastern, but I lived in Europe for a few years, so I think I mix Eastern and Western cultures in my formation.


Was there an incident or cause from childhood or adolescence that influenced your choice to follow the paths of interior design?
I can say that the influences on the decision to go into the field of interior design can be traced back to the last years of my life in Paris, when I often visited museums and art galleries. I believe that living in a beautiful city like Paris can only make one immerse oneself in art and beauty, and become vulnerable to them.
What remains in your mind from the period of university achievement?
The most important lessons come from the ALBA (Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts) years, where creativity is stimulated without any restrictions or rules.

Build an identity for space

A side of a residential apartment designed by the engineer

Your design projects are diverse, including: residential and commercial, in addition to technical equipment. How do you approach the design?
Interior design in general is a way of life that meets the needs of individuals who occupy the architectural space as it suits their personalities, and as for commercial spaces, the design of them makes places where people want to have experiences, and they are surprised when they are there and they are curious to discover it. Every project is a starting new story; So when I take on a project, I analyze the main challenge, and push the boundaries to try to build a proper identity for each space.

Details in the interior decoration

It seems to me that the contemporary design style dominates your projects, with side branches of the Lebanese culture.. How would you describe your style?
I reinterpret my oriental roots in a modern way; Eastern culture is very rich, interesting and unique, and it is reproducible in different ways. So, I like to combine traditional and modern styles, as well as the best of the eastern and western worlds, in my designs. My brand identity focuses on boldness to achieve contrast, whether in the use of bold colors to emphasize architecture or to merge modern and traditional designs.

Posting soon in Dubai

From the designer collection of furniture

Is the furniture design due to the requirements of each project you work on, or is the furniture that bears your name part of an ever-growing group?
Right; I create exclusive furniture for every project I undertake.. I announce through “Madam” that I will soon present a new furniture collection at “Downtown Design” exhibition in Dubai.

How do you see the future of design in the Middle East?
In the Middle East, one can especially talk about Lebanon, where there are many talented craftsmen working in various fields related to design. In the region, design is becoming increasingly important, making it possible for designers to be recognized internationally as well.
How do you express your concern for the environment in practical steps, in your design work?
I reuse the material in my work, and the broken glass from the August 4 (2020) bombing in Beirut port, which is part of my new furniture collection. In addition, I like to include antique pieces of furniture in my projects, to revive the above pieces, and I also participate in local exhibitions aimed at recycling, and creating furniture from discarded materials.


Honor your design for a local business project in Germany at last; What do awards mean for a designer in general?
In 2018, she was appointed to redesign the famous flagship store, Noura, in downtown Beirut, a confectionery and chocolate boutique. The main challenge was to renew the brand while preserving its identity, and it succeeded in this task and received the prestigious “German Design Award” in 2020. Proud of the award; I did not expect international recognition at an early stage in my career. In general, it is good to win this type of award because it keeps the designer ready and motivates him to try to create the beautiful, unique and sustainable, and reach the place of satisfaction. I hope to be able to achieve more in the coming years.

What projects are you continuing to work on in the remaining months of this year?
I was also happy to participate in the exhibition “Downtown Design” in Dubai, and I am very proud of my choice. In addition, I am working on the interior design of a new resort in Paphos (Cyprus) in collaboration with the design office MSSM collaborators, to create a complete concept inspired by the nature and beauty of the Mediterranean coast. I am also following a project designing Prunier stores, the famous French caviar house, as well as undertaking residential projects in London, Paris, Beirut and Dubai.

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Lebanese interior designer and interior designer, Marine Busters

After graduating from ALBA (the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts), interior designer Maren Bustiers continued her studies in Italy at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, obtaining a master’s degree and working in prestigious design firms (Lombardini 22, Sawaya and Moroni ). Sawaya & Moroni in Milan, and Gatserelia Design in Beirut), before establishing her own design “studio” mb design studios in Beirut in 2017. The offices are located in a monumental building dating back to 1940.

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