Her bedroom is another world.. The camera finally enters the “Palace of Wonders” in which Lujain Omran lives the life of princesses!!

The beautiful Saudi journalist Lujain Omran looks to share pictures from inside her luxurious palace in Dubai with her fans from time to time.

Through what you publish via “Instagram” and “Snapchat” you show us the luxury of the house and its decor, dominated by white color with a clear use of brown wood in an elegant way.

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Elevator in Lujain Palace

Lujain Palace consists of several rooms and has an electric elevator that connects the first floor to the second, especially the bedroom, which can be described as imaginary, as it includes a special room for Lujain’s clothes, perfume and shoes , and her sunglasses that exceed 100, in addition to the different colors and sizes.

Loujain Omran's house in Dubai

Warm colors in the palace decor

The decor of Lujain Omran Palace is striking in terms of warm and calm colors and accessories chosen in a coordinated style. It is clear that Lujain loves white, as she has most of the house’s furniture in this color, which symbolizing calm and peace, chose in addition to tranquility to its inhabitants.

Loujain Omran's house in Dubai

The use of brown wood in many corners of the palace matches the decor prevailing in the palace rooms, with a large presence of greenery and natural plants scattered throughout the house, and this indicates Lujain’s love for nature.

In the house of Lujain Omran, roses spread abundantly from the entrance to the interior, in addition to the bird cages that I adopted as decoration that added aesthetics and special elegance to the place.

Loujain Omran's house in Dubai

Wooden decor with unique design

The use of wood in decoration is one of the most important steps that give your home a unique design, and this is what Jane worked to provide in the living rooms to give them a different and distinctive decor.

Loujain Omran’s house in Dubai

Despite the predominance of brown wood, Lujain placed a black wooden piano in the center of the main salon to blend with the white that dominates the house.

There are also many stone statues surrounding the entrance, as well as cages in the corridors leading to the palace.

Blue corner in the courtyard

The outside porch of Loujain’s house has a comfortable blue corner in front of the pool, this is where Loujain rests after a long day’s work. She also receives her friends and family in the garden and spends good times there.

3 hidden refrigerators in Lujain kitchen

Loujain made her kitchen unique and luxurious in every sense of the word, so she requested that the drawers where the dishes and household utensils are placed be provided with lighting so that she can see everything inside clearly.

And Jane can control everything in the kitchen via a “remote control” on the wall.

The kitchen was also chosen by Loujain to be white, and she also worked to hide the three refrigerators with wooden cabinets so that she would only see white in the kitchen.

Loujain Omran's house in Dubai

It should be noted that white can be mixed with many colors, as it is a strong supporter of colors and works to highlight them. For example, in the kitchens you can choose white as the primary color with the introduction of simple touches of other colors such as gray in the floors, which work to highlight the purity and brightness of the white color.

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