The “Arab summit” is on a date with “differences” on “Iran and Turkey”

The preparatory meetings at the level of delegates and senior officials have ended, in preparation for the submission of files to the Arab Summit Council at the level of leaders to be held early next November in Algeria.

The Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League, Hossam Zaki, said that the meetings were fruitful and that most of the draft resolutions were discussed, adding that a number of issues will be resolved during the meeting of foreign ministers on Saturday .

Iran and Turkey

The meetings of the permanent delegates to the Arab League continued after the sessions were adjourned at a previous meeting, before resuming on Thursday due to differences between the delegates of member states.

Algeria’s permanent representative to the Arab League, Ambassador Abdelhamid Shbira al-Khamis, stated that differences were noted between the delegates of the member states of the Arab League regarding political issues, especially the relationship of the Arab countries with Turkey and Iran, which the two regional states around Arab security, and they have different relations with Arab countries, pointing out that “these are relations based on commercial exchanges, but there are some political issues at stake.”

He added that the foreign ministers differed in this regard during their meeting on Saturday, and Shbeira said in a press conference: “We have completed the study of some issues of a political nature, especially the relationship of Arab countries with some influential countries in the neighborhood of the Arab world, as controversial points were noted,” stressing that “the discussion will continue.” To deepen our thinking to reach a common vision about the future of these relations.

The Libyan and Syrian file

Regarding the crisis in Libya, the Algerian diplomat added that the crisis has been prolonged and that the file is “very important” and a priority in the dialogue between Arab countries, reiterating his country’s position by saying: ” Algeria has a clear vision for the brothers in this country to get out of the crisis and it stands at the same distance with all parties to the crisis to help the Libyans to get out of the current situation.

Regarding the Syrian file, he stated that Syria left the Arab League since 2011 for known circumstances and reasons, and there were consultations before the summit among all Arab countries for its return, but this country “made the decision not to not participate in order to avoid disputes within the Arab family, as confirmed by his foreign minister.”

AlNahda dam

Foreign ministers will decide on outstanding issues before the Arab summit

Abdel Hamid Shbeira revealed that the meeting of delegates and senior officials touched on the developments that took place regarding the Renaissance Dam and the controversies surrounding it.

He pointed out that “difference in views is a natural thing in multilateral cooperation in view of the presence of different opinions that require a study at a higher level, and this is what happened with some of the files presented and included in the draft agenda of the summit, which was decided to be presented to the meeting of foreign ministers for consideration and decision before Studying it at the top level.

The Palestinian cause

Leaders of Arab countries will meet in Algeria in early November

Leaders of Arab countries will meet in Algeria in early November

He emphasized that “the Palestinian issue occupies a fundamental and decisive position in the upcoming summit, as it is considered one of the most important issues before this summit, which discusses ways to help the Palestinian people and their national leadership to achieve their legitimate to acquire rights. to establish their independent state.”

In this context, he highlighted the efforts that Algeria has made and continues to make in favor of the Palestinian cause, pointing out that “the political gains made by the Palestinian people and their national authority have been mostly made on the country of Algeria.”

On the file of Palestinian reconciliation, Shbeira emphasized that “this issue is very important and occupies a prominent position on the agenda of this summit in view of the impressive results achieved by the initiative launched by the Algerian president , in coordination and consultation with his Palestinian counterpart,” leading to the signing of “” Algeria Declaration to achieve Palestinian national unity.

Arab League reform

Regarding the reform of the Arab League, the Algerian diplomat emphasized that “the Algerian delegation, at the level of the meeting of foreign ministers and at the summit level, will present an integrated file on the reform of the Arab League to promote it and allow it to carry out its tasks in a better and better way.”

He added that Algeria, in cooperation with everyone, aims to “develop the performance of this body and look for the best ways to promote joint Arab action in various areas by rethinking many of its working methods.”

Arab Customs Union

Algeria will submit a file to reform the Arab League

Algeria will submit a file to reform the Arab League

He revealed that “the Arab Customs Union file is now being studied, and there has been significant progress in it.”

He added, in this context, that the meeting of the Arab Economic and Social Council at ministerial level, which will be held on Friday, “will undoubtedly lead to new data on the development of this union to meet the aspirations of Arab countries in the promotion of trade exchange and joint action.”

The volume of inter-Arab trade exchanges in the Arab region does not exceed 5 to 6 percent of the volume of Arab trade, according to the Algerian official, noting that this confirms the need for mechanisms that will strengthen Arab trade exchange and the role enable of the Arab Customs Union.

The Arab Customs Union is one of the elements of the economic file, which was attended by the meeting of senior officials of the Economic and Social Council of the League of Arab States, presented for approval on Friday at the level of the Council’s ministers will become and presentation to the summit.

The economic file includes several other issues, including the free trade area between Arab countries.

The Arab foreign ministers will hold their meeting on Saturday and Sunday, October 29 and 30, in preparation for the meeting of the Arab League Council at summit level.

The Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, arrived in Algeria on Thursday to review the equipment and preparations and to participate in the activities of the Arab Summit.

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