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Paros Mountain View North Coast is one of the most luxurious tourist villages in the city, equipped with many high-end services and wonderful benefits that match one of the stages of the great Mountain View project known for its integration of services and extreme sophistication , it was therefore natural for customers to increase their demand to seize the opportunity to stay in luxury units. This guarantees them complete comfort and unlimited luxury.

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Lovers of a quiet atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle undoubtedly spend the most beautiful times inside the village of Baros on the North Coast because it is located on the most beautiful beaches of Ras Al-Hikma, where extremely calm and charming nature. Important roads and places, as:

Nuwe Foukaweg: The distance between them is only 15 km.
El Alamein Airport: The distance between it and the village is also 15 km.
Ras Al-Hikma Bay: It is separated from it by only 15 km.
Marina: The distance between them is about 90 km.
Cairo: The distance between them can be covered in a period of at most three hours.
Other places: Marsa Matrouh, Wadi El Natroun Road, Sidi Abdel Rahman.

Area of ​​Paros Mountain View North Coast
The sure thing is that life inside Paros Mountain View will never be traditional, as it resembles the picturesque Greek island that bears its name, with greenery, beautiful flowers, water bodies of swimming pools, artificial lakes, and many other wonderful views and decorations on 80% of its approximately 48 hectares, the remaining 20% ​​on which the various units are built.
The beach of Paros North Coast stretches for 800 meters, so about 90% of the units have a clear view of the sea. The atmosphere is more beautiful inside because it is influenced in its design by the modern, luxurious Greek style, which is reflected in all its details, including the different units, whether chalets or separate villas, or a semi-detached house or a penthouse.
Despite the large variety of units and the large number of facilities, you will feel as if you are alone in the town, due to the presence of separation distances between the different units and buildings in order to preserve the privacy and freedom of residents and provide make. them with more tranquility.
Anything that meets the desires of all customers is already available in this large stage of the Mountain View project, which has a combined area of ​​450 hectares, so if you look at the spaces of the units, you will see their extreme diversity note as follows:
The chalets’ spaces vary between 132 m², 168 m² and 185 m².
The semi-detached house has an area of ​​155 square meters, knowing that it includes three bedrooms.
Penthouses contain three bedrooms and have an area of ​​158 square meters.
The villas’ spaces vary between 205 square meters and 255 square meters.

Paros Mountain View Village Services and Features

Everything inside Baros Mountain View brings comfort and psychological calmness, be it designs, decorations, or even the colors used, and its various facilities and services achieve the well-being of its guests because they are integrated, as follows:
An integrated system of security represented by men trained in the work of guarding and who are constantly present, in addition to the modern equipment for monitoring.
Multiple swimming pools, about 19, of different sizes and distributed in different parts.
Fully equipped facilities to provide the best service for those who want to take care of their health and fitness in the gym, jacuzzi or spa.
Beautiful sandy beaches where many recreational games can be played, and there is a beach just for ladies to enjoy their complete privacy.
Health services for the safety of guests, as there is a pharmacy with all medical supplies, in addition to an ambulance equipped in anticipation of any urgent circumstances.
Modern designed decor reflects a comfortable atmosphere, especially as it alternates between crystal lagoons, a dancing fountain, landscapes, waterfalls, as well as artificial lakes covering 40,000 square meters.
Sports Grounds Baros Mountain View guests can enjoy various sports at their leisure.
Various water games (Aqua Park) for more adventure and adventure with your friends or family members.
Relaxing landscapes, especially with the spread of green in calm colors over a large area.
Restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea to eat the most delicious food and various drinks in one center for the landscape at all.
A commercial shopping center that provides an opportunity for guests to purchase the best products and brands that are widely known locally and internationally.
Clubhouse Everything in it, from design or colors, separates you from the hustle and bustle of life to enjoy relaxation away from any disturbance.
A gas station is close to the various units (Emarat Misr Gas Station) so that it is easy for everyone to reach it.
An area equipped with many entertaining games to entertain the children and give them more opportunity to go out and have fun.
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A garage within Paros Mountain View so that its guests can at the same time leave their cars in a well-secured place and close to their units.
A swimming pool specially designed for ladies to enjoy their time in complete freedom, another specially designed for children for their safety.
Various recreational activities within Paros Mountain View are excursions, in addition to a diving center and beach buggy.
Internet (WiFi) service is available within all units and buildings, which means that all guests can benefit from it at any time.
Routes for lovers of walking, running and cycling in open spaces, suitable for such sports.
A marina for fishing and another for yachting, so guests can enjoy different and renewable activities almost every day.
Golf carts are possible to get around the village as it spans hundreds of acres so it is difficult to walk in all areas.
A health club designed and equipped according to the latest modern trends to ensure the provision of a service that satisfies all customers without exception.
A hotel that offers 5-star service, and there are luxury hotel rooms that have a beautiful view of the sea.
Display screens and cafeterias on the sea to provide a distinctive atmosphere for its customers.
Rest areas are distributed throughout so that the guests can sit where they want.
An amusement park with different games that are also suitable for young people and adults, which means that it is available for almost all ages.
A hypermarket that provides Baros Mountain View guests with various needs of goods, household necessities, etc.
A central shower so that the residents of the various units can watch all satellite channels, whether local or otherwise.
The delivery service is available 24 hours a day, which means that guests do not have to leave their units, even if they buy any item from abroad.
An administrative building to meet the needs of different customers in the same place, saving them a lot of time and effort.
A social club where many activities are available, whether individual or group.
Swimming courses for those who want to learn so they can enjoy more of their time in town, especially with the proliferation of swimming pools in it.
Conference hall so that business owners can hold their meetings in convenient places away from the units in which they live.
A mosque built on a suitable area that can accommodate a large number of worshipers without crowding.
A theater to enjoy watching theatrical works, and there are places equipped to organize various concerts.

Own company and previous business
Mountain View Real Estate Development Company, which owns the project, is known for being distinguished to a great extent, but this time its distinction exceeded all expectations, as it confirmed that it deserved the leadership position it held among the major real estate development companies.
All the company’s projects, whether residential or resort projects, always come forward, especially because it is keen to attract local and international investors by hiring the best engineering companies and the most experienced consultants to design its various projects, as well as its commitment to international quality standards.
The projects of the company that owns Paros Mountain View are distributed in the most prestigious Egyptian regions and cities, such as the North Coast, New Cairo, October 6, and Ain Sukhna. A number of his most important previous works can be reviewed as follows:
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Mountain View 3 Compound New Cairo.
Mountain View 1 Fifth Settlement.
Mountain View Hyde Park New Cairo.
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Mountain View Chill Out Park.
Mountain View Giza Plateau.
Mountain View iCity October.
Mountain View Sokhna 1.
Mountain View Sokhna 2.
Mountain View Diplomats.
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Scala Mountain View Resort North Shore
Crete Island Mountain View Resort
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