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Amman – Steps to choosing paint colors for bedrooms
It is recommended to follow the following steps when you want to paint the bedroom to choose the best coordination and colors for it:

Search and see bedroom designs
Before you go to buy and choose paint, it is necessary to see some of the designs and colors that have been used to paint other people’s bedrooms before, as there are many design and decorating magazines that feature very elegant and distinctive rooms in color. or you can ask the specialists, in addition to searching on the Internet And zeal to achieve the best color, which fits its dimensions and the desire of the owner, and the furniture in it in case of not wanting to change.

Choose a paint style and coordination for the room
One should determine the style and design of the room before starting to paint it, and one of the following methods can be chosen:

Choosing a different layout for a characteristic wall in the room so that it attracts attention when he enters it, or as soon as a person wakes up from his sleep, and its color and design are different from the rest. It can create a special visual effect when you change its color and be more interesting and elegant.
Choosing the bedroom ceiling to be a distinctive element, as the white ceiling gives one a feeling that the room is more high, while the dark color makes the large rooms look more comfortable.
Choose the right color
The colors of the bedroom can be chosen after studying the effect of colors, as follows:

Choose warm colors: including orange, red and yellow, but you should note that they make the space look smaller; Because it draws the wall to the eye when you look at it, and here a warm color can be chosen, for example to paint a single wall at the end of a long and narrow bedroom.
Cool colors: including purple, green and blue, and have a distinctive visual effect that makes a small bedroom appear larger; Because it draws the wall away from the eye, and one of the cold colors can be used on the side wall in the narrow bedroom; To make it look wider.
The monochromatic group and the bright one: It is not recommended to choose bright colors on the living walls in the bedroom, but instead replace them with a calming color. The choice of monochromatic colors has a subtle effect on it, for example if the walls of the room are painted in a neutral color, it is recommended to choose one or two darker shades; To achieve a gradual and harmonious tone of the same wall color, parts of the shades or colors can also be selected and coordinated with the furniture that will be placed in the room and create an attractive harmony that connects the colors together.
Choosing a paint color based on visual color cues
Colors influence one’s behavior and emotions; This is because it has special connotations and symbols that have a deep visual and psychological impact on it. Among the meanings of the colors which differ according to the manner and place of their use are the following:

Red: This color indicates strong, exciting and warm feelings as it symbolizes passion, love, trust, warmth and comfort, but it has some other negative meanings including: anger and danger.
Green: The color of nature, health and fertility, and can symbolize jealousy, happiness and money.
Blue: The color of calm and stability, comfort and peace, as it is a cold color, and it can also be associated with sadness.
Yellow: A warm and attractive color, but it can indicate anger and frustration.
Pink: It is a friendly color that symbolizes romance, love and grace, and some see it as a feminine color with a delicate and soft character.
Violet: mystery and imagination, as it is a color that has always signified the kings and the rich in ancient times.
White: cleanliness, purity and kindness, and can refer to friendliness and kindness.
Black: sadness, mourning or evil, but it is nevertheless an elegant color that fashion designers have used with other colors to create distinctive and attractive designs.
Study the room before choosing a color
A person should consider the following things when choosing a distinctive paint for his bedroom, which are:

The direction of the room and the amount of light it will receive: Since the direction of the room determines the amount of natural light in it, which is reflected on the chosen color, as follows:
Rooms facing north will receive harsh and cold lighting, so it is recommended to avoid cold colors, which will appear cooler due to the lighting.
rooms facing east in the morning; But it becomes cooler in the rest of the day, because it will be bright in the morning and cool afterwards, and it is suitable for strong colors that shine with sunlight, or neutral colors of blue and green origin, which will appear more intensely in before these rays.
South-facing rooms, which enjoy warm and pleasant color lighting throughout the day Neutral colors that arise in cool colors, which will become warmer due to the extensive lighting throughout the day, are suitable for choosing beautiful colors that reflect the elegance and freshness of the place below the influence of natural lighting.
West-facing rooms, which will appear cooler in the morning, will then interact with the light and become warmer as the day progresses, needing to balance the warm sunlight and choose cooler, more intense and stronger colors to go with it .
A person’s desire to make the room appear narrow or large: since dark colors give one a sense of space, and the room can be made modest and small by painting it in a dark color, and light weight and placing simple furniture in it, and on the contrary, light colors give it a sense of space.
Attractive bedroom color schemes
You can choose one of the beautiful and distinctive formats to paint the bedroom, including:

Bright colors inspired by the colors of autumn, including: pink, purple and gold, whose shades and gradations are carefully compared before you choose.
The bright blue color that brings calmness to the bedroom, and is used to create a feeling of space and space in the space.
The charming violet color of lavender blossom, which is a neutral and elegant color that many use in bedrooms, and it is also suitable for small apartments in narrow spaces; It gives the rooms a good space despite the fact that the space is limited.
Light pink, which enhances the natural lighting of rooms, and is the color of joy, happiness and joy.
bedroom paint color
Some consider the choice of paint colors for the different parts of the house, especially the bedrooms, to be confusing and difficult, as one wants to choose the most beautiful color, but at the same time is unable to establish or coordinate a number of colors . combine them together in an attractive and harmonious way to show the dimensions of the room in a more consistent way, or harmony with the chosen furniture It has, but mixing and choosing colors is a fun and entertaining thing that lets one dive into the depth of natural colors, and learn about their connotations and visual effects that enable him to choose a characteristic color that emphasizes the beauty of this room, which is a place of rest and relaxation, making it a haven that inspires and conveys calm and peace.

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