UAE national teams shine in the “Gulf Arab” in Tunisia

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With a total of 338 shots, the UAE Cubs under 13 golf team, consisting of Hamid Al Suwaidi, Abdullah Darwish and Abdullah Suleiman, placed fourth in the Arab world and in the second participation of this age group in the Arab golf tournament’s agenda ended. On the second day of the tournament, with a total of 334 strikes, the UAE team in the U-15 category retained the second position with a total of 332 strikes, while the UAE team in the U-18 -youth category fell to fourth place with a total of 324 strikes, and our player Sarah Ali achieved third place with a total of 164 A hit in girls under 15 singles competitions.

the second day

These results came for the players of the UAE at the end of the second day of the Arab Championship 21 for the youth under 18 and under 15, the second for the cubs under 13, the first for girls under 15, and the 12 for women on Friday evening, which will be held at Citrus Golf Club and on my course. The olives and the forest in the Tunisian city of Hammamet, and it is scheduled to be concluded yesterday, Saturday, and will see the participation of more than 90 players representing 10. Arab countries.

youth competitions

The Tunisian team in the U-18 youth category also maintained its lead for the second day of the tournament with a total of 302. The Egyptian team was second with 315 strikes, Oman in third place with 319 strikes, followed by the UAE fourth with 324 strikes, Bahrain 326 strikes, then Qatar and Libya respectively.

At the individual level, the Tunisian Aziz Darduri 141, the Bahraini Abdul Rahman Sayed 152, Mohammed Abu El-Ela of Egypt 155, the Emirati Rashid Al Jasmi fifth with 156, and his colleague Mohammed Skaik 172 and 172 kick their colleagues.

junior class

The positions of the U-15 teams did not change as the Tunisian team maintained the lead with 320 strikes, the UAE second with 332 strikes, Egypt third with 336 strikes, Bahrain 364 strikes, followed by Libya and Saudi Arabia.

In the singles competitions, Kuwait’s Salem Al-Bakkal took first place with 151 strokes, Tunisian runner-up Hamid Abdullah 159 strokes, his colleague Ghayath Rahimi third with 161 strokes, Emirati Rashid Al-Naqbi fourth with 165 strokes, his colleague Abbetullah sixth. with 167 strikes, and Emirati Sultan Al Jasmi 179 strikes.

Meanwhile, the UAE U-13 Cubs team, in their second participation in the tournament, ranked fourth with 338 strikes, while the Omani team topped this age group with a total of 151 points, followed by Egypt, Bahrain, Oman, Libya and Saudi Arabia in eighth place.

In the singles competitions, the Jordanian Muhammad Al-Rawashdeh won first place with 247 strokes, and the Tunisian Mahdi Bin Youssef finished with 145 strokes, and the Egyptian Alaa Al-Din Salameh with the same balance, and the Emirati Abdullah Darwish was fifth with 162 strikes, his colleague Hamid Al-Suwaidi 178 strikes, and his colleague Abdullah Salmin 183 strikes.

UAE champions

The UAE champions maintained their second position for the second consecutive day with a total of 334 strikes, after the Tunisian side led with a total of 321 strikes, and third place for Egypt was 346 strikes, followed by Qatar 347 strikes , and Saudi Arabia fifth 365 strikes.

In the singles competitions, Qatar’s Nadia Mir topped the competition with 77 strikes, tied for the same balance with Tunisia’s Kenzi Al-Gharawi and Emirati Alia Al-Emadi, third with 83 strikes, and her colleague Hamda Al-Suwaidi, sixth, with 87 strokes.

Girls under 15 years old

In the girls category under 15 years, with the first participation of this age group, the girls of Tunisia achieved 323 shots, then the girls of Egypt 366 shots, and the girls of Saudi Arabia third with 489 shots.

At individual level in this age group, Egyptian Tala Sameh scored 182 hits, Tunisia’s Ibtihal Hammami achieved the same total, and Emirati Sarah Ali came third with 164 hits.

exchange of shields

On the other hand, the Tunisian Golf Federation held a great ceremony for the heads of the participating delegations together with the jury and technical committee of the tournament on the Atlantic coast, in the presence of Mahi Bouchmawi, president of the Tunisian Federation , and members Hatem Qiqa, Afrihana Bouchmawi, Marwa Al-Sassi and Intisar Abdel Karim, during which the shields were exchanged, where Tunisian University officials presented Memorial Shields for the heads of the participating delegations. Many delegations also presented shields to the Tunisian University and its council of directors and to Abdel Aziz Al Mulla, vice president of the Arab Golf Federation. The shield was exchanged with valuable gifts that Khaled Al Shamsi presented to the president and officials of the Tunisian Golf Federation.


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