European style. Features of Mountain View iCity New Cairo

Mountain View iCity Compound is located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, in a strategic location, close to all the important and service areas in the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo and also the Greater, as well as close to major roads such as Suez Road. , Ain Sokhna Road and the Ring Road, and it is also close to the compound Zed East Fifth Settlement.

Places near the project Places near iCity New Cairo

Mountain View Fifth Settlement is located near many universities such as the Future University, the British University and the American University in Cairo, about fifteen minutes.

Compound Mountain View iCity New Cairo is just a few minutes from Al Rehab, Madinaty and Hyde Park about 7 minutes away.

From the compound, it is easy to reach 90th Street, which is one of the most famous streets of the Fifth Settlement.

The Mountain View project is located in the Fifth Settlement, about fifteen minutes away from Family Park, Nasr City and Heliopolis.
The compound is located about 10 minutes from the new administrative capital.

Design of Mountain View iCity Compound

Mountain View Compound Fifth Settlement is built in a distinct geometric European and American style and is designed in the form of 6 islands, and each island is a stage with different features and advantages from the others, and all of them are connected to each other by main roads, bridges and corniche, and it is divided in this wonderful way to make the most of the land space and enjoy with her natural beauty.
The project area is the area of ​​I-City Compound
The area of ​​the Mountain View iCity compound reaches 500 hectares, and the construction percentage does not exceed 20% of the total area of ​​the project, and the rest is green spaces, landscape and a service area, which provides convenience and privacy for the residents of Mountain View. The Fifth Settlement City” covers an area of ​​100 hectares and includes a large lagoon.
The project spaces The areas of the units of Mountain View iCity New Cairo
I Villa Mountain View Fifth Settlement
I Villa Mountain View Fifth Settlement
Mountain View Compound Fifth Settlement offers another group of units of different sizes, overlooking the artificial lakes and gardens, and the areas of apartments and villas start from 70 m 2 to 565 m 2 and are in line with the prices of Mountain View iCity, and they are divided as follows:
Apartments and studios with spaces ranging from 70 to 245 square meters, varying between Studio, iApartment and iApartment Park (iApartment is a new innovation to provide an apartment with the same specifications as the villa).
Sunroof apartments with spaces starting from 130 to 155 square meters.
There are also chalets with an area of ​​129 m2.
iVilla villas with areas from 180 m2 (a two-storey villa with a garden, a roof, a private entrance and a garage).
Park Villa Villas Park Villa with areas from 210 – 235 square meters (a two-storey villa with a garden).
iVilla Sky villas with spaces starting from 265 – 270 square meters.
Townhouse villas with spaces starting from 290 m2 (a group of rows of villas, each row contains 4-6 villas).
Twin House villas with an area of ​​325 m2 (a two-storey villa with two different entrances).
Grand Villas are 350 m² in size with 4 or 5 bedrooms.
Palaces of 565 square meters.
Mountain View has also provided the ideal property development company in its project in terms of the excellent location, the diversity of spaces, the integration of services and facilities, in addition to offering competitive prices that suit all customers.View iCity Al Tajamou is your ideal destination.
Mountain View is the company responsible for the Mountain View iCity project, the fifth settlement, Mountain View iCity New Cairo. For its customers, with high-quality engineering designs, equipped with the best equipment and services, and modern decorations.

Mountain View Development’s business

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