I signed the government’s resignation decree and the authorship designated by the president was imprisoned

The President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, announced that this morning he sent a “message to the House of Representatives, according to my constitutional powers, and I signed the government’s resignation decision.”

In his letter, Aoun called on Parliament to “take the initiative to remove the mandate from the government, in that it was given to him, so that it will be immediately assigned to someone else and the issuing of establishment orders immediately to avoid a vacuum,” and the letter said:

“Subject: The designated head of government’s refusal to form a government in accordance with the provisions of articles 53 (paragraph 4) and 64 (clause 2) of the Constitution and the confirmation of the conduct of business in the narrow sense of the government that he is currently chairman and who has been deemed to have resigned pursuant to article 69 (paragraph 1, clause e) While Lebanon is about to vacate the presidency at the end of the presidential term, vacating the first position in the state and emptying. the procedural authority of the one in charge, i.e. the Council of Ministers, in terms of articles 17 and 65 of the Constitution, and in view of the impending claims at all national levels that tolerate no vacancy in view of its serious consequences on the people, the entity and the Charter.

Pursuant to the provisions of section 53 (paragraph 10) of the Constitution and section 145 (3) of the House of Representatives’ by-laws (and since the honorable parliamentary meeting is available and is in the second decade of its meetings in terms of section 32 of the Constitution, in addition to being in an exceptional session as a rule to accompany the formation of the House of Representatives The new government until it obtains confidence in accordance with the provisions of Article 69 (Paragraph 3) of the Constitution.
We send the following message to your honorable council, through its president, to take the appropriate position, action or decision in this regard.

In fact, we inform you that the designated Prime Minister, Mr. Muhammad Najib Mikati, we said during our meetings to form the government, as he expressed to us, that he was not enthusiastic about the formation for several reasons, including that the priority is to elect a president, and if this happens, why should we take the initiative to form a government – or he said there is no interest in forming a new government and bear full responsibility as its head in the event that the presidency becomes vacant, while there is no full responsibility for him and the government is in a state of affairs – and our meeting revolved around a cycle of mobile obstacles which emptied it of every useful and practical advance in the field of authorship and indicated his unwillingness has. the formation of a government that will appear before your honorable council to gain confidence and put an end to the conduct of business in the narrow sense, even if he has days before the end of the presidential term to us in the presidential came to palace . He did not care, however, nor was he a sympathetic ear, even to mediators, to make any effort in the matter of authorship. Which strengthened our certainty that he is not willing to form a government, but rather to remain at the head of an emerging government and bet in time to vacate the presidency. It is then impossible to assemble in the absence of a full constitutional partner in the formation of the government. The worst and most dangerous thing, with which I absolutely do not agree, is that a government which does not accept the power entrusted to it by the constitution in article 17 thereof, except in the narrow sense of the conduct of business, the powers from the presidency of the republic as an agency to the election of a new president of the republic, and these are powers that the president exercises under oath and he cannot assume Whose sphere of competence has already withdrawn due to the lack of confidence of your honorable counsel in his authority. What is more dangerous is that the head of the provisional government, who has been appointed and abstains from authorship, desires to hold meetings of the Council of Ministers and the supervision of your council is lacking, contrary to the concept of doing business in the scary sense and the principle of separation, balance and cooperation of powers, which is one of the pillars of our parliamentary democratic constitutional system (paragraphs c and e of the preamble to the constitution).

He continued, “The constitutional chaos that threatens the entity and the charter is rejected by us as long as we are in the presidency and have sworn an oath of loyalty to the constitution and laws of the Lebanese nation. A stage that perhaps the most dangerous in our public life, and emptiness accumulates emptiness, and effective treatments for our crises are also absent and absent, and the people look for ways to escape from their inherited or emerging suffering due to the hand of people or the betrayal of fate Effort, determination and legal capacity come from a government with full constitutional descriptions and a president of the republic.

He added: “We wait until the last available moment before sending this message to your honorable council through its president. The awareness, the sense and the national conscience return to those who must have it in these times to prevent the accumulation of emptiness on emptiness, which we called, and the matter is as it is of imminent danger.” With a complete vacuum at the levels of the presidency and the procedural authority, until we address you and invite you urgently and urgently, until the measures required by this message and the dangerous circumstances that have driven us to do so are immediately and without any delay complete. The dangerous situation described above, then the president of the republic will be elected or a government will be formed in the remaining two days of our term, and we will all avoid the edge of the abyss whose policies have been accepted by those which is entrusted with the formation of a new government. The Presidency of the Republic, held by the Charter of Coexistence for others, bets on the exercise of its powers, while Article 62 of the Constitution gives an agency in entrusted to the Council of Ministers when its executor is free from any problem whatsoever, and a government that issues Business rural in the narrow sense, this practice is impossible for that, and it is the one that does not exercise the full constitutional power of Asala!
As for the government with full constitutional descriptions, it exercises agency (that is, until the original solution) these powers when convened in the form of a Council of Ministers and by the unanimity of its members, with the exception of the powers that are related to the person of the President of the Republic. A government that has lost its constitutional authority in terms of exercising its entire jurisdiction after the commencement of the mandate of your new council, which has given it no confidence, while the people are the source of the authorities and the owner of sovereignty that they exercise through the constitutional institutions, and you are the most recent and adhere to their will, and the presidency is on the verge of two days of emptiness, but It is a government that lacks popular legitimacy and therefore constitutional and charter legitimacy, especially in light of these harsh and unprecedented conditions that Lebanon and the people of Lebanon are going through. All because the constitution does not stipulate my authority to withdraw the mandate and resume parliamentary consultations, and because the president-elect withholds authorship and continues the dismissal, betting on the fatal void of our charter, identity, constitution and entity, which threaten us security stability. The Prime Minister-designate did not apologise, otherwise we would have taken the initiative to consult you and the Speaker of the Council, and he instructed us on the art and we overcame the dangers and constitutional chaos that all the irregularities produce Accordingly, the state must apologize to the president-designate so that he can be immediately assigned to another and immediately issue formation orders to avoid a vacuum – that is, if your honorable council does not take the initiative to remove the assignment , as it was the one who gave it to it.

The President of the Republic concluded: “We are addressing you with this message to inform you of the reality of the situation and to warn of what matters may deviate into what is not in the interest of the country, in terms of the responsibility of the House of Representatives and its power to give confidence to the government and then to give to the government and accountability and responsibility, in preparation for the discussion of this instant message in the General Assembly, in the light of the necessities to save from the dangers that Lebanon, its people, its charter, its constitution and its entity, and the relief of the suffering of the people of Lebanon, which gave you its powers and sovereignty – a few months ago. By your honorable assembly, national partnership and the essentials of the “Covenant of Coexistence of Coexistence” have no legitimacy for any authority that contradicts them. And for your advice to take the necessary position, measure or decision to avoid this matter, and we testify that we have achieved it.”

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