IKEA for Business to help furnish workspaces

IKEA, the leading Swedish brand in the furniture world, offers IKEA for Business to serve integrated design solutions and provide customized furniture for workspaces, living and hospitality spaces. Eager to reinvent workspaces and provide comfortable and sustainable solutions that meet the needs and expectations of employees, the IKEA Corporate service offers a wide range of options, such as: the renovation of office spaces of all types, and the delivery, assembly and installation of furniture. IKEA Corporate Services covers workspaces of all types and sizes, focusing primarily on meeting customers’ requirements and providing them with the best designs and furniture solutions.

The “IKEA Corporate” service guarantees customer comfort, functionality and elegant design

IKEA offers the IKEA Corporate service in the UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman, where the in-house IKEA team handles design, logistics and installation, to provide corporate customers with turnkey solutions. The IKEA Corporate service guarantees the best fitting and quick expansion solutions for various office spaces thanks to IKEA’s diversified portfolio of home, office and hospitality furniture.
Access to IKEA for Business is now made even easier by experimenting with multi-channel integration for more seamless interactions between the customer and the company. With a vision to be accessible to the customer and easy to use, IKEA for Business continues to expand its digital footprint by including more digitally-enabled solutions. With enhanced digital solutions, customers will be able to interact with and explore products, manage their project and complete a purchase at the click of a button.
It is notable that many customers and companies are now moving to adopt sustainable lifestyles. IKEA has long been known for its commitment to sustainability practices around the world through a schedule of events and initiatives focused on the health of the planet and the well-being of society. These events and initiatives aim to inspire and empower more than 70 million people across IKEA markets to achieve a better standard of living by 2025. IKEA offers a wide range of sustainable solutions that help companies achieve their environmental goals. The IKEA Corporate service ensures comfort, practicality and elegant design for customers by an independent team focused on meeting the needs of corporate customers. of 200 beds for any client at any given time. The team provides professional and customized services covering the entire project phases to ensure that the clients’ vision is transformed into a reality. The lead design expert works with members of the IKEA service team to understand customers’ vision and requirements, then builds and approves the project file. Then the IKEA team will visit the workplace to record the measurements used to prepare the design and suggested options and share them with customers. After customers choose their preferred design, he prepares an implementation schedule that the IKEA team adheres to to deliver, assemble and install the products, then delivers the space ready and complete to the customer.
Serving corporate design and furniture solutions is a natural step in IKEA’s growth journey. IKEA Corporate provides solutions that meet the requirements of a wide range of customers, from apartment buildings, villas, hotel staff accommodation, kitchens with integrated and built-in equipment, to commercial properties for government and private offices, as well as resorts, hotels and food destinations in the hospitality sector. The IKEA Corporate service aims to meet the growing regional demand for modern workspaces, which in turn contributes to strengthening the presence of the IKEA brand in the region. At IKEA, we understand that employees need comfortable and elegant workspaces as they spend most of their day in their offices. It is essential that these offices offer comfort, ease of use and include solutions for all interaction activities in the office space. IKEA offers designs and spaces to meet all corporate needs, whether for meeting areas for individuals and larger groups, or spaces for remote meetings. The IKEA Corporate team ensures that we provide tailored solutions to meet the requirements of workspaces and living spaces of all sizes.

New office furniture collection

IKEA will soon launch its new MITZZEN FY24 office furniture collection in the region, with distinctive designs and solutions that merge with modern workspaces. It introduces new functional, modern and lightweight furniture that carries a touch of IKEA’s signature Scandinavian design. The IKEA Corporate service is also scheduled to provide a dedicated digital portal for customers in January 2023, allowing them to create their own accounts, view available products and communicate with the work team with ease, in addition to the monitor status of their projects in reality. time and coordination with the work team.

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