Rules for choosing bedroom colors to enjoy happy nights forever

Rules for choosing bedroom colors This must be taken into account, since the design of the bedrooms is one of the most important stages when finishing and preparing the house, whether in terms of the choice of colors or design or the arrangement of the elements with each other and their consistency is, and it is also considered to be the kingdom of every person, and resort to it to enjoy For comfort and tranquility and to feel privacy after a long, hard and exhausting day at work, in addition, must be taken into account that the design and coordination of bedrooms is an important factor in achieving physical and psychological comfort for each person through the choice of colors and consistency of furniture and other factors.

Rules for choosing bedroom colors

There are several rules that you should be aware of before choosing the colors of a bedroom, and they are as follows:

  • Choosing consistent and harmonious colors: It is necessary to choose at the same time calm and harmonious colors with each other, such as light blue, white or two shades of beige, which means the use of cold colors, not warm colors, such as yellow, red and orange, which are colors that do not prefer is not to be used because the person does not feel psychological comfort in it, because color affects a person in a positive or negative way, and he can feel cold, hot, sad or fun through color, as it reflects the psychological state of its owner.

  • Simplicity in the distribution and reduction of room elements: Care should be taken to provide as much space as there is no furniture, because the feeling of space is the most thing that makes a person happy and comfortable, and space should be considered and a balance between the space that furniture has and the open space when designing any room, in addition to the space that has fixed furniture and moving furniture, because they all have an effect on the person in the room.

  • Excellent design of interactive elements in the room such as TV: Since the room may have other corners like a TV corner, an office, a computer, a dressing room, a place for a dressing room, a bathroom, a corner for reading, etc., so when you design the room, you must take into account your use inside the room while providing your personal needs in it, what are concerns It varies from person to person depending on his hobby, work and age There are those who like to draw, so it is necessary to draw a place in a way that does not hinder the use of basic bedroom functions and other interests.

Rules for choosing bedroom colors for married couples

If you are about to get married and want to choose the colors of the bedroom, you should follow these rules They are as follows:

  • Pay attention to the dimensions of the bedroom items: The appropriate and standard dimensions of the furniture in the room should be used, because of their direct, explicit and clear impact on the psychological state of the individual, and there are many furniture used in the master bedroom, such as the wardrobe, bed, dresser and others.

  • Considering the heights of the furniture in the room: It is necessary to take into account the pieces of furniture and their consistency with each other at the same time, since the height of the room determines the height of the pieces of furniture, so do not make a high bed that you can climb with a two-step ladder, because each piece of furniture is placed in the room a scale whose ratio is taken from the total space of the room, which has a direct impact on the owner of the room and psychological comfort.
  • Bedroom type and model: The bedroom should be simple in design, very coordinated and few decorations, because the design of the room expresses the personality of its owner, and the less decorations in it, the less feeling of the burdens of life, because the many inscriptions and decorations gives a sense of pressure.
Bedroom colors

Bedroom colors

Best bedroom colors for teenagers

There are many colors that are considered to be the best colors for youth rooms that you can choose from and they are as follows:

  • the color blue: It is recommended by interior designers, for its excellent physiological effects on people, in addition to helping the young man to focus a lot, and you can add white color to it so that your room combines elegance in design and spaciousness and provides all the conditions. for physical and psychological comfort.

  • beige or sand color: It is one of the most beautiful colors for youth bedrooms, because it is one of the colors that can be easily combined with many types of furniture, in addition, it gives a feeling of spaciousness, and it is recommended to combine it with white. , to make the room more spacious.
  • White Color: It is the color that sits on the throne of colors, whether it is in the bedroom or any other space within the house, and symbolizes purity, and it is a very active color that gives peace, calmness and clarity to your thinking, and make your mood good when you start a new day, while avoiding making your bedroom completely white Because too much white color gives a feeling of boredom and stereotypes, and makes them get dirty quickly, which requires constant cleaning.

Bedroom colors Girls

There are many colors for bedrooms for girls, and they are as follows:

  • Brown color: If you are a fan of the brown color, you are very lucky because it has become another fashion trend and is very popular in recent times, giving the bedroom luxury, splendor and elegance, and it indicates warmth and welcome , in addition to being the color of many natural materials such as wood, therefore interior designers choose it from the colors of the girls’ bedrooms.
Bedroom colors

Bedroom colors

  • Pink Color: Pink is the best choice for girls’ bedrooms, as it gives a feeling of spaciousness, comfort and beauty, a color that all girls like, and it is recommended to combine pink with white, to give a feeling of spaciousness and your room more light and luxurious.

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