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I followed a different approach in the formulation of my previous article, by exploiting the cinematic treatment to shed light on our social problems, by linking the events or the name of one of the film works to the problem in which we live, and this is what in the previous article, “My love always.”

The movie “The Addict”, starring the late star Ahmed Zaki, chose a name for it that revolves around the story of an addict.

We all think that digital platforms and apps are available to us for free, but surely nothing is free, so are these apps a godsend? Or a charity project? If you think I’m wrong, ask yourself this question.

Where did these platforms and their founders get all this wealth as studies have confirmed that they are the richest by mankind.

How can these mighty facilities, whose giant buildings we watch on television screens, prosper until their users exceed five billion users, which is more than half the population of the world, so where do they get their expenses?

Do you know how much it costs to store all that data? Of course they don’t receive donations and they don’t receive gifts. This is surely a first-class commercial operation. So I started looking for an answer to this question to determine the product to know their financial benefit? I was able to come up with a satisfactory answer to my question to discover that this product is “me” or you and only the end user of those applications is “us”.

And if you don’t believe me, I will bring you proof. I started my work after studying marketing sciences, until I became one of its professionals by preparing hundreds of marketing plans for large institutions, and the purpose of those plans were how to study the nature of the consumer and the target segment to know their consumer nature, and we finally developed the desired product. Market it in the interest circle of the target purchase segment, and that is a good thing, but did this method change? Do these major platforms work the same way? Are we fully aware of their true intentions?

Now allow me to disprove some facts, and do you know, dear reader, that your stay on a digital platform is in itself a carefully calculated affair?
Do you have an explanation for this free conflict?

There are certainly teams of programmers who are the most professional working day and night to increase the times and even the number of times you use their applications, have you ever doubted that the feelings you feel on social networks are also an act ?

And if it is true, does it not prove the seriousness of the matter? So why do these platforms go to all this effort, all that effort and also where are the returns? This question has an apparent answer, which is advertising, and a hidden answer, which is that we have become the product that these platforms market for the benefit of advertisers.

You can ask me a question: What is the harm in this? It falls under the name of zeal, it can be so. And that was my belief, but I went further than that is that I need to master this new digital marketing approach and this rapidly growing technology and change my old marketing methods, so I worked to try to succeed in this business.

But I was struck by a strange thing, it is the development of these technologies in a new development, it is the development of artificial intelligence in marketing. Who among us does not talk about a product or something he finds appeared as an advertisement on social media pages, if they hear us, yes, they hear us, see our actions and analyze our emotions, they know a lot of our psychological states and our social events, until they reached the point of sharing all our times with us until they entered our bedrooms with us, and even shared our most private times with us.

Don’t you know that we are monitored around the clock and that there are technological methods related to artificial intelligence that have reached to analyze our feelings, emotions, actions and behavior, and you may wonder what the harm is in this, because I benefit from the whole thing, and it is not a personal matter?

You are right, it may seem so, but what stopped me the most is the mechanism of the work of the modern applications stuck on our mobile phone, through my attempt to create an application, which is the large amount of data that the manufacturer can collect and access until I discovered the scientific olive, what is it called the artificial neural system or the artificial nervous system that makes the application feel, feel and know and even anticipate our future events after they have finished knowing have some of our current sensations (the previous technological leap).

I will not go into the techniques of this industry that I have become aware of secrets, the most dangerous of which is a technique called deep machine learning or deep machine learning. Do you know what machine learning is? It learns the sum of our behavior, and even anticipates our reactions to change those emotions in favor of a product. So, there are those who manipulate and reformulate our feelings and feelings. Perhaps you now think that this is one of the conspiracy theories that some adopt?

Let’s agree that you now have a conscious mind and free will and you have the right to doubt, but what about your subconscious or subconscious mind? Which in total is your psychological map, of course you don’t have your free will quite like you think, these technologies and these struggles have entered our society inside a technological bubble that you can see inside your house, it’s a manipulation of our will and it is a full-fledged premeditated crime.

And if you do not want to admit that you are without will, then your fear, which you observed daily in your house, will prove to you the truth of my theory. Did you succeed? And why didn’t it work?

I will begin to conclude my article with this last phenomenon, and here is the shocking news. Your children are addicted to technology and victims of immoral digital conflict after your child has a back window from which any intruder can enter your home, and of course you now know who the intruders are and their intentions that have turned our children into addicts and can be considered They are a group of boys having fun.

And don’t take this article seriously, it’s not a hobby, it’s a deliberate effect to shift our emotions to the product to be marketed so that another app comes with another emotional transformation, and so on, until the behavior of our children and their nature is completely changed, but rather their whole psychological balance Psychologists who are under the age of eighteen, and also confirm the rate of suicides among young people, especially after the rise of suicides on social networks in our Egyptian society for the youth group and their recent messages that are without a real motive leading to suicide.

And here are the last surprises. If you are trying to change this matter, know this fact that the real sufferers of this disease cannot be cured by another addict who is “you”. Here is that experience, and you will see for yourself of my purpose. Try to stay away from your cell phone for three consecutive days. Is it possible to achieve this? it? Isn’t it a kind of addiction?

Oh manufacturer, don’t be mad at this name because I also no longer count as a product just like you, but do you know the difference between me and you now is that I declared my addiction by this article write, so you have the courage to admit it too, if you don’t manage to complete the experiment, announce yourself too. Immediately your addiction is now, the patient who can be treated is the one who admits his illness, so let’s find some solutions and the first of those solutions is the fair use of technology, which means that our family time should be without the cell phone be.

Second, feed your subconscious with this saying, don’t let digital technology use you, but use technology for your benefit and for the benefit of your society. With these words, I conclude my article and begin my first steps towards my recovery plan from digital addiction.

And here I come with a final warning if you do not pay attention to this matter and take it seriously. This is an announcement from you that you have learned of this danger, and that you have succumbed to this addiction, so allow me to return to work on that industry, and become one of its beneficiaries on the principle “If your father’s house is destroyed, the truth will shape you.” ».

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