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Twenty years later, or the next two centuries, history will not lend any form of legitimacy or protection to the US-British aggression against Iraq in 2003. If we want to measure the rules of that war in international law, it is a war without rules, conditions or strategy. It is a chaotic war of the first degree, with no lists, but a collection of lies, fabrications and reading in the cup; Former US President George W. Bush justified the war outside the law of the United Nations, the General Assembly and the laws of war with a fault or a mistake, assuming that this war was “a natural right for America and Britain is to defend themselves against the massive and imminent Iraqi threat that targets their security and peace by means of weapons of mass destruction.” held by Iraq,” as Bush Jr. claimed in his address to the US Congress and the world. He was not content with what he claimed was a “threat” to American security, adding a “threat for the region and the whole world” added. Since falsehood is without fees or taxes, the exaggeration has reached the point of sick humor that “threats from Iraq will inevitably lead to the collapse of international peace and security.” And perhaps outer space also!
All the international inspections at the end of the night and in the middle of the day failed to find a vial, package, trace or smell of a chemical or biological weapon, nor in the barracks of the Iraqi army , nor in the rivers of the Tigris, Euphrates, Shatt al-Arab, the waters of the marshes and lakes, laboratories of scientific colleges, hospitals, presidential palaces and their cellars, and rooms her sleep.
Not all the opposition street demonstrations in the world, east and west, have succeeded in influencing the “convictions” of Bush and his colleague Tony Blair to persuade them not to launch an aggressive war that has no rules, no laws and no have no boundaries. also turned from the brutal American occupation of a sovereign country and a founding member of the United Nations to a blind Iranian invasion. And Borders Without Wires to avenge a bitter Iranian defeat in the Eight Years War (1980 – 1988).
Does Russian President Vladimir Putin have the right to donate the four Ukrainian regions and the Crimea he annexed to Chechnya – for example – or Afghanistan, as the United States did by giving Iraq to Iran the mullahs through its presidents George W Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and then the current US President Joe Biden? How is the occupied Iraq delivered to Iran by the terrorist Iranian “Quds Force” militia? By what law, statute or constitution does the United States allow a second country to participate in the occupation of a third country, let alone a fourth and a fifth country?
It was understandable or acceptable that the United States used dozens of other countries to force the Iraqi army out of Kuwait in 1991, but why did the United States use other countries to occupy Iraq in 2003 after the fall of the former regime, and their number of about 30 countries reached in stages, including powerless countries such as the Dominican Republic, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Moldova, Albania, the Czech Republic, El Salvador, Singapore, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Georgia, Tonga, Lithuania, the Philippines, Honduras and Nicaragua, most of which Iraqis do not know their locations on the world maps or their languages?!
Is it an international festival in Iraqi cuisine for the United States to invite all who come and bear to spend tourist months and taste the delicious Iraqi food that Shahryar and Scheherazade ate in “One Thousand and One Nights” ?
Why did all these people leave to return to their countries except for Iran? Is the United States ignorant of the historical enmity between the Persian regime and Arab Iraq from the time of the Islamic conquests to the present day?
All the countries that ended their “military tourism trips” to Iraq cleaned their camps and donated their properties to the nearby provinces and towns, including ambulances, transport, generators, water pumps from wells, mobile clinics, sleeping “caravans” and air conditioning and heating equipment, and some of those countries sent invitations to visit their capitals to the contractors. Together with her in the non-military services. There is a lonely, abnormal country that has not left Iraq, neither it, nor its militias, nor its drugs, nor its silencers, nor its counterfeit currency, nor its prisons of Iraqis, nor its mass graves, nor the pictures of Khomeini , Khamenei , and Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force, who met his inevitable fate.
Was the United States, under the auspices of Bush Jr., planning to donate Iraq, with its people, rivers, bounties, history, geography and musical sites, to the Persian enemy? What do we say to the caliph Harun al-Rashid and his beloved poet Abu Nawas? And what do we respond to Abu Jaafar al-Mansur when we ask about the conditions of Baghdad, the home of peace, which he founded in the year 146-? How do we answer the chemist Jaber bin Hayyan about what happened? What about the wise doctor, Abu Bakr al-Razi, if he sees in a dream the governments of carcinogenic corruption in the afflicted geography of countries? Who can forget the peak Abbasid poets, Abu al-Tayyib al-Mutanabbi and Abu Firas al-Hamdani, and with them Abu Nawas? Shall we review Ibn Khaldun’s writings, the most important of which is his Muqaddima, which has neither a beginning nor an end? How much did the book “The Miser” by Abu Othman Omar Al-Jahez make us laugh? Has former US President Bush heard of Faraj al-Isfahani, author of the book “The Songs” and al-Khwarizmi, author of the geospatial encyclopedia “Picture of the Earth” and Ibn al-Atheer’s “The Complete History”? And Al-Battani, the greatest astronomer in the Middle Ages, who divided the year into 365 days, and cataloged about 500 space stars?
In that golden age, Iran, the country of Persia, lived in search of mercenaries with their weapons, their poisoned daggers, in search of coups in the Arab Muslim countries, as is happening in these barren years in Syria, Libya, Sudan. , Yemen, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Pakistan… and sick Iraq and Leila.
The Iraqis do not want spoils from Tehran or its obscurantist regime, but they want to reclaim their homeland… the homeland of literature, science and astronomy. Just as the United States introduced Iran, its militias, agents, charlatans of religion and corruption into Iraq, it must uproot them by the roots and leave the Iraqis to live in peace and security.
The job isn’t over, President Joe Biden, and you have to finish it if you want to be proud of the Statue of Liberty. You also have to compensate Iraq for its human losses, whether by killing or displacement, and the number, according to Wikipedia, reached at least 600,000 dead in the first four years of the US occupation, and there are other estimates that are higher and more tragic and loss among scholars, leaders, experts and intellectuals under a brutal slogan raised by The aggressive American campaign of “shock and intimidation” and fueling the sectarian civil war, increasing the number of victims to more than a million people did, in light of a big American lie about alleged weapons of mass destruction.
Strangely enough, the United States paid no heed to sharp criticism, both at home and abroad. Between 2001 and 2003, the CIA made a total of 935 false statements or communications about Iraq’s alleged threat to the United States. These are false accusations and fabricated statements that are unbecoming of a great country that claims to be the most powerful country in the world.

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