7 years for the tube thief.. he fell by the sword

He tripped and jumped off the rooftops… and failed to carry them due to his heavy weight!!

The clock approached one in the morning and it was “Al-Adhas”” The pipe thief wanders the streets of the town of Merzouga in search of a loot he has stolen.

He wrapped himself in a brown shawl, climbed the lamppost and jumped from one roof to another because of his light weight, considering himself a bird flapping its wings in the air. Until he found a home of deadly calm. Wander freely in it. He found nothing but a gas stove in front of him. And he carried it on his shoulder. However, his misfortune hit the door and made a noise. The housewife and her child woke up and ran to the source of the sound. They found the thief carrying the cylinder. Then she revealed his identity, and he beat her and her son, and the pipe was thrown on the roof because of its heavy weight, and he could not steal it, and after she pleaded with the neighbors who responded chivalrously on the people of Upper Egypt to help the victim as she screamed at two o’clock in the morning. Although she recanted and admitted reconciliation with the accused before the court. However, the court’s ruling was a deterrent and decided that the accused would pay dearly for his attempt. He was sentenced to seven years in prison for a tube he was unable to steal after being seized by the parents and neighbors.

The Minya Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Suleiman Atta Al-Shahed and the membership of Counselors Shaaban Maghribi Muhammad, Sameh Ahmed Hussein and Tamer Magdy Faridbou, in the presence of Ibrahim Gamal Hamza, the State Prosecutor, and Nabil Bushra’s Secretariat in his presence, determined to punish “Ehab.FA”.” He was jailed for seven years and ordered to pay criminal costs.

The investigative documents of the Mattay Public Prosecution Office, registered at No. 709 for the year 2022 in the whole of North Minya, which was referred to the Criminal Court by counselor Tariq Galal, the first general attorney of the North Minya prosecutions, revealed that on the thirteenth day of last May, he proceeded to the stealing movable butane cylinder owned by the victim, Fadia Ishaq Hindi Awad. And this through coercion imposed on her and her son, Abanoub Samir Ishaq. The accused entered her residence at night and crept into her masked husband and proceeded to steal the aforesaid movables, but she sensed it by revealing his face covering and screaming. He covered her mouth with his hand and threatened her with a white weapon and to bring her son, who ran to stop him with a stick, so he took it out of his hand and assaulted the victim, killing her cause injury. He entered a haunted house in the possession of the aforesaid victim by entering her house at night when carrying a white weapon, and this was to commit the crime, the subject of the first accusation. He possessed, without a license, a white folded weapon” The instrument “Shuma .” was recorded” Which is used to attack people without a legal justification or justification from the professional or professional necessity to carry it.

The victim, Fadia Ishaq Hindi Awad, said, “39 years old” A housewife living in Marzouk village, Matai centre. In the investigations of the Public Prosecution Office, she slept in her house, accompanied by her 11-year-old child, Abanoub Samir Ishaq Zakher. I woke up to the sound of movement inside the house. Investigating the case, she saw the accused, a masked man, sneaking into the house. She covered his face and screamed. He covered her mouth with his hand and threatened her with a folded white weapon. He then woke her son, who ran to stop him with a stick, so he took it out of his hand and assaulted her, causing her injury. I went to inform the mayor who brought the accused and informed the police. She attributed the defendant’s intent to try to steal her butane cylinder under duress.

By asking the victim, Abanoub Samir Ishak Zakher, 11 years old. Acknowledges the same content of what was made by his mother.

The preliminary investigations by the Matai Police Station’s investigation unit confirmed that the suspect climbed a lamppost and entered the victim’s house at night, with the intention of stealing her butane cylinder under duress. And after she stopped her and her son for him. He attacked them with a white weapon and a stick, injured them and fled without the stolen items.
The accused, Paihab FA Deb, admitted 30 years” A resident farmer at the Mattai center investigated the Mattai prosecutor’s detailed investigations into his commission of the incident and said: “All that happened was I had no money and I was walking in the street at one o’clock in the morning . the incident in Marzouk district. So I said: I’m going into the house to steal something. I got up on an electric pole in the street that hit a house. I found residents in it. I was happy. I rolled over the house next door and went downstairs. I found a gas stove. I was happy and took it. I’m still looking at it on the roof. The pipe was in the door when I went out.I found one six and her son healthy and came out of the room. So I left his shawl with Ali and Shi, and I said to them, “Sabuni” and pulled the shawl from Ali and Shi. I chose to scream because I took the tube and ran on the roof, and I couldn’t escape with the tube because it was heavy. So I put it on the roof and went down when I came up from the electricity pole, and I didn’t steal anything else and left. After that the mayor called my brother and said your brother went into a house and tried to steal, then I went to the mayor to surrender myself and the police took me to the station.

Through the criminal investigation of the accused, it was found that he had previously been involved in 5 cases of possession of a firearm without a license no. 2232, 2867 and 4888 for the year 2015 and Case No. 4881/2016 was charged. And another no 4499/2017 for possessing a firearm without a licence. He was previously accused of theft in Case No 4499/2016. The most recent case no. 8191/2021 hit.

It was also proven by the Public Prosecution’s investigation of the place where the incident took place that there was a lighting pole in the back street of the victim’s house, which could not be climbed up to the roof of the house adjacent to her house and from there does not become to the residence adjacent to the roof of her residence. Since the roofs of those houses are adjacent to each other and close in height. It also shows a window separating the victim’s bedroom from the kitchen, which is the window I identified in the investigation. Referring to Dlov the accused during her room. Which refers to the admissibility of the incident taking place in the manner previously explained by the victim and with the acknowledgment of the accused.

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