Interior designer Yasmine Noureddine: Pharaonic designs are ahead of their time

A very beautiful romantic view, the one in which the Egyptian interior designer, Yasmine Nour El-Din, who was based in Dubai for her company “HOPE”, received her; Where her house is located on the outskirts of the Palm Jumeirah, from there surrounded by the sea, between palm trees, and despite the passage of years, but still retains its freshness.. Very elegant Yasmine stood at the door of her house. , check the details and rearrange them every day.

Interior designer, Yasmine Noureddine

King Tutankhamun’s bed

modern white living room; Jasmine wrapped herself in the table and the golden curtain; Where the viewer draws the girl’s wink on the pillow

In her childhood, Yasmine was fascinated by Egyptian history, the longest-lived human civilization and the most extensive throughout history. She busied herself with how to preserve it. She inherited this interest from her mother, who was an archaeologist. It contains secrets. I admired the small statues of everyday life, of that period. Despite this, my favorite part of the museum to visit was the belongings of King Tutankhamun; Where more than 5,000 amazing artefacts were found, testifying to the life and death of the young king.. I loved seeing his furniture, from the detailed beds with animal heads, to the chairs with faces, and since that time the bed of this little king is adjustable, and has been used in expeditions or wars or camping, which is divided into three sections which are installed together to obtain the large bed, and contains supports in each of its corners, and movable bronze joints, and the legs on which it rested were designed in the shape of lion’s paws, and the surface of the bed was made of carpets and linen, And it contained strong hinges to help it fold easily.. I also noticed that there was a was designed for a chair back in many Pharaonic families, and this folding chair dates back to the modern state, and it was made of wooden slats, and inlaid with ivory, and brass was used at the joints.
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Translation on spaces

Living room for a house in a small apartment complex

When Jasmine turned twelve, her mother noticed her strong fondness for furniture and her preservation of its details with its historical stories, so she filled the house with imitation furniture she bought from antique shops and factories. That’s why I decided to focus on design.”
Yasmine did not seem to impose her opinion on those who met her, and she is used to listening to her customer’s requirements and thinking about understanding them well enough to translate them into the required space. “In a way I feel like a life coach. turning clients’ dreams into reality in their homes.”

In a way, I feel like a life coach who turns clients’ dreams into their homes

3D software

When Yasmine designs spaces, she is inspired by her details of travel, visits to international exhibitions, and from the corners of the city’s alleys, which I prefer old, and wandering its streets, adding: “I am definitely inspired by fashion and architecture. Meeting suppliers and business owners and matching their passion for their products is another perk of the job. These meetings help me choose furniture; I get to know the story of the product, every product has a story behind it that stands out, but when I design furniture I get away from the hustle and bustle, I prefer quiet time, draw, and then experiment with 3D software to bring it to life bring.”
Yasmine applied her design expertise to other arts and applied her creativity in drawing, designing jewellery, handbags and clothes, for herself and her close friends.

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know my character

An oriental corner of an old-fashioned sofa, and above it is a painting of the Qur’anic verse, made of hand-turned tin.

She is an Arab woman who loves to design and create modern furniture with Islamic and Middle Eastern touch. “However, I am not inspired by any particular era. Even though I am in today’s world, I gratefully exhibited my designs at Dubai Design Week, and also participated in Art Dubai, Art Abu Dhabi, and prominent art fairs in New York.”
The furniture designs that Yasmine created seem to lean towards the white color, even the space she lives and works in looks white, she continues and says: “White is my calm personality, and that doesn’t mean I don’t like colors . I get excited when my clients are bold and adventurous with colors and textures. All I can say about designing with my clients is that it’s amazing and fun. It starts as a working relationship and ends with a lasting friendship.”

Borough Restaurant Story

A model of Eva’s apple tables

Yasmine participated in the design of the interior of Puro 1484 Restaurant, which is located on Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah and is the highest restaurant in the United Arab Emirates. “It was an exciting project that I worked on with my partner . The luxurious view of the mountains is breathtaking, and we had to connect this unique site with design ideas that emphasize its beauty .. designs that mean the mountain and the charming nature .. it was truly a challenge.”
One of the exciting and unique projects Yasmine was involved in designing was mobile homes for families in the GCC. Working with her partners to develop luxury tiny homes on wheels, Yasmin continues: “Mobile homes are tight spaces, so we made the most of the space by giving every square foot a real advantage, pull out of wall space and hidden storage; Soft colors give the room an airy feel, and it is decorated with wood veneer and marble and leather finishes, while mirrors line the wall to visually expand the space. All these simple details create an elegant five-star hotel room.”

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Musical baby room

Unique geometric table

Imagining her indulgence in the opportunity to design a room for a child who loves music, Yasmine said after thinking, “I first divide the room into the place where the child sleeps, and the place where the instrument is played. I choose the place. where there is the least heat to put the musical instrument; Because this is one of the requirements of the device, so I keep it away from the reflection of the sun, and the most important thing is that I sound insulation on the walls will sit with decorative panels. Add wall stickers or prints from famous composers or artists to always inspire the child.”

Recycle old furniture..behind every product there is a story that highlights its beauty

future families

Yasmine, who seemed passionate about designing furniture and home accessories, loves to use natural materials in her design, such as marble and wood, adding: “I would like to present my designs for recycled materials and reclaimed wood. Existing furniture by repainting or upholstery. It looks completely new.”
As for the dream projects, Yasmine wants to work more on modern house designs that suit future families and commercial spaces, shortening and expanding the spaces more than they are expected.

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