“Scenography of Cities and Urbanism”; Latent solutions to beauty in theater – Atheer electronic newspaper

Atheer – Dr. Saeed Al Siyabi, academic at Sultan Qaboos University

The natural beauty in life and behind it the cities that captivate us with their details are not performed by a specific specialization, or a unified formation in itself, or the abundant money stored in its banks, but rather a few of all that the cities are covered with a scenic complementarity that makes the service to man a priority before the renaissance of urbanization. So that its vision is homogeneous, and in the circle of polarization, excellence and remarkable presence, attracting visitors from different parts of the world. , in which competition began to become commendable, so that cities and their humanization are a distinguishing feature in it, and a place where the elements of luxury and decent life are available with the meeting of arts of all kinds, theaters, cinema, art exhibitions, and culture with its various events and events History with its lavish presence in the realistic and moral details, all these elements are found in one melting pot and presented as a civilized interface in the process of bridging and what can be called (scenography) , and this is what the theater presented as an artistic and aesthetic option that emerged from the womb of the masses and recipients, the theater is one of its most important modern industry and creative experiences that It undertakes the process of blinding and focuses on the union of the elements of lighting, decor, music and fashion in the service of the scenic aesthetic between them to do n (scenography), which is the word of M Because it consists of two words, falsino, which means scenery and graphics, and photography, this specialization has kept its place in the theatrical space engineering, uniting the goals of theater work so that its image is consistent due to the necessity of what is required of its message, and the kinetic, audio and visual aesthetics it must carry.

What applies to the theater can be used to find the aesthetics of cities and urbanization, so that engineering elements combine with touches that overflow aesthetically, such as mosaic pieces that, when installed, integrate their artistic painting and visual function. And the executive staff contributes. to unify efforts, reduce waste in expenditure and set appropriate and acceptable standards in the degree of satisfaction of citizens, residents and guests visiting the city.

The chemistry that merges with the requirements of life, comfortable life and the beauty industry in all its images, forms, decorations, landscape and the full natural beauty of the eye is the title of the stage of modern cities that have discussed a lot visiting cards and the carpet drawn from large, well-known historical cities. Decisions are bureaucratic. Rather, it depends on seizing opportunities, achieving sustainable growth, interacting with modernity in the spirit of originality, and mixing with contemporary with power and speed of technology based on the maximum possible psychological comfort.

Examples that testify to the reality of taking advantage of the scenography: the beach is one in the world, but there is a charm for the beaches of certain cities, where all the basic services that the vacationer needs are combined, and the scenography -designer increases it by the presence of the lighting and its color tones, the music and its use and the attendance of some live plays in the daily schedule or During holidays, the distribution of blocks with expressive aesthetic forms on the beach, and examples that can also be presented , for example, is not limited to: There are many historical buildings and monuments in cities, and it is an integrated unit that has its attractive material value, and its rich historical record, and attracts attention and attention to it From visitors, but with a touch of scenography, he can make this historical or heritage building an attractive visual plate by using lighting, some obstacles that s y vision completely hides, decorating some buildings near it and using modern building techniques such as glass, frames, lighting and entrance. gates that carry a feature The place reflects its essence, and writes the name it indicates in a prominent and attractive way, in modern colors, and places clues to indicate it in an aesthetic way. In addition, the engineer and scenographer study what a person needs in this place from amenities such as chairs, terraces, toilets, dining areas and for photography that is implemented with touches that have an aesthetic dazzle, so there is a comprehensive environment in one place , is the integrated image of putting together more than one architectural, technical and interior design specialization for the scenographer to play a role. Bridging all the elements so that the person can have safe and comfortable access to satisfy his desires, which basically serves the comfort of the eye and the heart together.

The consistency and dazzle that the scenography offers to cities makes it important with the weight of the basic elements of building and essential to preserve it for a lifetime. The same place can remain abandoned and the number of visitors is few and no one cares about it not even if the means of erosion attacked it and took away some of its life years and dissolved some of its written content, inscriptions and decorations, and cement buildings rose around it The blatant and heavy iron, so its presence remains a regret for Omar, who was famous and his presence became a weight on the place and the person. The laudable intervention is to establish the presence of the work of the urban scenography engineer and to honor the planning authorities with these creators who comfort the eye, comfort of services set. and the aesthetics of the place side by side to serve man with all his spectrum of children For the youth and the elderly, from healthy people to the disabled, to put human fingerprints in the names of streets and squares, and choose colors that match sunlight, its reflection and directions for every environment in the city.

The will remains the driving force for every innovation and modernization that connects the present with the future, and the scenographer in turn seeks in this presence, because it is a trump card for those who rely on their experience and energy in innovation and service priorities, and not necessarily cost is the only factor for success in change, but to give bread to its baker for sure.

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