Her bedroom is from another world.. The cameras finally enter the “Palace of Dreams” in which Yasmine Abdel Aziz lives with Al-Awadi, the life of the princesses!!

Yasmine Abdel Aziz is one of the stars who achieved great stardom on a technical level, hosting the championships of a number of films that competed strongly at the box office and achieved huge revenues.

Away from this topic, we will take you on a tour of her house, where the change of decor and furniture that we previously saw in Yasmine’s villa before her marriage to Ahmed Al-Awadi can be observed.

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Yasmine and Al-Awadi are careful not to show all of their home decor, but through our tour of Yasmine and Ahmed’s Instagram accounts, we can tell that they have good taste in choosing the color of the furniture, and the coordination of the decorative pieces that decorated. the rooms.

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A post shared by Yasmin Abdelaziz (@yasminabdelaziz_)

The living room in the living room of Yasmine and Ahmed’s house has more than one color. We notice that there is a living room consisting of two sofas in olive color. Everything in this room suggests radiance, from the focus on the green sofas, to the sofa made of oxygen chosen in the color of sky blue, in addition to To an orange couch. Despite these harsh colors, everything calls for calm in the house.

White in the walls Through the photos of her home that she shares on Instagram, it is clear that Yasmine loves the white color that dominates the walls, and it is one of the calm colors that no home is without, and gives the room which covers with calmness and comfort, knowing that white is suitable for all spaces.

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A post shared by Yasmin Abdelaziz (@yasminabdelaziz_)

The multiplicity of colors in the living room There is no doubt that Jasmine’s collection of various colors in one living room, if indicated by anything, indicates that she is a character who likes to color her days with the colors of life , to absorb happiness and energy from what she chooses in her home decor.

Yasmine chose beige lamps, which are scattered in a number of corners of the house, as shown in one of her videos she shared of her home on Instagram.

Looking at Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s bedroom, you feel as if she was inspired by the world of children, as she kept her floral toys, which she seems to have owned since childhood, and didn’t feel like she could let them go.

The gym is the most important home gym equipment that must be available to build a perfect body, Yasmine provided it at home because she doesn’t have time to go to the gym, or doesn’t like the idea of ​​leaving the house and practice in front of others.

Luxurious decor in the home of Yasmine Abdel Aziz and her husband Ahmed Al-Awadi

Brown and stainless steel kitchen

The kitchen is the cornerstone of the home, in which women are eager to choose its decor and colors to suit her taste and personality, so Yasmine Abdel Aziz, through a photo she shared from her kitchen years ago, wood is an essential part of the kitchen decor. With the adoption of the color of stainless steel for the basic elements that are not without kitchen.

It is worth noting that the last work of Yasmine Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Al-Awadi was the series “Al-Malouch Kabir”, which achieved great success in the Ramadan drama the day before yesterday.

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