“Wasl Dubai” .. Washington looks forward to receiving an American “unjustly imprisoned in Iran”

A satellite image taken from a satellite has revealed the UAE’s deployment of the Israeli Barak anti-missile and anti-drone system.

And the newspaper, “Haaretz”, reported on Friday that the photo revealed that “the UAE has deployed the Israeli-made Barak air defense system against Iranian ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and drones,” and that “the system’s battery near the Al Dhafra -air base, south of Abu Dhabi.”

And she noted that last April, ten large cargo planes belonging to the UAE Air Force were spotted at the Israeli Nevatim Air Base. In its report on the UAE’s purchase of the Israeli air defense system “Spider”, Reuters revealed that the Gulf state has purchased another unnamed Israeli air defense system.

On October 19, the Breaking Defense website reported, citing Israeli defense sources, that the UAE had deployed the Barak air defense system.

The photo shows two missile launchers in standby mode, and the ELTA radar, south of Abu Dhabi, according to the newspaper.

For its part, the “Arab Defense” website reported on October 18, “The UAE already operates the Barak-8 air defense systems, which managed to shoot down a ballistic missile during the Houthi militia attack last January. “

“It appears that the UAE Air Defense Forces have begun to withdraw the Hawk batteries and replace them with the Israeli-made Barak-8 batteries,” he said.

He explained that the photo shows one of the sites with two Barak-8 launchers with an Elta EL-2084 radar unit.

He pointed out that “there is news about the participation of the Barak-8 air defense system in response to the January 2022 attack carried out by the Houthi militia on the UAE, before the two sides reached a possible agreement on the Israeli system negotiated.”

On February 5, the American Wall Street Journal revealed that the UAE and Israel are accelerating security and intelligence cooperation efforts between them, following a series of attacks targeting the Gulf state by the Tehran-backed Houthi rebels.

The newspaper cited people familiar with the matter as saying that the two countries are discussing new ways to protect the UAE from these attacks, “including the sale of advanced Israeli air defense systems.”

The newspaper pointed out that the UAE “secretly welcomed Israel’s offers of military assistance at a time when it is trying to confront a series of missile and drone attacks, which claimed the lives of three people.”

In late February, the UAE called on the armies of allied countries to work together to build a “shield” that protects against the threat of drones, after the wealthy Gulf state was hit by the Houthis in Yemen with missiles and drones were attacked.

“Israel and its Arab allies in the east are in the process of establishing a joint air defense system. The initiative began after the signing of the Ibrahim agreements, and has crystallized during the past six months. The purpose of strategic cooperation is to counter the increasing to counter Iranian missile and drone attacks in the region,” says Ha’aretz.

The Barak system was initially designed to defend Israeli naval patrol boats against enemy sea-to-sea missiles. The Barak 8 model was developed as part of an Israeli-Indian collaboration, and comes in both sea and land versions.

The system provides protection for naval ships, gas fields and strategic land infrastructure protection against advanced cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, warfighters and drones at a range of up to 150 km, according to the paper.

With the exception of the Israeli navy, the other countries deploying the system are India and Azerbaijan, the latter of which used it to intercept Russian-made ballistic missiles launched by Armenia during the last round of fighting between the two countries, in 2020. to intercept.

Haaretz adds, “Now the UAE joins the list. Morocco also signed an agreement with Israel this year to buy the system. In recent weeks, Ukraine has shown an interest in acquiring the system from Israel to counter Russian attacks countering Iranian missiles. and drones.”

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