2023 trends…from simple lines to art deco

A look at the 2023 decor fashion leads to the observation that the house has not been converted back into a dormitory exclusively for sleeping, but rather it is a preferred place for its residents to spend time, even with the return to ‘ a normal life and spending. meaningful hours outside. In addition, the minimalist (or minimalistic) and “Art Deco” styles inspire many designers, as revealed by the exhibition collections of furniture and accessories, while nature is generous to the world of decoration with its indispensable materials suitable for its originality and luxury show

Bamboo will continue to be popular in the decor of 2023 (Image designed by interior designer Ritaj Noureddine)

Nature graces the world of decoration in 2023 with its materials, marble and bamboo…

Like any designer who strives to make the interior decoration in the residential project, regardless of its many elements, a harmonious unit, the Kuwaiti engineer, Ritaj Nour El-Din, calls for a new approach to fashion, in line with the style . of the house. In a summary of the 2023 fashion in decoration, the engineer tells “Madam” that “the artistic aspect is evident in the work of the house and its contents; It may appear through the color of the paint or a specific design form or a material used in the decorations,” adding that “the home in 2023 still embraces shade plants and includes a workspace (even with some people returning to work from offices), even though the workplace is combined with a realistic design.(Dining table, for example).The house also contains several places for storage, and it is elegant in its neutral color decor, inlaid with prominent colors that dissolve in few or balanced proportions.

Fashion decorations 2023

Light green is desirable for furniture (Image via www.horchow.com)

Engineer Ritaj talks about decorations in the fashion of 2023, in the following points:

  • Shapes: Twisted and round shapes are still popular; Especially in the furniture that looks puffy (sofa, side chairs…), in addition to the presence of arches executed in a contemporary style on the walls. Arches are inspired by “Art Deco”.
    A chair that follows the 2023 fashion trend (Image via www.crateandbarrel.com)
  • Materials: The idea of ​​covering the walls of the hall and bedroom with large panels of marble (or ceramics imitating the latter) has not gone out of fashion, with the said idea supported by lighting and the integration of wood with marble. In addition, there are inspirations from the “Art Deco” style, in the framework of the wallpaper, which seems to be engraved with large patterns of plants or flowers, knowing that the ceramic material can make designs that imitate the wallpaper (made of fabric) ) in terms of texture.
    A ceramic model that has a similar effect to wallpaper (Image via www.delconca.com)

    As for the floors, those covered with marble (Calcutta, Statuario or Onyx) will generally remain, but with new inscriptions, in the color “Greek”. The color echoes on the parquet and concrete floors. In general, light colors will still be desirable for materials that cover walls and floors. Next year, however, the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom will be smaller (20 by 20 or subway-style tiles and colorful, from Art Deco inspiration). Terrazzo is also used in the new year.

  • Home accessories: Whatever materials you make, the designers will make sure to imitate the natural materials made from pottery, bamboo and iron by hand. A prominent feature of light (neutral) furniture is the black inlay which is solved by metal artworks, lighting units, or the bases of tables, chairs and “console”…).
  • The inscriptions: From the “Art Deco” inspirations too, there is the checkered inscription (which looks like a chessboard), and the polygon, in black and white, whether it is related to accessories, floors, carpets or paintings.
  • Fabrics: linen, wool and bamboo, in light colors.
  • Lighting: sunlight in the house is necessary; It is clear that the new residential apartment projects take care of the windows, increasing their sizes. As for industrial lighting, there are many sources in one room, and they are direct and indirect, and each light contributes to creating a specific “mood”.

Colors in 2023

Light yellow ribbed knit pillow (Image via BoConcept-Lebanon [email protected])

Neutral primary colors dominate the scene, and note the predominance of the “gray” color that includes both gray and beige in its composition, with the inoculation with the light green derivatives of sage or the calming lilac derivatives, blue, orange or yellow.

Outside the decoration fashion race

Regarding the elements that will leave the facades, engineer Ritaj Noureddine says:

  • “The color combination of brown combined with beige is no longer popular, and the ruby ​​red, gold and honey will also be kept away from color elements, even those that are classical in style (an engraved sofa, for example).”
  • Several chandeliers do not fall from the same ceiling in the room, and the crystal material retreats into the design of the ceiling lighting units.
  • The elements in the house are comfortable and uncomplicated (minimalist), which confirms that the effects of the pandemic on our relationship with the house are still present.
    Engineer Ritaj Nour El Din

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