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The traditional slogans that promise ready-made solutions for our crippled democracy will not help us, and we are tired of discovering that it is a democracy that is faltering in its infancy, and we do not know that it is still in its very first steps is not. And after we became aware that our democracy is floundering in the middle of a drunken, broken boat, similar to the “death boats” on which the “rake” of illegal immigrants rides. Every time we plug a waterhole, new holes surprise us… they are the anti-democratic rats, and it’s time to beat them. So what’s wrong with cats occupying Parliament and taking their place and their rightful role in representation? There is nothing that will prevent voters from giving their votes to this gentle and wise being, knowing that he will never cheat in his work, nor be lazy or slack.

One day in May 2016, a stray cat ventured into the Moroccan House of Representatives, in time for a special session of oral questions. As soon as the cat watered and his voice broke through the noise of the place, until the attention of the respected representatives shifted, some of them resented the homeless storming of the esteemed Parliament building and protested that the curious cat was of the street cat class. , while others rushed to their smartphones to snap a photo that captured the novelty of the rare scene.

After the spread of photos of the “parliamentary cat” on social networking sites, we read a lot about the arrival of a clawed creature that reincarnated the spirits of “gnomes and crocodiles”, which the then Prime Minister, Abdelilah Benkirane, had has. always warned us about, when he accused all the missteps of his government’s rational policies and the limitations of the development process, smeared by those invisible beings, and it may have required spraying the nooks and crannies of Parliament with the liquid which destroys magic and evil. spirits.

Two years before this event, unlike the Parliament of Morocco which expelled the visiting cat, the British Parliament decided to house a trio of cats to benefit from its extensive experience and skills gained in the field of rat control. after British MPs complained of seeing rodents and their droppings in their offices and under their official documents. Thus the talents of a group of cunning cats were used, following the example of a previous experience of the British Prime Minister’s office, which in February 2011 appointed a cat to head the committee to control mice and rats, although the cat “Larry”, and that is his name, was only able to catch the first mouse after a year and a half since he was appointed to his senior post at 10 Downing Street.

It seems that Morocco is continuing its parliamentary experience towards the use of cats, after one of the nation’s representatives revealed his exceptional and astonishing abilities in the possibility of delivering his protected cat to the parliament if he wanted, how not, and it came to him. with ease and ease with his small family members who became members of the Moroccan parliament.

A week ago (October 22, 2022), an American newspaper published an article titled “The whole family and (his cat) in the Moroccan parliament,” about an Israeli businessman who told the author of the article about a conversation that took place between him and a Moroccan member of parliament, “which constitutes a model for the corrupt old guard that drags the country backwards and prevents it from progressing as a society.”

The Israeli businessman visited Morocco last year, accompanied by a former member of the Israeli Knesset, to support some projects, according to the article. As part of the visiting program, the delegation Mr. Met Lahbib bin Talib, a member of the House of Councilors of the “Authenticity and Modernity Party” (PAM), and the head of the Agricultural Chamber in the Marrakesh region, who was the host. Israelis at his home, and began boasting to them that he had not only managed to ascend to the Parliament, but he had been able to ensure the success of his sons and daughters (his son and daughter) for membership in the House of Representatives in the last elections. As for his wife, she was previously a member of parliament for three consecutive terms (15 years) and today she holds the position of president of the regional council of Marrakesh.

In a moment of boasting and excessive ecstasy it came to mr. Bin Taleb came to speak sarcastically, saying: “If I wanted to take the family cat to Parliament, I would.” Add that he controls the elections in the region of Marrakesh, and he is the one who delivers to the parliament (!).

The American newspaper reported that Bin Taleb started working in the political field 25 years ago, and today managed to create great wealth.

Many Moroccans saw it as a scandal that fell within the context of discrediting political life more than it is today.

But others saw that the effective solution to all the ills of Moroccan democracy is the respectable “cat” breed. If this elegant animal is adopted to represent the electorate, things will be corrected and everything will be really good, not verbal . Especially since we are talking about a pet, characterized by sensitivity, gentleness and altruism, and it only needs a little pampering to spread happiness among people, especially since Morocco is in the last ranks of the global index of happiness that is annually by the United Nations. And if we realize that the task of public political affairs is nothing but to look for possible ways to spread happiness among citizens, we will save ourselves all the fatigue spent in the framework of development efforts, and we will overcome the bumpy paths of the democratic process, whose episodes spanned decades without its wheels resting on the right path. And what is it to us, dear? After telling the world in previous advertising campaigns that “Morocco is the most beautiful country in the world”. Today we must roll up our sleeves, drive out all signs of tension, anxiety and sadness from our citizens, and forget them in the dilemmas of unemployment, marginalization, corruption in education and health, bribery and clientelism, problems of inadequate housing and high prices… This time we can all chant the slogan “Morocco is the happiest country in the world.” And it is in the meow language of meow, which legitimizes all beautiful wishes and dreams. And as a citizen illusion that he flaunts in the dress of happiness said: “Happiness is just a dream … and happiness is a feeling of tranquility.” Let us dream in peace and with all possible happiness to follow the path of developed countries, including our Iberian neighbor Spain, which has issued identity cards to cats and pets, and to move away from nations like Iran, whose parliamentarians cats and other considered pets. to be harmful creatures and their education criminalized. Not realizing that the treatment of animals is compared to the treatment of humans.

What is the relationship, do you see, between cats and democracy?

The answer, of course, is not within reach, although some Western critics have seen in a poem entitled “Cats” by Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867), a “symbol of democracy” for this damned French poet. The Moroccan writer Abdel-Ghani Abu Al-Azm was the oldest in the translation and analysis of this poem.

But the entry of cats into politics and parliament is not new. Parasitic classes and classes have always been called “fat cats” to demonstrate their greed, financial corruption and sudden luxury. Parliamentarian Bin Al-Talib’s sympathy for cats is nothing but a matter of rehabilitating this breed of pets. Despite his prejudice against his pampered long-haired cat, it is only cats, especially street cats, that more than one member of parliament has previously petitioned to combat their spread with stray dogs in his neighborhood. Note that when British MPs and the British Prime Minister’s office thought of using the services of cats, they brought them from shelters for stray dogs and cats in the back streets of London.

One of the reasons for the happiness that parliamentary cats will bring to the hearts of citizens is when they see them sleeping and snoring under the Parliament building. Large rooms for yawning and deep sleep. Lethargy and sleep are normal in cats. In the popular beliefs of Arab societies, they say that the purring of cats means that they are revising their memorization of the verses of the Qur’an.

Let’s train our cats well and work to save the report of the new development model so that we can nominate them for parliament. Before the Russian war in Ukraine, a Moscobe citizen published a photo of his dusty cat announced his candidacy for the State. Duma. Surprisingly, he voted for the nominated cat. The pioneers of social networking sites heavily, and he won more than ninety percent of votes.

But the fear of the meek cats of the rise, known as “fat cats”, may vote on laws that prohibit the participation of cats in the democratic game, and even allow the eating of their meat, so as not to bring “good luck not” as some African tribes of cat meat do, But for more obscene enrichment. They may decide to export cat and dog meat to countries that allow it to be eaten.

Despite everything, we count on the strength of the cats, their multiplicity of seven souls, and their hissing as they meow under the dome of Parliament, in defense of the warmth of safety and stability, a victory for the supremacy of the democratic spirit. Whatever the case, the cat is better than the donkey, which the Independence Party would have involved us in its braying, the braying that considers the Koran as one of the most denial sounds, when its secretary general (Hamid Shabat) a donkey in a protest demonstration, and walked with it at the front of a march in Rabat against the high cost of living in 2013.

No matter how much they satirize cats or accuse them of being ungrateful, they will not amount to the disloyalty of the chosen men we know and have experienced. Let’s experience the tranquility of the meow, not the disturbance of the swing.

Cats have great emotional honesty. As Ernest Hemingway said, “People can hide their feelings for some reason, but a cat doesn’t.”

Therefore, let us all vote for the bin Talib family shot, so that it does not remain alone in the house and depressed when its owners are busy with the work of Parliament.

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