From Jeddah.. Michelson comments on the “Khashoggi murder” and the “execution of homosexuals”

A British activist said Qatari police “arrested” him after he raised a banner denouncing the authorities’ handling of Al-Mim, but an official Doha statement denied his arrest and accused some organizations of trying to spread “fake news”.

The well-known human rights activist, Peter Tatchell, has on his account Twitter He stood on the main road in front of the National Museum in Qatar “for 35 minutes before the security took him into custody and questioned him for 49 minutes, then released him,” noting that he wanted to send a message through “the first gay demonstration in Qatar and in a Gulf country” that it stands against society. Mim Ain +”.

Tatchell said he was on his way to the airport to leave the country.

In turn, the Reuters news agency said that Tatchell, who organized a similar demonstration before the 2018 World Cup in Russia, stood for more than an hour on Tuesday, wearing a T-shirt with the words ” #Qatarantigay,” meaning “Qatar.” against homosexuality,” and with a sign reading “Qatar Arrests and Subjugates.” The LGBT community.

Reuters says two uniformed police officers and three civilian officials arrived at the scene, folded his banner and took pictures of his passport and other papers, as well as that of a man he was with. The police left after shaking hands. with Tatchell, who remained on the sidewalk.

For his part, sports journalist Adam Crafton spoke further Tweets About a “contradictory account of events” by Tatchell, who said he had been arrested, and a Reuters report that police had left and no arrests had been made.

And the transfer of the journalist and British newspapers statement The communications office of the Qatari government denied that the activist had been arrested, describing it as “completely false and unfounded rumors and news”, but did not deny the police’s arrival at the scene.

The office said a person standing in the road was “kindly and professionally” asked to move to the sidewalk, but that no arrests were made.

He expressed “extreme disappointment” with “baseless accusations freely reported by the media, without facts. Many organizations are using increased media interest in Qatar ahead of the World Cup to promote themselves.”

He said: “We are always open to dialogue with those who wish to discuss important topics, but publishing false information with the deliberate intention of provoking negative reactions is irresponsible and unacceptable.”

Organizers of the World Cup in Qatar say everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, is welcome, but they also warn against showing support and waving LGBT+ flags in public.

Human Rights Watch said on Monday that Qatari authorities had “arbitrarily” arrested LGBT people and subjected them to abuse while in custody, while a Qatari official denied these accusations.

“Sexual Orientation Conversion Centers” .. New Accusations Against Qatar Ahead of World Cup

As Doha prepares to host the soccer World Cup, Human Rights Watch said Monday that Qatari authorities have “arbitrarily” arrested LGBT people and subjected them to abuse while in custody.

According to the organization, security forces ordered transgender women to attend conversion therapy sessions at the government’s Behavioral Health Support Center as a condition for their release.

For his part, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, thought on Tuesday that Qatar was being subjected to a “campaign it has never been subjected to.”

In a speech he delivered at the opening of the Shura Council contract, the Emir added: “Since we won the honor of hosting the World Cup, Qatar has been subjected to an unprecedented campaign that no host country faced. We dealt with the matter initially in good faith, and even viewed some criticism as positive and helpful.” .

Qatar .. The Emir talks about an “unprecedented campaign” against Doha due to its hosting of the World Cup

The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, said on Tuesday that Qatar, which is hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, is being subjected to a campaign that a World Cup host country has never experienced.

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