Majesty Yachts is attracting attention in North America

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Majesty Yachts, one of the world’s leading and most innovative boat manufacturers, continues its participation in major international boat shows, with the debut of its beautiful Majesty 120 superyacht, in the United States, at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Following her debut at the 2019 show, Majesty Yachts has seen an increase in demand for innovative composite superyachts in the US market, underscoring its continued commitment to the market.

The premiere of the Majesty 120 at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the largest watercraft show in the world, is another milestone registered by Majesty Yachts in 2022, as the company is committed to the latest technology, sustainable solutions and long-lasting heritage modernity. In celebration of its fortieth anniversary, which falls this year, Gulf Craft, the parent company of Majesty Yachts, has announced the launch of two new superyachts in the Majesty Yachts range. The Majesty 111 was unveiled at the Dubai International Boat Show in March, followed by the announcement of the Majesty 160 at the Monaco Yacht Show in September. These new boats represent the contemporary design language of the Majesty yacht line, seamlessly blending efficient performance with light weight, water-friendly cabins for the enjoyment of those on board, and contemporary design.

Majesty Yachts pioneered innovation in the use of composite materials last year with the launch of the Majesty 175, the world’s largest advanced superyacht, characterized by its highly efficient hull, making it suitable for wading waters that a vessel of this size had never been before. . The Yankee Delta studio is credited with completing the necessary marine engineering studies for the yacht. It is provided with a draft of 2.05 meters. The Italian design studio, Cristiano Gatto, took over the task of its genius design and accommodated 14 guests in 7 luxurious rooms, along with a crew of 10 people. The Majesty 175 is powered by two MTU engines with 2,012 horsepower.

In its debut at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in 2019, the Majesty 140 was named the best yacht at the show. To date, the yacht has maintained its position as the best-selling yacht in the United States, and the Majesty line is particularly popular with discerning owners in the United States. Building on this success, this year the Majesty 120 superyacht will offer the latest innovative smart system for heat preservation and energy saving.

Commenting on this, Mohammed Hussein Al Shaali, chairman of Gulf Craft, said: “The United States of America has always been a very important market for us, and in 2021 we have seen a significant increase in sales, which shows the importance of the unique characteristics of our yachts and our position as a world leader in the manufacture of composite structures. The American yachting community appreciates our pioneering use of these hulls over traditional steel hull yachts because they are light in weight, have competitive fuel economy and allow for simple navigation in shallow water, especially around Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean. .”

We offer luxury, bespoke standards and skilled craftsmanship, from Dubai to the American yachting community. Our yachts are designed to withstand the extraordinary levels of heat and humidity that both Dubai and the United States are known for. Majesty Yachts has one of the world’s only fully integrated vertically operating shipyards, where everything from design, research, development, engineering and manufacturing is done in-house in our Dubai factory. We are very proud of our ambition to do the impossible, and the Majesty 175 is the jewel in the crown of our business, strengthening our company’s position as a pioneer in the use of composite materials, as the largest yacht in the world, uses composite materials in its hull.”

The Majesty 120 super yacht

The Majesty 120 is available with two engine options, a CAT (C32B) engine with 2,400 bhp and a 2,600 hp MTU (16V2000M96L) engine, with a top speed of 22 knots*. The Majesty 120, with a length of 37.5 metres, can accommodate up to 12 guests in six luxurious cabins.

The luxury yacht also features energy-saving HVAC systems, and an innovative heat recovery system, which allows waste heat to be recovered and used for other purposes, such as heating water or controlling the cabin temperature. These systems can save more than 80,000 kilowatts per year of the yacht’s annual power system consumption – regardless of the presence of guests on board – and contribute significantly to energy savings, when the yacht is fully occupied.

Offering guests a variety of dining, lounging and sunbathing areas, the Majesty 120 has an outdoor terrace that is 30% larger than other yachts in its class. Designed by the studio of Majesty Yachts, the Majesty 120 is built with advanced composite materials, such as vinyl ester and carbon fibers, and the yacht has a draft of over six feet.

The Majesty 160 super yacht

The Majesty 160 was designed by the award-winning Italian design studio Cristiano Gatto, while the hull was built by the world-renowned Dutch company, Van Oosennen Dutch Naval Architects. The superyacht can reach a top speed of 19.5 knots* and a range of up to 3,500 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 12 knots*.

The yacht was built in accordance with the commercial yacht building regulations issued by Borio Veritas yacht company, whose gross capacity does not exceed 500 tons. With a total capacity of 498 tons, the new yacht meets all the safety requirements for ships with a total capacity of 500 tons, including an emergency generator.

The yacht features solar panel technology that can continuously power the emergency generator, even in the most difficult conditions. In addition to the emergency generator, the yacht has three other standard generators.

The luxury yacht can accommodate 12 guests, across seven luxury staterooms, in addition to around nine members of the crew. The master suite is one of the yacht’s most prominent features, which includes a private lounge, a retractable balcony, a large en-suite bathroom and a full view master cabin.

The Majesty 111 super yacht

Announced at the Dubai International Boat Show 2022, the Majesty 111 superyacht offers a new concept of luxury yacht spaces. Rather than allowing full access around the upper hull, the yacht has a dynamic asymmetric design that allows access to only one side of the yacht. On the other hand, the entire interior space is extended, reaching the edge of the yacht, rather than being used as access points.

It is worth noting that Gulf Craft, the parent company of Majesty Yachts, owns a range of brands of sports and leisure boats. The Oryx, Nomand and Silvercraft yachts are scheduled to be launched in the US market in the coming years.


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