The return of the conflict between Algeria and Morocco over who will control Islam in France

Ambassador 24 Denmark: LLC. Bashir Himri

It seems to me, and God knows, that Macron’s visit to the Paris mosque, which was built by foreign arms and imprinted in the authentic Moroccan Gulf, and inaugurated when the construction work was completed by the late Mohammed V, and it was during eras under Moroccan arrangement and with Moroccan financial support until recently, so that the Moroccan monarch, Mohammed VI, converted financial support to run the mosque. This historical landmark became, during the era of the current Minister of the Interior, who is of Algerian origin, in the hands of Algeria and under his authority, when the Polisario lawyer in European organizations took control of it.

And the failure of the head of the largest gathering of mosques in France, the Moroccan Fakiki Mohamed Moussaoui, to preserve the Paris mosque, with an open conspiracy with various parties, until the Algerian intelligence controlled this religious institution.

Macron’s recent visit to this institution is a major challenge for the largest gathering of French Muslims of Moroccan origin.

And it will increase because if Moroccans want to avoid their anger, you must avoid harming their beliefs, religious symbols, kings and their rich history. The French of Moroccan origin do not yet understand the objectives of Macron’s visit to the Paris mosque not fully understand. .

But the matter is different. By visiting this mosque, Macron wants to add fuel to the fire and first the French of Moroccan origin and the largest organization of Muslims in France led by Mohamed Al-Moussawi, who was absent from the scene, provoke. for a long time, and his organization no longer has any presence despite its strength.

There are many things happening and a great rivalry between Ivry Mosque and the Mosque of Strasbourg.. Ivry Mosque has known great reforms, and has become a Moroccan Islamic teacher on Moroccan soil with high specifications. The same applies to the Ivry mosque and the difference between the two Moroccan institutions together. Which was built with Moroccan money from the Moroccan state and from Moroccan philanthropists and donors.

Notes that should be raised based on developments and events that the founders knew together and should be raised to remind them. The Evry Foundation is still under the leadership of a northern figure, who at a historical stage was not far away not, about to be controlled by Gulf parties, as was the control of the fifth arrondissement mosque in Paris, but the media uproar behind it was channels Media and writings addressed to the higher authorities in Morocco, the loss of this institution of a Moroccan arrangement prevented.

The institutions built by Morocco have been tampered with by the traitors of the Polisario, although the Moroccan community is large, but they are weak in defending institutions built with Moroccan money on French soil in the suburbs of Paris.

Many mosques built by Morocco in France are open to all Muslims in France, and the purpose of Morocco’s construction of these mosques is to conform to the Moroccan model of religiosity and to eradicate extremism, terrorism and adherence to moderate Islam. to preserve tolerance and coexistence.

So we went to many different European countries as well as France itself. During the era of the current Minister of the Interior, France changed its policy and began to adopt a strict policy towards religious missions coming from the Maghreb countries, especially during the month of Ramadan.

To circumvent this ban, mosques thought of establishing schools to train imams, and competition grew over who would have the honor of training a new generation of imams in France. The competition was limited to the Mosque of Strasbourg and the Mosque of Ivry.

The first mosque is credited with the establishment of a Moroccan figure of rural origin, who completed her university studies in this city and built a close relationship with the cautious majority of the countryside. Between the two institutions it is not in the interest of Morocco or the Moroccans of France in general Some may wonder why we do not open two institutes for the training of imams in France, one in Strasbourg dependent for training in French and Berber, and Ivry mosque dependent for training in Arabic and French.

If we accept this solution, it will fall into taboo. I followed a report about the Strasbourg foundation, which was all in Amazigh, and it did not refer at all to the effort made by Morocco and His Majesty the King and by order from the Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and with many scientific delegations sent from Morocco to keep Moroccans to keep the Maliki doctrine and to the royal institution that would like Moroccans to preserve their religion and their country’s institutions and culture. To miss all the efforts made by the state. and with instructions from the highest officials in the Kingdom These are negative indicators and a great fall into which those who completed and published the report fell.

Moroccans are committed to their identity and the institutions of their country, and there is no place for anyone who tries to influence the Moroccans of France, sending signals that the Baath can catch up to incite sedition among the Muslims of France. Ivry Mosque and Strasbourg for the formation of imams is not in the interest of French Muslims of Moroccan origin.

It requires a discussion that brings the two mosques together and in the presence of Mohamed Moussaoui, to overcome the decay, mistakes and conflict and to form a united front against the policy adopted by the French Minister of the Interior to Paris mosque, which impose Morocco. built to lead Islam in France. Knowing that the one who heads the Paris mosque is the former lawyer of the Polisario, who was received by Tebboune In Algeria, at the height of the Algerian crisis -Moroccan relations, Macron visited him in light of the crisis in Franco-Moroccan relations. It remains only to note that the tape related to the Strasbourg mosque may be picked up by some separatists in support of their project, so beware not to think seriously about such initiatives, especially on French soil, which ‘ a fertile breeding ground for Sahrawi separatists.

We will return to follow up the topic and propose a set of ideas for the management of religious affairs, not only in France, but in the whole of Europe, especially after the rise of the extreme right in several European countries and the failure of the management of religious affairs despite the presence of the European Council of Moroccan Scholars, which is based in Brussels, the capital of Moroccan Shiism par excellence.

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