What is the area of ​​Mountain View 3 New Cairo Compound?

Mountain View 3 New Cairo Compound is one of the amazing and distinguished projects executed by Mountain View Real Estate in New Cairo, and the company continues its achievements through the third project of its series of giant projects in Mountain View in the Fifth To establish settlement.

These projects are the most prominent projects implemented by Mountain View Real Estate. This third project comes with international specifications of high quality, precision and a luxurious facade with creative designs. In the following lines, we reveal more details of this giant residential project.

Where is Mountain View 3 Fifth Settlement located?

Mountain View Real Estate was keen to choose an excellent location for the construction of Mountain View 3 Compound, Fifth Settlement, which is a very prime geographical location, and this project is also characterized by its proximity to the most prominent high-end areas in Cairo, which is the New Administrative Capital.
Mountain View 3 New Cairo Compound is also located in the heart of the charming New Cairo, one of the successful investment projects near the American University, the Ring Road, as well as Nasr City.
What is the area of ​​Mountain View 3 compound, fifth settlement?

Mountain View Real Estate has allocated an area of ​​25 hectares for the construction of this large residential complex. This luxury residential complex is located between the royal and mountain gardens, a distinctive strategic location, a luxurious facade, a luxurious location in the heart of the capital, and the housing units with international specifications are some of the advantages unique to these giants -project Mountain View 3 New Cairo.
As Mountain View Company presented to us earlier with its previous projects, it offers a group of several housing units, and these housing units differ in size and services as well as luxuries, a group of villas and townhouses with gardens.
The variety of units in Mountain View 3 New Cairo Compound has come to satisfy the desires of Mountain View Real Estate’s clients, the residential units in this project vary between detached villas and townhouses.
These residential units come in different sizes and designs. As for the spaces of the residential units in the Mountain View 3 project, Fifth Settlement, they are as follows:
First: Detached villas in Mountain View 3 Compound, Fifth Settlement
An independent villa divided into a villa of type A, a villa of type B, and other villas of type C, D. The spaces of these types are divided as follows:
Type 1: Villa A
These residential units are built on an area of ​​425 square meters. This type of detached villa includes 4 main rooms, a guest room and a maid’s room.
The company that owns this compound, Mountain View 3, Fifth Settlement, explained that the total usable area is estimated at 512 square meters, taking into account that this area includes ceilings.
The most prominent feature of these units in the Mountain View 3 New Cairo Compound is that they contain 2 side gardens, and these gardens are located in the backyard, and the average garden area is 150 square meters.
The second type: Villa B
Villa B, luxury residential units in the gigantic residential project Mountain View 3, allocated an area of ​​340 meters to design and build this type of villas. These villas include 2 main rooms, a guest room and a room designed for servants It is worth mentioning that the usable area is 367 square meters, and it is a garden The backyard is one of the components of these detached villas, 2 side gardens, the garden area is 150 square meters.
Type III: Villa C
The area of ​​a villa of this type of residential units is 275 square meters, and the usable area is up to 304 square meters. These villas consist of a main room and 3 large rooms in addition to the servant’s room, one side garden, and this side garden is designed in the shape of the letter L The garden area is 150 square meters.
Fourth type: Villa D
This type of D villas is similar to the type of villas mentioned above, the only difference between them is the space, where the space of D villas is less than C, these villas have an area of ​​245 square meters, and regarding to the usable area it reaches 290 square meters.
As for its components, it is a master bedroom, 2 rooms and a maid’s room. The gardens are designed with an L-shape, and we note that the average area of ​​the gardens is 150 square meters for all villas.

What is the owner company of Mountain View 3 Fifth Settlement?
This huge residential complex, Mountain View 3 Compound, Fifth Settlement, was designed by Mountain View Real Estate Company, and this company is one of the leading real estate companies in the Egyptian market, with long experience in the real estate field, who managed. achieving a large number of consecutive achievements and successes over the past years.

Where the company has implemented a large number of successful projects in New Cairo, the Fifth Settlement, West Cairo, the Red Sea and the North Coast, and here is the company crowning its series of successes with the implementation of the third phase of the Mountain View Project, the giant residential project Mountain View 3 New Cairo. The best real estate design experts from around the world.

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