An important presence for the Asian League champions in the first session of the international series in Morocco

The stars of the Asian Golf League await a wonderful adventure in North Africa during the first round of the International Series in Morocco, which will take place from 3 to 6 November 2022.

According to a statement by the organizing committee, eight of the top ten golfers in the Asian Order of Merit rankings have confirmed their participation in this major competition which will take place at the Royal Dar es Salaam Golf Courses, representing the 17th competition to be organised. during the year in the framework of the Asian League, and is the first time that One of the Asian League competitions takes place in the North African region.

The same communication quoted the statement of Cho Min That, the representative and general manager of the Asian League, on this occasion, saying: “We are happy to organize this match in Morocco, a country that is proud of its rich heritage in the field of golf. The international chains in Morocco add a very high added value to our schedule as they offer our members the opportunity to participate in a game that takes place in a completely new space, while allowing the Asian League to continue its significantly expand scope. ».

The high-level international series, which is fully overseen by the Asian League and is part of the Asian Order of Merit arrangement, was launched this year by Leaf Golf with the aim of promoting the practice of golf in Asia and the Middle East. to promote.

As players such as James Pewt, Chas Koepka, Andy Ogletree and Turk Pottitodvedweig strive to improve their official World Golf Ranking rankings at any cost, this league, contested for a prize of $1.5 million USD, promises a huge agreement and a high level of competition. . It will also be distinguished by the presence of Korean player Pyo Kim, who will try to defend his title as the champion of the Asian Medal of Merit during the 2022 Asian League. This league also represents an opportunity for the Korean player to work to get additional positions on the list of players who have won the largest amounts of money in the framework of the international series, which It is currently seventh.

Following the international series in Egypt, scheduled for November 10-14, and the Masters in Indonesia from December 1-4, Kim previously defeated current champion Scott Vincent of Zimbabwe.

At least 9 out of the 10 best golfers in the current standings have entered the Moroccan competition, with the exception of the South African player Justanharding.

The four winners of this year’s International Series — American Shihwan Kim (Thaland Chains), Vincent (Britain Chains), Thailand’s Netithromthepong (Singapore) and Korea’s Taehun Aoki (Korea) — are ready to fight for a place on the podium , as well as Thai Keradish Avebarnrat, 2003 AFC Champions League winner, Spain’s Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano, former Singapore Open winner, and two-time AFC Champions League winner Brett Rumford.

Other winners of the Leaf Golf and expected to be in Morocco include Japan’s Jenichirokuzuma, South African Henny de Plessis, in addition to Jordan’s Shergo Kurdi and Thailand’s Itipatpuranataniyarat.

The South African player Wilkonenabre, who made his debut in the Asian League, will also take part in this competition.

“This year we have eight Leaf Golf invitees, while next year’s Leaf Golf League will have 14 invitees,” said Shaw. We hope that the International Series will enable these professional players to enrich their sports calendar and play outside events related to Live Golf.”

As for the race for the 2022 FIFA Medal of Asian Merit positions, only Joohyung Kim (4th place) and Minkyu Kim (seventh* from the top ten will not be able to come to Morocco.

On the other hand, the former champions of the Asian Order of Merit will participate, and it comes to the Thai Jazz Janawatanand and the Indian Jyotirandhawa.

A handful of talented golfers are also expected to attend, led by Britain’s Lairdshiferd, winner of the Amateur Championships in 2021, and Hungary’s Taishi Kho, who reached the final of the Amateur Asia-Pacific Championships last year. qualified.

“Live Golf’s investment in the Asian League, through its international series, provides new opportunities for golfers from around the world,” said Greg Norman, President General Manager and Representative of Leaf Golf. These events enhance players’ experiences, create avenues for the development of professional paths and promote golf development worldwide.”

“This series of events has received an excellent response and continues to generate fervent enthusiasm for the future of this great sport.”


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