«Businesswomen» honors students of architecture and interior design

Her Excellency Dr. Sheikha Rana bint Isa bin Daij Al Khalifa, Secretary-General of the Council for Higher Education and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Council for Higher Education, welcomed the initiative of the Bahrain Business Women Society, led by mrs. Ahlam Janahi, to honor students of architecture and interior design for their participation in training programs organized by the society. In collaboration with the “NG Engineering” office, emphasizes the importance of community partnership and the essential role of associations and civil society institutions in supporting students, motivating them, engaging them in the labor market and preparing them for postgraduate study.
During a speech delivered by Her Excellency at the ceremony honoring architecture and interior design students hosted by the Zain Center for e-Learning at the University of Bahrain in Sakhir, she said that the number of engineering graduates in the field of engineering in higher education institutions is 868 during the academic year 2020-2021.
The Secretary-General of the Council for Higher Education added that the number of students registered in the field of engineering at higher education institutions amounts to 6,573 male and female students, including 2,196 male and 4,377 female students, distributed among the institutions of the higher education sector.

Training of 3,000 students
In turn, the president of the University of Bahrain, Dr. Jawaher Al-Mudhaki, in her speech on the occasion of the presentation of the design of the new headquarters of the Assembly said: “The first supporter of the National University is His. His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Supreme President of the University – may God protect him and his protection – and the diligent follow-up of our His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister – may God protect him – around the way paving the way for the university and its students to promote and represent themselves and their country in the best way, and this is evident in the various competitions and forums.

She indicated d. Al-Mudhaki pointed out that about 3,000 students of the University of Bahrain receive training in the Kingdom’s public and private institutions every year, and about a thousand of the students are from the College of Engineering alone, pointing out that engineering sciences one of the professions is that cannot be extinct, despite progress in various sciences, which may displace some professions, and drive other professions to disappear in the future, with praise for the efforts made by the students to contribute to the design of the headquarters of the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society, indicating what they received from theoretical courses that they applied in their practical designs during their studies At the university and the care they received as trainees in the engineering office that is affiliated with the Society.

On this occasion, the President of the University, Mrs. Ahlam Janahi, President of the Society, and all its affiliates, thanked and appreciated the attention they give to the students of the University, which is a societal participation that is wished for its continuity and deepening for the benefit and interest of the students.

Student’s personality and skill development
For his part, Gulf University President Professor Muhannad Al-Mashhadani said: “We are very proud of the participation of our students from the Bachelor of Interior Design program in the project to build the Bahrain Business Women’s Association to be redesigned” under the direct supervision of Engineer Noor Al-Mutawa. ?

Al-Mashhadani explained the great impact these opportunities have on the student’s personality, developing his skills and increasing his knowledge of practical experiences, which increases his experiences and increases his readiness to engage in the labor market after graduation.

Al-Mashhadani emphasized that the Gulf University constantly focuses on enriching the core of the study plans for all courses with the practical aspect through field visits, practical student projects conducted by specialized engineers from inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain, and training workshops with international specialized bodies and personalities such as the educational trip Students of the University of Munster in Germany, as well as extramural projects such as the participation of students in the redesign of the interior facilities of the Gulf University, and other activities.

An important initiative.. which completes our role
In her turn, Mrs. Ahlam Janahi, president of the Bahrain Business Women Association, in her speech during the ceremony said: “On behalf of the Bahrain Business Women Association, I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, may God protect him, and to His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, the Prime Minister, may God protect and protect him, and to Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, wife of the King of the country, President of the Supreme Council for Women, may God protect and protect her, and to the Honorary President of the Society, Her Highness Sheikha Thajba bint Salman Al Khalifa, may God protect and protect her To support our unprecedented and continuous leadership in all fields to the status of Bahraini to elevate women and open to them prospects for progress and full participation, and their integration in the reform project of our beloved kingdom; To achieve sustainable development, according to specific plans and programs that contributed to highlight its position and representation, and to defend its interests and gains in local, Gulf, regional and international forums.

She continued, “I also express my gratitude and appreciation to Her Excellency Dr. Sheikha Rana bint Issa bin Daij Al Khalifa for her generous sponsorship of this important ceremony, and I also thank Her Excellency Dr. Jawaher Shaheen Al Mudhahki for his cooperation with the Society The Society has achieved many achievements, which aim to develop and strengthen the role of Bahraini women and their contribution to all commercial, economic and investment activities in light of the reform project.

Janahi confirmed that the initiative comes within the association’s training program to educate university students and qualify them for the labor market, and as an initiative to train young talent and benefit from their creativity, as it is one of the association’s objectives are to encourage young women to enter the business sector, the trainee students of higher education institutions were embraced. In the field of architecture and interior design for the work of a project “a new design for the headquarters of the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society” in terms of the external structure and interior design of the association, with training from the office of NG to its owner, Engineer Noor Al-Mutawa, vice-chairman of the Media and Public Relations Committee of the Society, who thanks her for training Students in the workplace


Team work
In her speech, Engineer Noor Al-Mutawa, supervisor of the training program and member of the Business Women Association, said: “Today I would like to honor the students in recognition of their efforts in designing a project to build the headquarters of the Bahrain Business Women Association in Manama. Encourage trainees to move from the stage of knowledge acquisition to the stage of giving and crystallize their knowledge in practice in the work fields.

She continued: “The project to renovate the headquarters of the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Association is a summary of collective work in a very short period of time that can be summed up in five short words. We believe in each other’s abilities. There are no limit to what can be achieved when hands join hands. And the meeting of hearts eases trials, so congratulations on this work.”

She added: “Dear students, you are an asset and pride to your country, your leadership and your families. We are very proud of you and our youth.. We want you to hold on to the noble human values, love and cooperation. The challenges we are going through today are temporary.. Be optimistic because the future is more beautiful and better, our country is great, its opportunities are great, its ambitions embrace the sky, its path continues with you and those who preceded you has some of the best male and female graduates of the country’s sons and daughters, and its vision grows every day. As the world continues to change, we pledge to you our commitment to provide you with a solid and beneficial education that does not change. Keep the ethics of your profession, go ahead and build buildings and roads and carry the aspirations of this country. We are lucky to choose a science and a renewed profession that paints beauty in all the details of life. The Wheel of Learning in it is permanent in all its vo rme. Opportunities therein are not limited to your geographic location. Creativity is inexhaustible and endless.”

The role of civil society and the promotion of belonging
In her turn, Mrs. Samia Hussain, Vice-Chairman of the Consultative Committee and International Relations, in her speech at the event said: “The initiative to train students from the University of Bahrain – majoring in architecture and interior design” is an important initiative and a qualitative borne by the Bahrain Business Women Association, as one of the most important goals The association creates partnerships between various sectors – the public and private sectors and civil organizations to achieve the comprehensive development we all strive for. Training these students to perform work that benefits society as it strengthens in them the spirit of belonging and loyalty to this giving country.

She said that the small business we do today – will make big successes in the future – if these young people complete the project of the headquarters of the Businesswomen’s Association today – tomorrow they will implement the Kingdom of Bahrain’s biggest development project, thanks to the help , assistance and trust we gave them in their outstanding creativity. .

Her Excellency Dr. Sheikha Rana bint Isa bin Daij Al Khalifa, Secretary-General of the Council for Higher Education and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Council for Higher Education, praised the initiative of all. To read the entire article, download the free and ad-free Al-Ayyam application or visit the website alayam.com

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