Experts propose a unified “reward program” to support domestic tourism

Experts in the travel and tourism sector have suggested the establishment of a unified reward program aimed at supporting domestic tourism, provided it is intended for the residents of the country. In exchange for rewards or points obtained by the customer, to be used during his next. visit another tourist facility.

They assured “Emirates Today” that the local market includes many tourist attractions and entertainment destinations, as well as hotel facilities and tourist accommodation options, noting that the presence of a joint reward system increases customer loyalty, encourages them to benefit draw from the latest available offers, and support the tourism strategy.

Domestic Tourism

Walid Al-Awa, General Manager of Tamani Marina Hotel, said that local or domestic tourism contributes greatly to supporting the national economy, and is full of many opportunities, noting that the UAE government will launch the internal tourism strategy in December 2020 sent to an integrated tourism system at the state level Strengthening the role of the domestic tourism sector in supporting the national economy.

He added: “From this point of view, providing a joint rewards program between tourist and entertainment destinations provides a common platform for presenting the latest promotions, as well as giving customers points to use, which benefits on more than one generate level,” he emphasizes. that rewarding the customer in an optimal manner will encourage him to spend more on tourism Domestically and in various destinations.

He pointed out that some experiments on a smaller scale achieved several benefits for customers, hotel establishments and tourist destinations, as they allowed companies to market their products at prices that suit large segments of customers.

He explained that the joint rewards program can offer additional benefits, as it is possible to get a free night in hotels in exchange for registering a number of points immediately, or using the program in dining facilities even outside the hotel business, and pointed out that most hotels or international hotel chains have loyalty programs And its own rewards, similar to entertainment destinations, but the common platform with attractive offers will increase the number of customers.

flexible mechanism

For his part, the general manager of Al-Awadi Travel Company, Amin Al-Awadi, said that finding a flexible and comprehensive mechanism regarding the costs and prices of tourism services within the local market will undoubtedly contribute to achievable results for both companies and enterprises. , as well as merchants looking for suitable offers that fit their budgets. .

He explained that testing a tourist or entertainment experience in exchange for rewards or points obtained by the customer, to be used during his next visit to another tourist facility, would greatly encourage him to take advantage of the programs, such as the customer getting points for his visit to “Burj Khalifa”, which qualifies him to get a reduced price for a visit. A water park, a tourist destination, or even using these points to book a hotel night, or food services, and others, indicating that the reduced prices for an added value have a positive impact on customers.

He continued, “It is possible to find an application or a direct and interactive website that allows companies and enterprises that want to participate in it, while customers can participate in it,” emphasizing the importance of the platform being interactive so that companies can design entertainment packages for customers within lists according to their desires.

Al-Awadi said that the local market includes many well-known tourist facilities, and pointed out that the reward program includes all tourist facilities in the emirates, which encourages domestic tourism more.

He also emphasized the importance of the prices being considerate and achievable for customers, and to achieve real benefits for them compared to the prices available on the websites distributed on the Internet, with the importance of increasing the volume of linking spending to the number of points and immediately , suggesting that the initiative be launched in conjunction with the “The Most Beautiful Winter in the World” campaign.

Membership number

In addition, the head of Al-Abedy Holding Company for Tourism and Travel, Saeed Al-Abedy, said that obtaining rewards will encourage the customer to visit a destination, or a tourist facility within the country, as he will get benefits to visit another. destination at a reduced cost by the points he has achieved.

He added that the program can be linked to a platform or a website, with a membership number that also allows the customer to get the latest promotions offered by all participating parties.

Al-Abedy emphasized that providing more offers and joint promotion between hotel establishments in the local market and entertainment destinations will increase their attractiveness for domestic tourism, noting that direct and immediate offers can be continuously offered to the residents of the country on the website or the special application.

He pointed out that the UAE has an integrated infrastructure that provides high-quality services and hosts many tourist facilities and activities that suit different segments of visitors, and that the tourism environment in the country is very attractive, stressing its importance that prices are studied. within promotional packages for the customer.

“The most beautiful winter”

Al-Abedy pointed out that the second edition of the “The Most Beautiful Winter in the World” campaign achieved qualitative economic results for domestic tourism, increasing the income of hotel establishments to 1.5 billion dirhams, compared to one billion dirhams in the first edition of the campaign (in 2020), while the number of local tourists increased from 950,000 tourists. Up to 1.3 million tourists, an increase of 36% over the first edition of the campaign, and the occupancy rate of hotel establishments 73% reached, compared to 66% occupancy rate in 2021, an increase of 7% during the comparison period.

He stressed that the provision of integrated and diversified offers that meet the various requirements of customers and their joint promotion will increase their popularity among visitors from individuals, families and even groups of companies, noting that tourism authorities can coordinate with federal agencies and can provide an excellent program. .

He continued, “Through programs, customers can increase loyalty and provide important information about how they spend and what products or types of offers are most attractive. Customers will register their personal information and receive a digital ID or membership card that can be used when you make a purchase.”

He also emphasized the importance of designing tourism programs that take into account the needs of domestic tourists at comprehensive economic prices for leisure activities, food services, use of beach facilities and other services.

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