A topic on the Kuwait Towers, primary, in English, with translation

Article on Kuwait Towers Elementary in English with translation, the state of Kuwait is one of the beautiful and distinguished architectural countries, and Kuwait is famous for its many towers and tall buildings, because the Kuwait Towers are a group of three very thin towers located in the capital, Kuwait, as it is on the promontory of the Arabian Gulf, as it was officially inaugurated on February 26, 1977 AD, in addition to being classified as one of the landmarks and symbols of modern Kuwait, and by the subject the initial Kuwait Towers will be shown in English.

A topic on the Kuwait Towers, primary, in English, with translation

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Introduction to a topic on Kuwait Towers primary in English

The height of the main tower is 187 meters and there are two balls at the top, and the lower half of the tower contains a water tank with a capacity of 4500 cubic meters, and the upper half contains a restaurant with a capacity of approximately 90 cubic meters, as well as a cafe, hall and reception hall. meters above sea level and completes a full rotation every 30 minutes.

Topic about Kuwait Towers in English

After talking about the first tower of the Kuwait Towers, it is possible to identify the second tower, which is 147 meters high, and is dedicated to the storage of water, while the third tower includes a set of equipment to to control the flow of electricity, by means of which illuminates the two large towers It should be noted that the three towers contain a total of 9,000 cubic meters of water as designed by Danish architect Malini Bjorn to enter the water distribution, a project that since 1997 by the Swedish engineering firm VBB is managed. Initially, while the Emir of Kuwait (Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad) wanted a more attractive design, three models were presented to the Emir, from which he chose this design.

Kuwait Towers exterior design in English

The main tower is designed with two cycles of different sizes, while the middle tower contains one ball, while the smaller tower does not contain a ball from the outside, in addition to the fact that these balls are characterized by their bright blue color, which is a reflection, the sky is clear of sunlight, and therefore the This color is due to the eight-color coated steel discs that reflect blue when in conflict with sunlight.

Kuwait Towers Interior Design in English

The interior design of the Kuwait Towers is located on the ground floor, which contains a reception hall for visitors, where there is a group of restaurants and luxury cafes, in addition to the fact that the main tower is called (the incense burner), in addition to the fact that the upper and lower stereoscopic balls include restaurants and tourist halls for visitors. For the lower stereoscopic hall, it contains a telescope that helps to explore the landmarks in the vicinity of the towers, while the middle tower is called (the sprinkler) because it is more than one million cubic liters of water, and the smaller tower is called (the pickle) and contains the equipment needed to provide power to light the towers, in addition to the Main Pump, for electricity distributed in the areas around the towers.

Conclusion of a topic on Kuwait Towers for primary in English

The Kuwait Towers project was implemented by (VBB), which was assigned the actual construction task of (Energoprojekt) company from Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in addition to the towers built from reinforced concrete material in addition to prestressed concrete, the cost of the Kuwait Towers amounted to 4,700,000 Kuwaiti dinars, equivalent to 16,540,000 US dollars, and it is noted that the construction was carried out between 1971 AD and 1976 AD, and the main tower was opened to visitors on March 1, 1979 AD.

A topic about Kuwait Towers primary in DOC format

According to the architect, one of the groups indicates the ideals of humanity and technology, symbolized by the world and the rocket. It is worth noting that the Kuwait Towers with the Kuwait Water Towers in the 1980 session with the Aga Khan Award for Architecture was awarded , Kuwait Towers Primary in English DOC.

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During the first Gulf War between 1990 AD to 1991 AD, the doors of these towers were reopened to the public after some modifications were made to them, but in 2012, the towers were closed again to make more modifications and are still shining brightly, then visit the Gulf region Al-Arabi, on a topic about Kuwait Elementary Towers in English PDF.

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