After handing it over to him.. The first photo from inside Sherine Abdel Wahab’s house and this is what happens inside!!

Mostafa Kamel, the captain of the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate, announced that “Sherine Abdel Wahab is in her home and in full health, and that he spoke with her for half an hour, and she was in perfect health and fitness.”

Sherine has not appeared in public since she was hospitalized 3 weeks ago for addiction treatment and even after her release, despite the circulation of many photos of her and it turned out to be old photos.

For the rest of the news below.. and also some of our news:

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She received her new citizenship!! Solaf Fawakherji changed her Syrian nationality and shocked everyone.. What’s the story?!

Edward reveals the real owner of the Koshary store, not a cleaner!!

Shave her hair completely!! Sherine Abdel Wahab’s photo from inside her hospital room, smiling “with effort” crying hearts!! This is what you secretly suffer from!!

As for her home, just as Sherine is distinguished by the precision and sophistication in the choice of the words of her songs and melodies, she has the same high taste and precision in the choice of the decorations of her home, which is characterized by luxury and sophistication.

If you look at the house from the outside; We find that it has a luxurious and elegant style that resembles palaces. It has a large garden that surrounds the parts of the whole house, in the center of which is a large marble fountain. The garden also includes a special corner. to sit and enjoy nature; It features a table and wooden chairs, and also has 2 sofas for rest and relaxation.

The house also included a private room for music, which included a grand piano; Sherine hired him to train young talents in “The Voice” show. The colors used in Sherine’s house varied between white and earth tones. For example, in one of the rooms she mixed brown and white; Placing an entire corner in white that includes a sofa with its white furniture with a large wooden library that includes a large number of books, the floor of the room is divided between parquet and white marble, as well as the ceiling between dark brown and white, and it used large lampshades to illuminate the room, in addition to natural lighting, where The room overlooks the garden.

But if we look at the bedroom’s decor, we find it very gorgeous, luxurious and sophisticated. Sherine has combined black and white with earthy colors inside the room; To weave an integrated artistic painting inside the room, where the walls of the room and the floors were distinguished in white, and the bed was in golden beige, while the color was black; She used it in accessories and furniture, and hung a set of black-colored tabloids on the wall, and used black lampshades, and also used a black-colored carpet.

The house also includes a small swimming pool in size and depth, which Sherine specifically designated for her two daughters; To enjoy with them and spend good times in the garden, the video also showed one of my daughter Sherine’s rooms that radiated with joy and fun, as the pink color dominated, and was characterized by soft feminine decorations .

As for the bathroom of the house, it is characterized by luxury and sophistication. Sherine also mixed between black and white in the bathroom; To give a sense of grandeur and luxury.

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