Rishi Sunak..from a waiter in a restaurant to the prime minister of Britain

Many ask about the new British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, what is his past and his behavior? And his social backgrounds, his upbringing and his private life? And what is his policy likely to be when he receives the keys to 10 Downing Street? Here is some of what the reader should know about this man who just became the new leader of the United Kingdom.

Born in Southampton, Britain in 1980, Sunak often refers to his childhood and talks about his humble upbringing saying, “I grew up watching my parents selflessly serve our local community.” His father was a doctor and his mother a pharmacist, and as a teenager he spent weekends delivering prescriptions on his bicycle. He was the eldest of his three brothers, and his grandparents moved from India to East Africa and then the United Kingdom in the 1960s.

But many criticized his claims of coming from a humble background. Sunak attended England’s oldest public school, Winchester College, where he became the first student of Indian origin to lead his group. He edited the school newspaper and played hockey, cricket and football. He is believed to have worked as a waiter at a curry restaurant in Southampton during the summer holidays. He says of himself: “I was one of the few Asians at Winchester College, I mean the first generation at that level of society, and that made me one of the elites of society, but I always considered myself one of considered the professional middle class.”

His classmates say he is preparing himself to achieve great things from the start. His boarding school mate Tim Johnson said: “Ricci was always expected to do something different, he was always expected to be president because he’s smart enough, reasonable enough, and he’s very well behaved,” adds Johnson at. “Young Sunak was known for being friendly, a big fan of cricket, he didn’t drink alcohol, he was a devout Hindu who avoided eating beef.”

Millionaire in his mid twenties

“By the time he arrived at the University of Oxford, Sunak had his sights set on one goal: to firmly occupy the highest office in government,” recalls chief PPE educator Michael Rosen. His fellow students certainly thought a little that he wanted to become a Conservative Prime Minister. But I don’t think anyone took it seriously, it was just a joke.”

Sunak graduated in philosophy, politics and economics, and was described by his peers as a student with a passion for loyalty and belonging in California, India and Britain.

In 2009, he set up the investment firm Thelemy Partners with an initial fund of £536 million, when he started working as a volunteer for the Conservative Party a few days a week. At the time, The Times described him as a “millionaire in his mid-twenties”, but he never commented on his fortune.

The youngest British Chancellor of the Exchequer in history

It took Sunak just seven years to rise to the top of politics. He was elected MP for Richmond, Yorkshire in May 2015 (one of the safest seats in the country, having been a Conservative since 1906), and re-elected in 2019 by 27,210 votes.

In 2016, he voted to leave the European Union in a Brexit referendum, arguing that leaving the EU would make Britain “freer, fairer and more prosperous”. He described it as “the most difficult decision he has made since becoming deputy,” but said it was “one chance in every generation for our country to regain control of its destiny.” Between 2018 and 2019 he served as Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Local Government, before joining the Cabinet in 2019 as First Secretary to the Treasury. In February 2020, he became Chancellor of the Exchequer under former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, presiding over the budget throughout the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis.

But he made his name strong during the early months of the Covid-19 crisis. And in March 2020, he made history by introducing leave from the £330 billion Emergency Collective Job Retention Scheme, which allows employees to claim up to 80% of their salaries when the pandemic prevents them from working.

He also became the face of the government’s plan to provide food to citizens at reduced rates in restaurants and cafes during the Corona epidemic, as the government subsidized 849 million pounds of meals in restaurants, bars and cafes supplied across the UK, and he was photographed serving food to customers in a restaurant and Gamama He looks like an exemplary barman, with many praising his smart team, clever slogans and artistic images that look more like advertisements for technology -startups sound like financial policy ads.

During this time the Sunaks lived in a flat above 10 Downing Street, while the Johnsons moved into the more spacious flat of number 11. As MP and Chancellor of the Exchequer, his government salary was reportedly £151,649 a year. year. Sunak was one of the youngest finance ministers in history when he served in Johnson’s government, but it was also another prestigious title that attracted more attention. In November 2020, he defeated Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer and was named “Britain’s Sexiest MP”, earning him the nickname “Dishi Riche” due to his suave demeanor and elegant looks.

Party insiders say he is now widely seen as the “acceptable face of the Conservatives”, especially with Johnson’s withdrawal and the demise of his “wild appetite” and “big ego”, and many analysts suggest he is taking lessons from his latest will have to learn. failure. However, Sunak’s predecessor in his constituency in Richmond, William Hague, praised him as a “non-ideological conservative”. Sonak’s wife, Akshata Murti, is currently believed to be richer than the king, with her and her husband’s income being £730 million, while King Charles’s fortune is £370 million.

luxury life

Sunak and his wife have built lives of luxury for themselves over the years, with an estimated £15m property that includes a £7m five-bedroom house in Kensington and a 12-acre mansion in North Yorkshire that some call the ‘Maharaja of Yorkshire did not baptize. ‘. » With its own lake and boat depot.

They also own a first-floor flat on Old Brompton Road in Fulham, and a £5.5m beachfront penthouse in Santa Monica, not far from Sussex, California, which overlooks a pet resort and “beautiful views of the Santa Monica Mountains”. The family apparently spends time during the school holidays.

A love story born in college

Business Administration Sunak met his wife, Akshata Murti, while studying for a master’s degree at Stanford University, when they were 24 years old. Her father, billionaire NR Narayan Murty, described by Tatler magazine as an “art-loving fashion student with a deep passion for the traditional crafts of India”, is known as the “Bill Gates of India” after he founded the software company Infosys. Very little is known about the beginning of Morty and Sunak’s relationship, but it is said that he changed his class schedule “to be in a certain class” with her.

Reports suggest that Sunak had some influence over his father-in-law to win him over. In a book, Narayan admits that he initially felt “sadness and jealousy” about his daughter’s relationship with Sunak, but that all changed when he met the future counselor. “I found him as my daughter described him as wonderful, handsome and above all honest. I understood why he stole her heart,” says Narayan.

Sunak and Murti married four years later in 2009 in Murti’s home city of Bangalore in a lavish two-day ceremony attended by 1,000 guests, including Indian cricket legend Anil Kumble. The couple reportedly lived in India for four years before moving to the UK shortly before Sunak took over as MP for Richmond, Yorkshire in 2015. They have two daughters, Krishna and Anushka.

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