Deliver the trust and Iraq is in a better state

Eleven from London: In a farewell speech Al-Kazemi addressed to the Iraqis on Thursday night, he confirmed that the campaign of lies and political poisons that has affected his government has not deterred his determination to face the challenges facing the Iraqis do not speak
Al-Kazemi addressed the Iraqis, following parliament’s vote on the new government today and the end of his term in the premiership, in a televised address followed by “Elaf,” saying: “I am talking to you today, and I hand over the national secretariat in the leadership of Iraq to my brother, the state of President Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, on whose government program the parliament voted, wish him success in the performance of his national duty and the completion of the course to serve our people, and enjoin all political powers to support every effort of the new government on the path of stability and growth and the defense of democracy and human rights, and not to subjugate those who stand for this noble task to challenge, abuse, pressure and blackmail at the expense of the interests of the people and the fatherland.

Iraq is better
Al-Kazemi added: “With all honor and pride, we recognize the trust and the country is not only in a better condition, but Iraq is also the fastest growing Arab economy in 2022, with rates of 9.3 percent, according to the International Monetary Fund, at a time when the world economy is experiencing a widespread slowdown.”
He pointed out that “in numbers … we received the cash reserve of 49 billion dollars, and the reserves today are 85 billion dollars; we received the gold reserves of 95 tons, and now 134 tons.”

Al-Kazemi chairman of the meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security on October 1, 2022 (his office)

Receipt of the treasury is empty and today it is full
He noted, “We received an almost empty treasury, even the salaries of the employees could not be paid, and today the country’s treasury is full, praise God, and it is waiting for a responsible and fair budget to spending resources in building the country and investing in the Iraqi person.”
And Al-Kazemi said: “One of our most important priorities was to preserve public money and increase the treasury and reserves, and not waste people’s money, as some promote with the aim of diverting responsibility from those who really involved in corruption cases. , and creating confusion so that they have room for manipulation, all this, although my government does not The budget is granted only for a period of six months.

A call to political solidarity
He noted: “We have said it before, and we say it today, that the economic crisis requires long-term rational measures, and we have laid the foundation for it in economic reforms that we hope will be continued for the future of our generations to protect.”
He emphasized that “it is necessary to achieve political solidarity to support strategic projects such as: the Grand Port of Faw, which has recently made great progress, and gas, energy and alternative energy projects, hospitals, schools, and construction and housing projects, which have entered service or are still under construction.” Maintaining and developing the level of economic growth that has been achieved requires solidarity between all in the spirit of brotherhood, not in the spirit of confrontation that weakens the country and drains its capabilities, and misses. opportunities to achieve the aspirations of the people.

We deliver a coherent security situation
Regarding the security situation in the country, Al-Kazemi indicated: “We recognize a coherent security situation in which terrorism has been eliminated, and the security forces of all types have been strengthened, with professional training, equipment and armament, which has led to an increase in the global rating of the Iraqi army from 57 to 34, and the new government will have to build.” On all this and its development, and the continued support of the army and security services, and the preservation of social peace.”

Al-Kazemi during his country’s speech at the United Nations on September 23, 2022 (his office)

Restoring the people’s trust in the state
Al-Kazemi noted that the social crisis that accompanied the popular protests in October 2019 and after, strengthened the atmosphere of distrust between the people and government agencies, and that a lot of pure and innocent blood of our people was shed, so we made every effort to restore the people’s trust in the state, and we worked hard by training our forces in peaceful handling of the protesters, and prohibiting the use of violence and weapons against them. We have adopted a policy to recognize the great sacrifices made by the young men and women of Iraq, and we have compensated the families of those affected, and we have preserved their rights, and we are also doing a appeal to the fulfillment of this duty.

Overcome crises
He added, “Iraq is not an exceptional country in its political, economic and social conditions. History tells us of many experiences from Singapore and the UAE to South Korea and Rwanda, and many others, in which these nations overcome crises then their political elites looked at reality with a vision of responsible solidarity, not with the logic of rejoicing, and an attempt to absorb Resources, party agreements.
He emphasized, “Yes… our people can overcome all crises to create a reality and a future that suits them, provided they are loyal to the homeland, and that everyone realizes that there is no way except through dialogue, understanding, openness of the people with facts and respect for constitutional institutions.”

Fair elections
The former Prime Minister indicated that his government “implemented its duty to hold fair and impartial elections with the testimony and praise of all internally and internationally, despite all the unfair accusations and lies that have been uttered against us, although we did not participate. in those elections to protect their integrity, and we supported every effort to form a government in accordance with the constitution. We promised to hand over the trust and preserve the peaceful transfer of power, and we did it.”

Poisons of a political nature
Al-Kazemi noted that reality proved “the invalidity of all the poisons and falsehoods they emit, which began before we took responsibility until today, as part of a systematic campaign of a vindictive political nature that every effort, performance and success by this government.”
He warned that partisan pressure and political blackmail for any government would hinder the completion of administrative and economic reforms, and face future challenges, and even hinder the duty to root out corruption, which still – unfortunately – has strong arms , and a comprehensive and serious national stance to withdraw it through support for reform and respect for the law.

A destination for resolving regional disputes
He said: “Today we are handing over responsibility to the new government, and Iraq is enjoying increasing domestic and international appreciation, and has become a destination for the resolution of complex disputes, in which regional and international conferences are held, such as the Baghdad conference on partnership. and cooperation,” indicating that his government “opened broad prospects for cooperation with Iraq’s brothers and neighbors, and with the international community.” Iraq’s foreign policy was in line with the aspirations of our peaceful people, who yearn for progress, prosperity and prosperity. essence, and who adhere to their originality, sovereignty and patriotic spirit.
Al-Kazemi thanked the Iraqis for their support throughout the last stage … and the religious authority “which has been and will remain a safety valve for this country.” And all the young men and women of Iraq, who through their sacrifices have demonstrated zeal for the homeland and their awareness of the challenges..and the military and security forces, of all types, who have been patient in protecting Iraq and its people.. as well as the state’s cadre, from ministers, agents and managers. to every employee, keeping the trust despite problems, challenges and temptations.. and everyone who supported advice, counsel, constructive criticism and even harsh criticism.. and the professional team that accompanied him through this noble mission, indifferent to threats and abuse.
Al-Kazemi also valued the positions of “all the countries of the world and their governments, sister and friend, who stood with us and still are, to overcome problems, confront terrorism and defeat it .” .. “And gratitude to all Iraqis, in every home, neighborhood and city across the country, who have been my family, my support and my party since the moment I took control.” And their religion and virtue will remain in my neck… and peace with Iraq.”

reform efforts
It is noteworthy that Al-Kazemi assumed the presidency of the Iraqi government on May 8, 2020, after a wave of protests and popular demonstrations that broke out late in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and governorates in the center and south of the country . 2019 to demand the fight against corruption, the provision of services and jobs, which left around 600 protesters dead and 20,000 Among the wounded, including members of the security forces, the former Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, was forced to thank.
Since that time, Al-Kazemi has devoted his efforts to confronting the country’s descent into bankruptcy and the expansion of terrorist operations by ISIS and to developing economic and financial plans to reform the social and financial conditions, in addition to his pursuit of the to curb the unruly. weapons of the militias loyal to Iran.
Al-Kazemi’s efforts to open up to the Arab countries also faced a fierce campaign from Iran’s supporters, who launched campaigns against him opposing what they frankly called his efforts to “take Iraq back to return to his Arab hotbed”.. He was also targeted by three assassination attempts which amounted to the bombing of his home in the Green Zone in central Baghdad with missiles.

From right, King Abdullah, Sisi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and Al-Kazemi during their summit in Aqaba on March 25, 2022

In addition, the Al-Kazemi government pursued the killers of the protesting youth, including militiamen and death squads, and referred them to the courts, which issued several verdicts against them, to the death penalty.
Al-Kazemi’s state witnessed a fierce campaign against the corruption whales of the owners of the deep state who dominated the country’s wealth and prevented the achievement of any achievements for the benefit of the Iraqi people through their power in the parliament, which helped them hinder the preparation. and legislation of a budget for the country, which tied the hand of the previous government and prevented the implementation of its reform plans for the sake of their political agendas. .

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