Riyadh Newspaper | Saudi Games: Al-Khawahir player flies the first gold in the history of the tournament .. and the strength of competition is the title of the first day

Saudi Games: Al-Khawahir player flies the first gold in the history of the tournament .. and the strength of competition is the title of the first day

The Saudi Games 2022, the largest national sporting event in the Kingdom’s history, kicked off this morning, with competitions to be held in 20 venues across the capital, Riyadh, until November 7.

In the Riyadh Club Hall, the women’s 48kg and men’s 61kg weightlifting competitions began today, where Al-Nour player Rahma Al-Khawaher managed to win the gold in the 49kg weight category with a total of 117 kg, followed by her colleague in the same team, Maria Al-Sihati in second place and the silver medal. With a total of 115 kg, Al-Qadisiyah team player, Munira Al-Ruwaita, reached the podium by placing third and achieve the bronze medal. with a weight of 109 kg. The winners were crowned HRH Princess Dalil bint Nahar Al Saud, Deputy Director of the Saudi Games.

In the men’s competition, the two players of the Esperance team, Siraj Al-Salim, won the gold in the weight of 61 kg with a total of 271 kg, followed by his brother Mansour Al-Salim with a total of 249 kg , and Al-Huda Jassem Al-Zouri came third with a total of 239 kg, and the winners were crowned Mr. Muhammad bin Ahmed Al-Harbi, President of the Saudi Weightlifting Federation.

The camel racing competitions hosted by Ramah Camel Field concluded today, where the Bakar Marathon and the Qaadan Marathon are held. The race resulted in the camel Nayef Salim Al-Juhani winning the first place with Al-Matiyah Al-Juri and the gold medal for the Thanaya Bakkar Marathon. The camel Bassam Al-Hwaiti won the third place and the bronze medal. The camel Sulaiman bin Abdullah Al-Hwaiti won the Thanaya Qaadan Marathon and took the first place and the gold medal. The camel Ahmed Al-Hwaiti came in second and the silver medal, followed by the camel Eid Al-Juhani in third place and the bronze medal. The winners are as His Excellency Mohammed Bin Hamad Al-Balawi, Vice President of the Saudi Camel Federation , crowned.

In the men’s basketball competitions hosted by the Green Hall at Prince Faisal bin Fahd Olympic Complex, Al-Fateh team managed to get the third place and the bronze medal, after winning its match against Al-Wehda with a score of 88- 67 won. match will be held tonight between the teams of Uhud and Al-Ittihad.

This morning also witnessed the launch of the goal ball competitions for people with disabilities, hosted by the Saudi Paralympic Committee in the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Olympic Complex. Al-Jawf scored 13-3, Al-Rass beat Hail 12-2, and the Asir and Al-Qassim match ended in a 4-4 draw.Riyadh also beat Al-Taif with a score of 11-3, Al-Baha beat Al-Jawf with a score of 10-0, and Asir beat Hail by a score. from 9-1. Al-Rass beat Al-Qassim with a score of 12-2.

In the futsal competitions, which Al-Nasr Club hosts its competitions, 4 matches were held yesterday, Wednesday, for men’s competitions, the results of which led to a 5-5 draw with Al-Qadisiyah with Riyadh, while Al-Nasr -club succeeded. to beat Al-Ula Club 1-2, and Al-Arda team achieved a Big win over Al-Ajjad team, with a score of 11-2, and Al-Ittiq team beat Al-Sir with ‘ defeated by a score of 6-1.

At the level of competitions of the same game, but for women, 3 matches were held for the women’s competitions, where Al Shabab women’s team defeated Al Himma 10-1, and Al Yamama women’s team defeated Al Ahly 8-0, and another match will be held tonight between Al Nasr and Felij.

Today, the handball competitions started with three matches in the Arena at King Saud University, where the Al-Safa team managed to win Al-Khuwaildia with a score of 44-29, and Al-Nour had its confrontation with Al -Adala by a score of 44-24, and the match will be held tonight between the Esperance and Al-Ahly teams.

In the King Saud University Hall, judo competitions for men under 60 kg, under 66 kg, under 73 kg, under 90 kg, and 90 + kg were also launched Badel Inn Center.

Tomorrow, Friday, many competitions will be seen in various matches, where the women’s basketball competitions will start at Al-Hilal Club Hall, and 4 matches will be held between Riyadh and Jeddah United, Al-Shula and Al-Nasr, Abha and Al – Ittihad, Al-Wahda and Al-Hilal. Golf competitions will also be held at the Riyadh Golf Club, and indoor rowing competitions will be held at the Leadership Training Institute at Prince Faisal bin Fahd Olympic Complex.

Tomorrow weightlifting competitions in Riyadh club continue with competitions of 59 kg for women and 73 kg for men, and the group stage competitions and quarter-final competitions in the Badel, and judo competitions for women in the 63 kg weight, and handball competitions in three matches between Mudar and Hira, Al Khaleej and Al Huda, Al Zalqi and Al Rawda will be completed. And the first round matches for the goal football with 4 matches between Al-Jawf and Al-Taif, Al-Baha and Riyadh, Al-Qassim and Hail, Al-Rass and Asir.

It is noteworthy that the competitions of the Saudi Games will continue until November 7, with the participation of more than 6000 male and female players competing in 45 sports, including 5 Paralympic sports, and including 180 sports competitions. October 28, which is the official opening of the session.

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