My relationship with Sherine is not toxic.. We went back to each other after shaving her hair.. Hossam Habib creates unexpected surprises.

Social networking sites are currently busy with Sherine’s recent crisis, and people are following the story with great passion and interest as if it is the story of one of them and not the story of a famous artist who is exposed to many consecutive events and the reason for the increased interest of the pioneers of social networking sites, especially since the story has many sides.

In the following report, “Technical Dawn” monitors the most prominent statements of Hossam Habib, which shocked the pioneers of social networking sites.


A week ago, the brother and mother of the artist Sherine made a phone call to the journalist “Amr Adib” on the “Al-Hekaya” program, which is broadcast on the “MBC Egypt” channel. Adeeb” with Hossam Habib, a telephone interview on the “Al-Hekaya” program.

The statements of Sherine’s brother Mohamed Abdel Wahab came with journalist Amr Adib after he filed a lawsuit against him accusing him of beating his sister and forcibly taking her to the hospital, where Mohamed Abdel Wahab said: He had to admit his sister to the hospital until she was treated for the drugs to which she was addicted in the last period.
He added: “I claimed that my sister was kept in an orthopedic hospital and had an accident to cover up the fact that she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital to preserve her name.”

He continued, “My sister is going through difficult psychological conditions in the midst of a gang hovering around her, which is the reason behind the confusion and crises that happen to her in front of people, and they do business for her and surround her with ‘ a spy app on her phone.”

He added: My sister is lost and collapses and is exposed to a gang consisting of Hossam Habib and Sarah Al-Tabbakh, and my mother told Leah Abus: “You must save your sister from addiction, the director of the hospital in the Public Prosecution is currently and proves with papers the compulsory access of my sister for addiction treatment.”

Sherine and her brother

Sherine’s brother promises to Hossam Habib

The brother of the artist, Sherine Abdel Wahab, promised her ex-hussam Habib: “If my neck will fly, and the last day of my life, my sister will not be discharged from the hospital, unless she is well. “

Sherine Hossam Habib’s mother and Sarah El-Tabbakh added: “They drink drugs in an apartment in the commune!”, demanding to protect her daughter from Hossam Habib, “referring to a plan to laugh at her, Hossam encourages her to use drugs.”

“After the party, I sat in the studio drinking with Hossam for 3 days, and she kicked me and her sister out. She told us, “I’m free… I’m Sherine Abdel Wahab,” because she was not aware.”

Sherine and her mother

After these statements, the social networking sites turned the artist Hossam Habib upside down and some people started insulting and slandering him, so last night he made a phone call with the media, Amr Adib, to find out the truth of his relationship with what is happening with Sherine during this period.

His most prominent statements were as follows:

-After the divorce, Sherine and I got back together as a couple and then we broke up in the famous fight, and we decided to continue as friends a few days ago.

– Hossam Habib: I married Sherine and I am richer than her, and my presence closes the “faucet” on the beneficiaries.

I broke down and cried when Shereen cut her hair, we argued, I went into the bathroom and came out with the cut, I fell on my knees and cried, I know she is trying to hurt herself to keep me away from her.

Sherine Abdel Wahab’s recent statements about me are all to provoke me, so that she can have any relationship with me, even if there are problems.

Sherine bought me the car in question of her own free will, despite my refusal to do so, and she told me that it was in exchange for my work with her, and I only drove it after the dispute , and I took it for stubbornness with her, and I gave it back to her some time ago.

– The beneficiary of Shireen is the one who told me that he will quarantine her under an official power of attorney from her to dispose of her money, and I want to tell him that I notified Sherine and she indeed wrote a will and transferred everything she owned to her daughters.

– Sherine’s brother didn’t communicate with her for two years, suddenly he became afraid of her and wanted to protect her? To the point where he opens his brooch while he is inside to take her with the doctors. Sherine was beaten and run out into the street, and I was also beaten, dragged and shouldered.

– Sherine chose between me and addiction during our marriage, and the divorce happened after she insisted despite my treatment for her, but she relapsed.

My marriage to Shireen was my first. I left my mother’s house for Shireen’s house, and she was the one who insisted that we live in her house. She has two daughter schools in the same residential area.

I am an educated and educated man and I cannot hit a woman, I did not hit Shireen or threaten her with it.

My relationship with my daughter Shireen was good, until they were told that I wanted to beat and kill them.

Sherine tried to commit suicide in the hospital and refused to eat. What happened to her the day she was taken to the hospital was a difficult scene. She was beaten and dragged, and she walked the street in pajamas and barefoot. went down, and she’s a big star that shouldn’t happen to her.

– I haven’t received a cent from Sherine Abdel Wahab since our marriage. I couldn’t work because Sherine is good if I keep her for a quarter of an hour, she would eat.

– I interrupted my father a while ago, he hurts me, I asked him more than once not to talk about my relationship with Bashir and he didn’t respond and he still hurts me.

Everyone entered my house, me and Shireen, without permission, even the bedrooms were common to them.

– I will sue Sherine Abdel Wahab’s brother, and I did not give up the cases against Sherine to please my family, but I will not harm her, I still love her.

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