Majid Al Futtaim launches “Lanai Island” in Tilal Al Ghaf within Island Estates

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Majid Al Futtaim Integrated Cities Projects, a subsidiary of Majid Al Futtaim Properties, has announced the launch of the “Lanai Island” neighborhood in Tilal Al Ghaf, its premier residential destination offering a modern lifestyle in Dubai. The first phase of the new project sets a new standard for upgrading living standards on the sandy shores of the crystal clear lagoon Al Ghaf, in line with the company’s commitment to promote the concept of luxury living in Dubai.

The first phase includes 13 ultra-luxurious Mansions Villas, designed by SAOTA, an award-winning architectural firm based in South Africa, in collaboration with multi-awarded international interior designer Kelly Hoppen, to design high-end interiors that meet the demands of the elite life of the ultra-rich.

Commenting on the matter, Hawazen Esber, CEO of Integrated Cities Projects at Majid Al Futtaim Properties, said: “The Lanai Island Villas in Island Estates offer a modern and unique concept of luxury living for the first time in the region, as the new villas combine seclusion and tranquility.Offered by island accommodation, with easy access to Dubai’s urban centers.The mega villas on Lanai Island are designed with the aim of providing exceptional and unique experiences for ultra-high net worth individuals.These designs sets a new set of standards, and offers an ideal blend of architectural integrity elements, coupled with aesthetic lines in plans that can be easily modified, to meet the different needs of residents.The villas also have typical interior finishes, within a beautiful setting, where the natural elements clearly stand out.”

All villas have breathtaking designs, inspired by the surrounding water bodies, and the landscapes spread throughout the project, to merge with a unique style of architecture, eliminating the boundaries between inside and outside. The design concepts presented by Kelly Hoppen Interior Design revolve around the harmonious settings of the interior details, all of which suggest that it is calm and pure, yet powerful and elegant, with highly coordinated details.

The design is characterized by the abundance of windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, to provide a continuous visual link with the lake in all interior spaces of the villas. The facades covered with natural stone harmonize with the calm interior colors and natural touch, to give a stronger impact on the aesthetic design. As for the balconies on the roofs of the villas, they offer the residents breathtaking panoramic views, in addition to the presence of multi-level balconies planted with plants, and private courtyards, which contribute to the entry of natural light into the house. In the landscaped gardens, the swimming pools directly overlook the lake, while the outdoor lounges and various verandas provide an ideal atmosphere that encourages the house’s residents and their guests to dine al fresco, or gather to relax and connected

Commenting on her participation in this project, Kelly Hoppen, founder of Interior Design, said: “I was delighted to collaborate with Majid Al Futtaim Integrated Cities Projects on the interior designs for Island Estates villas in Tilal Preparing Al Ghaf, in partnership. with the prestigious SAOTA company, which gave me an opportunity to showcase an innovative and unique concept. There is no doubt that it is remarkable in itself to work with this leading real estate company to work, given its reputation for providing innovative, client-focused solutions tailored specifically to the luxury real estate sector.”

Konrad Martin, executive assistant at SAOTA, for his part said: “We realized from the beginning the extent to which Majid Al Futtaim’s vision of integrated city projects in the Island Estates villas is in harmony with the spirit and vision of SAOTA, as we aligned ourselves perfectly with the project, in terms of its privileged location.Focused on the dynamic design, which focuses on the human, and the importance of the surrounding landscape and cultural heritage in the design process in all its angles and details to integrate. . From the perspective of the experience that this project offers, we were also interested in the concept of creating an ultra-luxury getaway on a private island, with the lagoon as an essential element that can be seen in every detail of the project become.”

It is noteworthy that “Lanay Island” is the first island among the private islands, scheduled to be launched in the market soon, as it includes four very large “Edge Villas”, each consisting of eight bedrooms, with a total floor area of ​​approximately 20,094 square feet. On large corner lots with an open waterfront stretch of 80 meters, the average lot size is 26,000 square feet. In addition to eight en-suite bedrooms, each villa includes living and dining rooms, a fully equipped modern kitchen, a 360-degree deck with panoramic lake views, a home cinema room, a spa and gym, two swimming pools and hot tubs, as well as an indoor patio with With natural light, it offers a strong visual aesthetic with lush green plants at the heart of the house.

Other attractive features of these villas include a spacious private front garden with five outdoor parking spaces, an indoor garage for 12 cars, a service area with separate entrance, two rear kitchens, and separate female and male staff dormitories for up to 12 employees.

Lanai Island also features nine large “Sure Mansions” villas, with a total floor area of ​​16,102, an open waterfront extension of 40 meters, and an average lot size of 23,614 square feet. The garden will be equipped with an outdoor swimming pool and hot tubs, as well as outdoor parking for three cars, with an indoor garage for nine cars. As for the service area, it consists of one back kitchen, and separate dormitories for female and male workers, accommodating up to six people.

As clients expect from Majid Al Futtaim Integrated Cities Projects, known for providing the best innovative, customer-centric solutions designed to enhance the daily experience of all who visit its premium destinations for living, working or leisure, buyers can add their own touch to Island Estates villas, including It suits their lifestyle and personal taste. Each villa offers a variety of different options in this aspect, including flexible plans, various options for facades and high-quality finishes, landscape aesthetics and flexible designs. As for Edge Villas, residents will be able to choose between Solus Retreat or Mega Spa in the basement, along with a separate area on the ground floor, which can be designated as a private lounge, guest room, gym or office.


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