Catacombs and an island for dolls.. the strangest tourist attractions around the world

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Many people around the world love adventure and thrills that can turn to horror, and for these people, many countries around the world have created exotic tourist attractions away from historical or archaeological sites.

Al-Bawaba News highlights the strangest tourist destinations around the world:

Al-Faifa Mountains – Jazan:

The Fifa mountains are one of the most beautiful views you can enjoy in Saudi Arabia, especially mountain nature lovers and mountaineering enthusiasts.

Glee Hotel – Sweden:

Built annually to be available between December and April, this hotel is the first of its kind in the world. The hotel is built entirely of ice with a capacity of 100 people spread out in rooms of different and distinctive designs. is.

Sewage Museum – Paris:

This is an unusual museum maintained by the French capital, Paris.

Clilo Lake – Canada:

Kiluk Lake contains a high concentration of sulphur, magnesium and calcium, making it one of the most important health and therapeutic resorts in the world since ancient times, in addition to the wonderful view that the lake provides when the water evaporates.

Wadi Lajab – Al Raith:

Wadi Lajab is a rocky cleft in the middle of the water flow in the north-east of Jizan city, and it serves as an ideal park for kayaking and swimming. This area is intended for many swimming lovers, especially in summer thanks to its picturesque the nature and its characteristic atmosphere, since it blocks the sun all day thanks to its rocky sides, which allows them to stay in Water throughout the day.

Matmata – Tunisia:

The location of the filming of the movie “Star Wars”, since it is a city that you think is almost empty of people due to the large number of digs in it, but if you approach it, you will find it inhabited. Matmata are an ancient Berber tribe that migrated to escape from Bani Hilal. A circular courtyard is the courtyard of the house, from which branch the bedrooms, hospitality, granary and provisions. These holes are connected by internal passages. This city is intended for thousands of tourists who visit the residents in these cavernous holes every year and take souvenir photos. This city was highlighted in the movie “Star Wars” by the American director Lucas in 1970, has become a tourist destination teeming with tourists from different parts of the world and one of the strangest travel destinations to Tunisia.

Catacombs – Paris:

These are the catacombs, which are located at a depth of 20 meters and extend 350 kilometers below the French capital, Paris, and contain the remains of approximately 6 million people. Consequently, the part of the catacombs open to visitors extends to only 2 kilometers. , while the rest of them are prohibited for visitors due to their danger.

Bombay – Italy:

An ancient city that was destroyed in 1979 due to a volcanic eruption that swept the city away and completely wiped out its inhabitants. It was discovered by chance and became a tourist attraction for 250 years. About 2.5 million tourists visit it annually to wander among its ruins and see the bodies of people covered with the ash of the volcano and incredibly preserved.

Battle of the Somme – France:

One of the areas that saw one of the bloodiest and most brutal battles of the First World War. It witnessed confrontations between the Germans and the allied forces against it, resulting in the death and injury of more than one million people. Currently, the place has turned into a tourist attraction for millions of tourists from all over the world.


Cambodia has a bloody history documented by two historical sites, “Chung Ek”, 8 miles from the Cambodian capital, which is a large area of ​​land that includes many mass graves and has shelves holding hundreds of human skulls and many human bones. is on the ground Although the scene is terrifying, but Many tourists are eager to visit it, in addition to an old school that has been converted into a museum of ethnic cleansing, where it witnessed the torture and execution of nearly 20,000 people.

Pripyat – Ukraine:

The explosion of the Chernobyl reactor is one of the worst disasters that happened in the twentieth century, and despite the passage of many years since it happened, the area around the reactor is empty of inhabitants due to nuclear radiation, but it does not have the transformation of some villages whose inhabitants were displaced after the disaster for fear of radiation into tourist areas For adventure lovers, one of the most prominent of these villages is the village of “Pripyat”, inhabited by 50 thousand people and spend the night in a ghost town in which tourists currently wandering around to see hundreds of gas masks, empty streets and Soviet propaganda posters.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery – France:

Many tourists are eager to wander among the graves in Beer Lashes Cemetery, which contains the graves of famous personalities such as singer “Edith Piaf”, writer “Oscar Wilde”, musician “Chopin” and many famous personalities.

Catacombs – Palermo (Italy):

The catacombs are located under the Capuchin Monastery of Palermo and date from the sixteenth century AD and contain more than 8,000 bodies. Tourists wander between them and can take pictures with them.

Museum of Death – USA:

The Museum of Death is located in the American city of Los Angeles and contains many art pieces that simulate the subject of death, in addition to photographs of real corpses and rare pieces dating back to the most famous serial killers in American history. .

Wang Saen Suk Park – Thailand:

Also known as the Garden of Hell, it is located 110 kilometers from the Thai capital, Bangkok, and contains a perception of Hell from the point of view of the Buddhist faith, where you see gruesome scenes of people boiling in copper pots and torn being torn apart by hell hounds.

Island of Dolls – Mexico:

Dolls Island is a deserted island located south of the Mexican capital “Mexico City”, where for many years the island witnessed the accident of the drowning of a young girl, and the inhabitants of the area began to believe that the spirit of this girl inhabited this island, so they hung dolls on trees to appease the spirit of that girl, and over the years this island was filled With the decaying dolls on the trees, it accidentally became a tourist destination for many visitors to the area.

Torture Museum – Holland:

The Torture Museum is located in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, where it contains scenes that imitate the most horrific torture methods known in Europe during the Middle Ages.



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