Al Kooheji Real Estate Development announces the development of the Seelaan II project

Al Kooheji Real Estate Development Company has announced the development of the Sea Avenue II project. Privileged location, ultimate convenience or high luxury.

The “Sword Avenue II” project combines the beginnings of the fingerprints, and the interesting interest in the details of the sophisticated finishes for which the Koji real estate company is known, representing another level of the consideration and creativity at the heart of the luxury reflect. luxury sword, and it is about the new site, “The “Seef Avenue II” project is proud and luxurious to reveal its unique location and eye-catching design.

The residential apartments are designed in an integrated manner and according to the highest standards of interior design, but rather they offer a new level of luxury interior designs in the style of French palaces, accompanied by the quality of furniture and high taste. create modern designs in the choice of colors and crystal and the use of modern marble wood. The “Seef Avenue II” project, which extends to a height of 30 floors, includes 176 luxury apartments, one, two and three bedrooms, fully furnished and available for freehold. Its surfaces vary from 76 square meters to 223 square meters.

Safe Avenue II will provide all amenities exclusively for owners, including an integrated health club, a children’s play area, a braai area with facilities for families, an outdoor swimming pool, a shared office center and a multi-purpose hall.

The “Seef Avenue II” project is the second in the series of Safe Avenue projects of Al Kooheji Real Estate Development Company, and this success comes thanks to God and thanks to the success achieved by the Safe Avenue project, which opened in November 2019. under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, CEO of the Authority Real Estate Regulation, as today it has become the first choice for those who want to live in the vibrant Seef district in the heart of Manama and close to the main. The high-quality Italian finishes and general service facilities comparable to five-star hotels.

All praise be to God, the Safe Avenue project has achieved the highest occupancy rates since its opening in 2019, with an average occupancy rate of over 90% in various market conditions without being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in previous years. This represents a profitable investment in the medium to long term. The “Safe Avenue II” project will offer buyers the opportunity to acquire a property with high value for money, whether for housing, rental, or even resale.

On this occasion, Eng Mohamed Abdel Ghaffar Al Kooheji, CEO of Al Kooheji Real Estate Development Company, said: “We work in Al Kooheji Real Estate Development Company, through our development policy, to create added value for the buyer and the tenant alike, especially since the real estate projects we have presented to this day testify to the highest occupancy rates and the highest market value in sales and resale, at the level of the Bahrain real estate market as well as the region, thank God and then the strategy followed to ‘ creating a balance between market requirements and since the beginning of work on the feasibility study for any project and development on the principle of entering into a partnership with the buyer without leaving the project and achieving the highest levels of property sales and management services through the real estate operating company, Royal Ambassador Company, a subsidiary of Al Kooheji Real Estate Development Company, which today has more than 12 luxury r managing residential towers, including the first project of the Safe Avenue series. We at Kooheji Real Estate Development are committed to providing comfortable residential real estate products with the highest levels of services that will provide the best and most luxurious real estate solutions.”

“Koheji Real Estate Development Company has, thank God, a distinctive development philosophy that enables it to achieve added value in all phases of the residential real estate project according to the highest standards, starting with the study of market requirements, the feasibility study of the project and cost control engineering by studying each item and developing operational mechanisms for each of them, which in turn increases work efficiency without compromising the customer’s experience, and then works with Kooheji Real Estate’s partners in the supply chain spanning the globe to ensure the supply of the best raw materials to the highest international standards and all the modern construction mechanisms used in the development and construction of high-rise residential tower projects, which go through the interior design team, with the combined efforts of the experienced architectural design team for the optimal to achieve use of spaces in relation to the customer’s needs and behavior in housing, the distribution of spaces in a thoughtful manner is an important matter.

And since Al Kooheji Contracting is the executive arm of all development projects, we work through it to complete development projects with an operational mindset and a strong executive arm that has enabled us to achieve added value in the most important phases of construction. As the construction work continues according to the planned schedule of the “Saiflaan II” project, the entire infrastructure work has been completed today and construction work has reached the fifth floor, and the whole project will be completed in 2024 by God’s grace.

At Kooheji Real Estate Development, we aim to provide distinctive real estate projects that contribute to the development of the Bahraini real estate sector to achieve the visions of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, may God protect him, especially as His Your Highness pays close attention to keeping up with developments in the property sector. Positively narrates the costs of the infrastructure associated with the issuance of building permits and thus contributes to the development of the sector and identifies any obstacles it may face to find appropriate solutions. to be found from the perspective of the state, developer and individual,” said Eng. Mohammed Abdul Ghaffar Al Kooheji added.

Al Kooheji Real Estate Development Company has announced the development of the Sea Avenue II project, following the success of the “Sea Avenue” project, which is considered the most luxurious project…… To read the full article, download the free and ad-free Alayam app or visit the website

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